Tucker Carlson On Smith College

Tucker Carlson and the New York Times have both picked up on the cultural and political significance of the fiasco at Smith College.

“NORTHAMPTON, Mass. — In midsummer of 2018, Oumou Kanoute, a Black student at Smith College, recounted a distressing American tale: She was eating lunch in a dorm lounge when a janitor and a campus police officer walked over and asked her what she was doing there.

The officer, who could have been carrying a “lethal weapon,” left her near “meltdown,” Ms. Kanoute wrote on Facebook, saying that this encounter continued a yearlong pattern of harassment at Smith.

“All I did was be Black,” Ms. Kanoute wrote. “It’s outrageous that some people question my being at Smith College, and my existence overall as a woman of color.” …

But they did not offer any public apology or amends to the workers whose lives were gravely disrupted by the student’s accusation.

This is a tale of how race, class and power collided at the elite 145-year-old liberal arts college, where tuition, room and board top $78,000 a year and where the employees who keep the school running often come from working-class enclaves beyond the school’s elegant wrought iron gates. The story highlights the tensions between a student’s deeply felt sense of personal truth and facts that are at odds with it. …”

The Wokelash is coming.

As the Silent Generation dies off, the Baby Boomers retire, Gen Xers become elders and the Millennials start entering middle age, the brats are coming to power on the progressive Left. Alternatively, their peers who reacted against them and who defined their own identities against political correctness and wokeness and in favor of nationalism and populism are coming to power on the Right.

Why didn’t it happen sooner? It is because so many old people were still in power and Baby Boomers refuse to retire. Congress is still a gerontcracy that is decades behind the times. 40% of Older Conservatives think racial equality is a very important issue. 3.8% of Younger Conservatives feel the same way along with only 20% of Moderate Younger Middle Income Voters. No one under the age of 40 on the Right remembers the Civil Rights Movement or the Thirty Glorious Years. The Rev. Jesse Jackson and Rev. Al Sharpton were the face of “civil rights” when we were growing up. Antiracism is also synonymous now in our times with political correctness and wokeness and hating White people. The mainstream media has lost its legitimacy and has become synonymous with the Democratic Party.

The moral halo of the Civil Rights Movement which was so powerful back in the 1960s and 1970s simply does not exist anymore. The Rev. Al Sharpton didn’t have the gravitas of MLK in the 1990s and 2000s. Ta-Nehisi Coates and Ibram X. Kendi have even less gravitas than Al Sharpton in the 2010s and 2020s. These people were never slaves and never lived under segregation and have been put up on a pedestal on the basis of their race for their entire lives and can’t imagine how that could change.

Note: In 2015, David French was a highly respected conservative columnist at National Review, but after being labeled a cuckservative by shitposters during the Trump campaign the charge stuck and everyone in that milieu has become tainted and now are more marginalized than ever.

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  1. Correction: We are not “refusing” to retire, we simply cannot afford it.

    Most of us have no pension, no 401k, no savings: all we have to look forward to is “Social Security” and poverty.

    So we keep working, but it is not “refusing” retirement.

    I would love to retire and lay on a beach somewhere. Why the likes of Mitch McConnell and other wealthy 70 and 80 year-olds don’t lay on a beach somewhere is beyond me. I guess it’s an “Oligarch thing” that working-class guys like me don’t understand. If I had the money, I would retire.

  2. White Evangelical Christians in Kentucky have a lot of explaining to do. They voted for MUH ISRAEL MITCH MCCONNELL.

  3. Although your voter study group poll is interesting, I don’t see how it lines up with the broader trend of political discourse among younger people in the country. In particular, when one looks at the increase in self reported non-heterosexuality, increased support for “racial justice” and BLM among Generation Z, it becomes far harder to paint a positive picture. I think the political discourse that will come in the wake of boomers among the thirty and under crowd will just be sanctimonious anti-whiteness. They perhaps won’t need a hagiography of MLK or the civil rights movement to forcefeed to people since the general population could have degenerated to the point where such propaganda was no longer needed.

    On the other hand, that only 3.8% of younger conservatives seem to be enthused by racial equality could be a positive development. Perhaps the overall core of the younger generation will be more pozzed, but there could be a far more activated group of whites who are willing to recognize the wretchedness of the American ruling class where their conservative forebears could not. There is evidence for dissident groups on the right, such as the NJP or even the embarrassing “Groypers” having a very large and youthful contingent of radicals.

  4. I work with a lot of boomers who could and should retire but won’t. They ought to let some young person desperate for employment have their job, but they have that insatiable boomer need to think the world can’t go on without ’em.

  5. I can’t think of any group more reprehensible than privileged/entitled whites who feel the need to lecture less fortunate whites about their alleged privilege and entitlement.

  6. The NYT article spells it out: a privileged, possibly wealthy African – probably only there due to affirmative action – pretends that she is a victim of “racism” and literally starts smearing the janitors and security guards as “racist” based on her own feelings of being “unwanted.”

    They start harassing the employees at their homes, calling them “racists,” libeling them online, and threatening them.

    The NYT even all but admits the woman is either lying or perhaps has little grasp on reality – they imply she may be retarded.

    The employees should sue their asses off and retire as millionaires.

  7. Unfortunately, it looks like Trump is trying to remain relevant by playing “kingmaker,” but rather than endorsing outsiders to change the party he is just continuing his trend of endorsing establishment true con idiots like Jerry Moran. We can only hope that Trump chokes to death on his Big Mac so that his negative influence will cease.

    The future of the GOP isn’t populism. It’s fake populist rhetoric with plutocrat and zionist policies, just like it was previously fake evangelical Christian rhetoric with plutocrat and zionist policies. The GOP cannot be salvaged and just needs to be suffocated of votes until the party dies.

    • Anyone who really thinks the GOP can be re-fashioned into a populist party is a fool. It’s not going to happen because the System will never allow it to happen.

  8. The liberal arts colleges are trying to out-“woke” each other as fast as they can. I hope they all go bankrupt and museums of White Greatness are opened on their former campuses. One exhibit hall would be dedicated to back stabbing of wealthy Whites to try to establish their dominance. It would be called “The Hall of Judas’.

    • Those wealthy WASP elites are the worst of the bunch, because once they are blackmailed by the jews or get into debt with them they marry off their loveliest daughters to the swarthy little jewboy sons of their jew creditors/blackmailers as repayment.

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