Axios: Democrats Boast About Their New Social Media Dominance

Why didn’t we just censor and deplatform everyone in America who has a different opinion before? Now we’re dominating the national conversation and everyone agrees with us!


Yes, but: all those people who have been banned are still voters, probably weren’t persuadable and they are beyond furious with the tech companies right now.

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  1. @ just a matter of time , the woke whites will be slapped back to dream land by the non whites, how sad,……………not!

  2. Yes, the assumption that a bunch of woke lefties, all taking to each other, while they deplatform anyone who disagreed with them, while all those people leave for other platforms, means anything is typical of people who understanding nothing. Of course they dominate social media, everybody else is going elsewhere. We are so lucky that so much of the left is ignorant as this is

  3. The only thing Conservatives should be mad about it that Conservatives dropped the ball and obviously didn’t care about Big Tech and Social Media in the beginning. Yet another example of how Conservatives are like 50 years behind on every single subject. However would that even matter if Conservatives ran these companies instead of Liberals? Would our lives be different as Pro South activists and White Nationalists. Nope. The Conservatives hate us just as much as Liberals…..and I wouldn’t have it any other way. We don’t Cuck like them and we care about things more than money. We care about God, Family, Race, and Nation. What do Conservatives care about? The Jews and Money….nothing else. We must save the South and White Western Civilization. Deo Vindice !

  4. Yes, and the Jews also dominated the media, social or otherwise, in the early Soviet Union and Weimar Germany. Same thing now in Amerika. We simply refuse to see the enemy and to act decisively. Instead we complain and vote. Hardly what our ancestors would have done, if we reconnect to our cultural and racial history soon, it will no longer matter.

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