Neoliberal Joe’s Long History Of Screwing Millennials On Student Debt

The new FDR is proving to be a massive disappointment.

Sure, Joe and the Democrats have launched a missile strike on Syria, presided over a pointless impeachment of Blumpf that strengthened his grip over the GOP and have moved on popular issues such as raising the refugee cap by 100,000 and “trans women” in women’s sports.

What happened to the $15 minimum wage though? What happened to our $2,000 that was supposed to fly out the door “immediately”? What happened to $50,000 in student loan debt relief? Where is the “scrappy kid” from Scranton in the fight to unionize Amazon workers here in Alabama?

Is Joe actually going to do anything of real value for working class Democratic voters or will it just be more of the same old shit set to a chorus of hysteria and scaremongering about “white supremacy” on CNN and MSNBC for the next four years? Why do anything of material value for your own base when you can cater to your donors and hold your own voters by creating a panic over the likes of Christopher Cantwell or Baked Alaska as the biggest “white supremacist” threat that has ever faced the planet?

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  1. Kamala and Joe don’t really “do” things. They are mere figurehead puppets, like any other U.S. Presidents. See the forest. Focusing on one little Kamala and Joe administration is a harmful distraction, preventing from attending to what is important.


    The Filipino people have already “been there and done that.” Today is the thirty-fifth anniversary of thousands of “People Power” populists facing down the tanks and machineguns of the U.S. puppet Marcos regime, and then, instead of going full socialist they settled for a populist Oligarchess, Corazon Aquino, who was just as allied to the U.S. Empire as Marcos was.

    Lesson: Populism is not enough, not the real thing that is needed. The history of the Philippines ever since the “People Power” revolt is one U.S. puppet regime after another, and they are only getting worse.

  2. A note for the historically-minded Hunter

    The Donald Trump scenario, all happened in almost exactly the same way, 132 years ago in France, right down to the Capitol siege situation.

    The Donald Trump of France, was populist Général Georges Ernest Boulanger (1837-1891), beloved by conservatives, hated by largely secular modernists:

    – There was exactly the same talk of ‘crossing the Rubicon’ like Julius Caesar did to take control of Rome

    – One evening in January 1889 after the French election, General Boulanger dined at the Café Durand, and tens of thousands of supporters gathered ready to storm the National Assembly, as on Capitol siege day 6 January 2021; the General hesitated, the chance for revolution faded

    – There was exactly the same regret, that a beloved populist leader, with a mass of people in the streets ready to act, seemed to lose his nerve at the crucial moment

    – There were exactly similar stories that the female partner of the leader, Melania for Trump (as Patrick Byrne related) and mistress Marguerite Brouzet (1855-91) for Boulanger, both reported as playing a key role in begging their partners not to risk their lives in an ultimate gamble for national power

    – And there was exactly the same reaction by the establishment, of blind fury and revenge at a populist leader, who technically did no legal wrong … Boulanger was forced into exile in Brussels, where in 1891 his mistress died of disease and he committed suicide over her grave.

    Three photos – Boulanger & Trump; Marguerite & Melania; Boulanger and the Paris crowd in January 1889 who almost took over France

    “What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.” – Ecclesiastes 1:9

    See also Louis Condé’s article on ‘Clay Caesarism: The Failure of Trumpism and Boulangisme’

    • I’ve mentioned Boulanger several times in these comments bro. The parallel to Trump is stunning.

  3. NATO Naval forces are increasing presence in BLACK Sea. Expect a Ukrussianeali antishipping missile to sink a Spanish/Dutch/Italian minesweeper.

  4. I don’t get these FDR comparisons. Biden himself never claimed to “new FDR” or anything close to it. On the other hand, he told his donors unequivocally, “nothing would fundamentally
    And he is fulfilling that promise.

  5. Dementia Joe has always been the Senator from MBNA, his constituents have always been the loathsome credit card companies with their odious debts. It makes perfect sense for Dementia Joe to promise loan forgiveness to his voters while campaigning, then to give his voters the finger once elected, he doesn’t need them anymore. Dementia Joe’s voters and his constituents are two very different groups of people, a distinction lost on most people.

    His constituents on the other hand, they will always be there with fistfuls of C-notes for their addled, corrupt, errand boy. Dementia Joe’s voters are even more forgetful than Dementia Joe is, they would vote to reelect the notorious scumbag tomorrow in spite of his obvious betrayals. Dementia Joe’s voters are the mirror image of the MAGA types who stormed the Capitol Jan. 6th only to get condemned by their boy Trump and be stuck with criminal records from the Deep State.

    ” . . . Put not your trust in princes: In the children of men, in whom there is no salvation.
    But to put one’s trust in scumbag politicians?

  6. @ he is just warming up the chair for the real president, madam president harris, can hardly wait for her to take her place as america’s queen.

  7. He screwed his voters over when he bombed Iranians in Syria. They are all crying about his betrayal on social media. The left and rights have a lot on common when it comes to voting for these liars.

  8. I don’t give a flying fuck about all the woke punks crying about the crushing debt they took on to acquire their terlit papah degrees. After all: the (((Cultural Marxist))) mills getting their shekels is all that matters, amirite?

    Actually, I LOVE knowing they’re financially ruined – like the “White trash hicks” THEY delight in seeing getting fired & having their bank & credit card accounts closed.

    If they REALLY want to make me happy, they’ll kill themselves.

    If you have kids, send them to college ONLY for hard science degrees; otherwise, send them to far cheaper trade schools, and instill in them the love of reading good books/internet sites written by learned Whites.

  9. Biden campaigned on a return to normalcy.

    Normalcy = globalist neoliberalism. In the U.S. this doesn’t really involve truly generous social programs… or really doing much of anything to help average White people.

    They might decide to do something minor to buy off some voters or recover from Coronavirus, but the point of the Biden presidency is that the Trump years were so bad, that people just wanted to return to the Obama years, because they were bad, but significantly less bad than the Trump years.

    It will be interesting to see what happens when people get tired of the Biden years… but if they just respond by voting for the GOP, then it’s obvious where things will end up.

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