Never Trumpers: The GOP Is a Dying Party

Joe Walsh and Bill Kristol were both on MSNBC this morning crying about the death of the Republican Party. Mickey Edwards, one of the founders of the Heritage Foundation who used to be the chairman of the American Conservative Union, was recently on CNN doing the same thing.

The True Cons wing of the Republican Party is upset that it is over. They are finally going extinct like the Bourbon Democrats. They ruled the Republican Party from the Reagan era down until 2020. The Trump presidency was kind of like a transition period where there was an alliance between Trump and Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan that preserved the status quo. In the 2020 election, lots of True Cons voters in the wealthy suburbs voted for Joe Biden and mainstream Republicans down ballot while White Indies peeled away from Trump on the other end of his coalition because he wasn’t populist enough and had catered too much to those people.

Note: The True Cons are people who were satisfied with the status quo before Trump of endless wars, open borders, free trade and virtue signaling.

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  1. In other words, those shills be be better than Trump at doing Israel’s bidding. That is conservatism today. Not saving the White race or getting rid of freeloader’s but doing what’s best for Israel and the jews.

  2. It’s finally dead for the Kristols and French’s.

    That’s not the same thing as dead or dying though.

    Hawley for whatever reason looks like the leader right now. We shall see how he fares.

    • Oh please. Not another one. He won’t be representing me. Bet he is worried about the Hispanic vote, and they always have some nonwhite child adopted in.

        • Yes. Absolutely so. Trump is a con-man, nothing more. To paraphrase the writer C.J. Hopkins like to lament over at Unz: Here I went and voted for Hitler and all I got was this crummy Boomer. A real-estate swindler and “reality” TV showman in bed with every Talmudic devil he could fellate. The flag-hugging is just part of the grift. He’s a fake-billionaire in debt up to his ass to Jews. It’s kind of funny that the previous gang of grifters running the Gay Old Pedobears are furious at the popularity ginned up by D’Won Orangenigga’s fake-populism and patriotism.

  3. Joe Walsh should be blamed for leaving the James Gang and, later, joining the Eagles. That’s enough right there, no need to get into politics.

  4. Nice golden trump statue… Trumptards totally missing the point and its biblical equivalent of the golden calf story. Its sorta depressing to see such blind admiration for a sell out backstabbing traitor pos like Trump who has only hindered our progress the fours years he pissed away with Jarvanka and kissing donor ass

    While helping lock up his most loyal supporters letting DOJ put bullshit charges like James Field who’s only crime to this day is escaping a bloodthirsty mob

    • Yes n no. Moses was a Jew who murdered his host nation and adopted family. The golden calf was just the treasury the Jews stole from Egypt and the sculptor was trying to return the stolen goods as Moses led the robbers into Canaan to genocide a new folk. The golden calf was the only good thing the Hebrews ever made. You think the Egyptians liked murder and adultery? Theft and Usury? Get the fuck out of here. They honoured their gods and honoured their ancestors and the Hebrews robbed them.

      • It was real….in the mind of someone looking to construct a founding myth. I’m sure some idiots who had been lost in a small desert for 40 years really had it in them to genocide another folk and steal their land.

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