BREAKING: $15 Minimum Wage Is Dead

Maybe the Republican Party can step up to the plate, reach out to Democrats and make good on this “party of the working class” rhetoric?


“Democrats cannot include a $15 per hour minimum wage in their $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package, a Senate official ruled Thursday, derailing for now a party priority and a raise for millions of Americans.

Senate parliamentarian Elizabeth MacDonough determined lawmakers could not include the policy under budget reconciliation, CNBC confirmed. She and her staff heard arguments from Democrats and Republicans about whether the proposal met strict standards for deficit effects needed to include it in the process.

Reconciliation allows the Senate to pass bills with a simple majority — in this case with no Republicans who are wary of another massive rescue package. However, Democrats faced challenges in passing the pay hike regardless of whether the chamber’s rules allowed it in the legislation. …”


“Democrats’ $15 minimum wage increase isn’t going to survive the Senate. And they don’t have a Plan B yet.

The Senate parliamentarian’s decision to rule the wage hike out of order ahead of debate on President Joe Biden’s coronavirus relief plan saves Democrats from an internal fight over whether to increase it to $15 an hour. But it also leaves Democrats without a clear path forward on fulfilling a key campaign promise. …”


“Democrats hoping to increase the minimum wage in their COVID relief bill were handed a crushing defeat Thursday night. Senate Parliamentarian Elizabeth MacDonough advised that the increase was not allowed in budget reconciliation legislation, the process Democrats are using to bypass a Senate filibuster on their COVID relief bill.

MacDonough’s decision was short and to the point, according to a Senate source. In her view, the budgetary impact of a minimum wage increase was “merely incidental” to its non-budgetary impact. That would make it a violation of the Byrd Rule, the statute with guardrails on what is and isn’t allowed under reconciliation. …”

I tend to doubt it.

Working with Democrats to raise the federal minimum wage even if it is not all the way to $15 would make too much political sense.

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  1. When President Aristide raised the Haitian minimum wage above one dollar a day, the U.S. immediately removed him and put a puppet dictator in place. We depose (or assassinate) democratically-elected foreign leaders and put puppet regimes in place, to keep foreign workers’ wages very affordable for “us.” At the same time, our superwealthy elites put Kamala and Joe in power over us, to keep our wages affordable.

    Back in the days of Eugene Debs, who went to prison for labor union organizing, the new labour movement in the U.S. was not yet fully controlled by the corporate masters. A great old song of those days:

  2. The Democrats and Republicans run on extreme platforms and have a hard time delivering while in office. With a focus on doing what’s right for the country and the people….problem solved. However the rich want nothing of that….the Working Class having true border security, better wages, universal health care, and more vacation days. Deo Vindice !

  3. So spending $1.9 trillion doesn’t affect the deficit and can go through without “reconciliation” but a minimum wage hike does? Sounds like the fix is in.

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