Q Who?

In recent podcasts, we have wondered how long QAnon would survive after the Capitol Siege and into the Biden presidency before the same people just drop it and move on to the next thing as they always do. It seemed unlikely to me that QAnon would still be around in 2022.

It is also a myth that QAnon supporters were a bunch of dumb rednecks. There is no difference between college graduates and non-college voters on QAnon. Working class voters are less likely to have heard about QAnon than White professionals. Democrats are more familiar with QAnon than Republicans. Generally speaking, the obsession with QAnon is like the Russia conspiracy in that it is something highly educated, left-leaning PMCs are obsessed with. See also the “insurgency.”

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  1. Don’t expect the FBI to make much effort to find Q. They couldn’t be bothered to find Deep Throat.

  2. Handy Andy Torba picked up about 40,000 QAnon followers on GAB when they got bounced by Jack Dorsey’s Roman Catholic Twitter.

  3. Q-Anon was just the most overt and obvious form of a much broader effort aimed at managing the opinions, narratives and actions of “the populist right”.

    By the end of Trump’s presidency, a sizeable percentage of conservatives and dissident righters were repeating (false) narratives, like plan trusting and “White Hats” in government, that could be linked to Q-Anon. It was part of a broader mass delusion that gradually took over the “right”. This delusion was partly organic but partly artificial. And certainly intentional.

    Most people who are being managed don’t see themselves as members of something like Q-Anon, even though they effectively have the same opinions as open Q-Anon believers. They will post Q-Anon stuff, without having ever heard of Q-Anon, because they got the narrative from some other controlled right wing source.

    This is a major hurdle that any truly anti-establishment form of populism would have to overcome. At some level “the people” may understand the problems they face but there is a natural collective action problem that would be challenging to overcome in even the best of circumstances.

    These aren’t the best of circumstances though; the most powerful people in the world are directing their efforts towards frustrating and misleading “populism” and managing self described populists to make them fail (or backslide towards establishment friendly actions and beliefs) .

    By 2020, their efforts were largely successful and the anti-establishment populist faction which seemed to have their heads on straight in 2016, was effectively defeated, co-opted by a new form of pseudo-populist mainstream conservatism… and turned into a new SJW-like menace that the rest of society had a legitimate interest in squashing.

    Populism 2.0 needs to have a plan to prevent this from happening again.

  4. Qtardism is actually very simple.

    Last 60 years of decadence have demonstrated, that there is no way to vote out of this mess. Anti immigration nationalist parties just can`t win in the West.

    Because of that, there is no point to involve in the useless political activity. So Q taught that sit home and trust the plan. Only do what Trump commands. Because Trump commands are part of the plan.

    Military is the last bastion of common sense. Military is one of the few jobs where illusions, wishful thinking and stupidity in general get you killed. For example, you may think that Russian technology is garbage and live with that your entire civilian life. But in Donbass or Syria or Vietnam or Stalingrad , such ignorance will end badly. So when society in general goes mad, the last line of defense is military.

    So solution to the Western problems is most likely from military. Next question we have, is how to get military to do something ?

    One way is push things so over the edge, that military is forced to act. This is very sophisticated process and needs stable genius in charge to arrange things into right direction.

    Power must be legitimate. Even when military want to give someone a Ceausescu treatment , they must have a legitimate cause Things must be so over the edge that even most conservative constitutionalists will accept that kangaroo courts and machine guns are the only solution.

    Also people must be psychologically prepared. This is the main function of the Q. Overton window and society in general moves very slowly so that there are a lot of time and explanation needed before unacceptable things will be acceptable.

    Unfortunately bunch of dead bodies are also needed. Romanian Army let thousands of people killed before they acted. And Russian strongmen let Russia looted 9 years with millions of deaths before acting and putting Putin into office.

    Getting rid form Jews and communism is not easy and not bloodless.

  5. Don’t you think it is odd that no one in the governmedia is demanding the name of the person behind the Q character? They turned Washington into a military camp. They are putting people on trial for insurrection at the Capitol. They are calling Trump fans terrorists, and putting them on no fly lists. Despite turning the Internet into a mass surveillance device after 9/11, they really don’t know or care who Q is?

    Come on man! That is as believeable as Satoshi Nakamoto. The man who invented a new currency, while all other currency inventors were jailed for it. He made a fool of the NSA for years, and got away with it.

    They aren’t interested in finding Q, because of what it would mean for their image, if he was doxxed. Them not wanting to find Q, while punching down at the retards who believed his bullshit, says everything.

    • Well, maybe they have no competency for finding Q. Talented people do not want to work in absurd repression systems so maybe your alphabet agencies have the same problem, KGB had . All talented people gone and only dumb crooks left. Good for repressing open dissidents but incapable for serious spy work.

      You really do not need competency to arrest and repress someone, who posting from his home IP and live on the registered address. But serious dissident with proper knowledge and cover up may be out of dumb crooks competence.

      Maybe they have some kind of Q finding task force. And maybe this task force is commanded by….Q.

      Do you remember this story in Cuck Island when all anti Soviet espionage. was commanded by Soviet spy Kim Philby

  6. I’m sure the tiny hats over at Mossad are having a fine beanie-spin, super-faps and similar pleasures over all the herds of Murikan cattle who were “trusting the plan” of the Rotten Banana Empire’s Invincible Legions and their Supreme Leader Duc Cheetohayd D’Won Orangenigga. Nothing can stop what’s coming! Durham activated (complete with glowing eyes)! (OK, boomer)

  7. “It is also a myth that QAnon supporters were a bunch of dumb rednecks.”

    Real rednecks don’t spend any more time in the house, than they haf to. They’re not gonna waste time on the internet, when they could be outside doing whatever.

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