Matt Karp: Our Second Gilded Age

I agree with this analogy.

The rise of “domestic far-right extremism” is nothing more than the electorate resorting, resentment brewing against elites and the country entering its third populist age. Andrew Jackson and William Jennings Bryan were extremely controversial, disruptive and polarizing figures in their time.

Note: Nothing like this has happened in so long that no one alive remembers that party systems and ideologies come and go.

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  1. While Matt Karp is right that we are entering a Guilded Age 2.0 (Far worse than the last one from over a century ago), he has nothing to offer for solutions, because his form of socialism wrongfully frames Whites as the “ruling class”, instead of Jewish oligarchs and their butt-goys like Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Joe Biden, and Donald Trump. He intentionally misdiagnoses the causes of inequality onto Whites people, because as a devout Marxist, he serves Jewish power, which is why he still has a job at Princeton. If he really spoke truth to power, he’d be out of a job the very same day.

  2. The events of the last few years have brought me around to slot of populist views.

    Bezos was making tons of money, yet the minimum wage stagnated.

    During the lockdowns many people stated home to telecumutte or just we’re unemployed.

    It seems clear that another industrial economic revolution has occurred and UBI is a feasible policy if we can just tax the bastards who are also targeting the White working class with Critical Race Theory’. #Wokelash

  3. UBI:

    Did UBI build this Nation? No. Hard working whites who had ambitions and a desire for independence did.

    UBI should really be called UDH
    Universal Dependent Handouts

    Sounds like something a superior race would need right?

    • @Gunny

      Yeah no fair! Only Wall Street should be able to create money. What about those hard working bankers at Goldman Sachs? Bunch of lousy goys wanting to print their own money. The nerve of those goyim!

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