House Democrats Pass George Floyd Justice In Policing Act

The George Floyd Justice Act now heads to the Senate where it will be added to the queue behind the Equality Act and HR 1 where it will die a quiet legislative death.


“The House voted 220 to 212 on Wednesday evening to pass a policing bill named for George Floyd, the Black man whose death in Minneapolis last year led to nationwide protests against police brutality and racial injustice.

Why it matters: The legislation overhauls qualified immunity for police officers, bans chokeholds at the federal level, prohibits no-knock warrants in federal drug cases and outlaws racial profiling. …

“The George Floyd Justice in Policing Act will address systemic racism, curb police brutality and save lives.” …

The House passed a similar police reform bill last year, but it was not considered by the Republican-led Senate and was opposed by President Trump. …”

You can add it to the progressive wish list of things which aren’t ever happening and for the same fundamental reason. Woke progressives are simply too concentrated in large metro areas and too culturally toxic to White working class voters with traditional values who live in rural states who hold disproportionate power in the Senate and the Electoral College. Supposedly, Joe is the new FDR but he can’t even find the support to raise the minimum wage!

In the 2020 election, the Democratic strategy for overcoming this structural roadblock to reform was running on popular issues such as “Abolish ICE” and “Defund the Police” and toppling statues of George Washington and Christopher Columbus and dragging them in the dirt and mobs of brats being allowed to attack federal courthouses for months on end and burning down Minneapolis and censoring the entire internet and browbeating all White people in this country as “white supremacists.”

Sadly, the strategy seems to have backfired on Democrats, which no one could have predicted. Republicans who performed better in state races will now redraw maps which will put them at an advantage for another decade. Things could get very dark and very fast if the brats come to power and confuse, polarize and alienate everyone around them and narrow the appeal of the Democrats like they have already done with Star Trek, Ghostbusters, Big Tech and the New York Times.

No one is safe. Not Andrew Sullivan. Not Bari Weiss. Not Glenn Greenwald. Not Donald McNeil, Jr. Not even Dr. Seuss or Mr. Potato Head. Frosty the Snowman’s day will come too.

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  1. Meanwhile, you can attack physically attack Whites all day long and neither party will say a word.

    • Meanwhile NO media is even mentioning the 10,000 lb solution elephant in the room : Confederacy 2.0

      I guess we’ll all just blog babble and wax intellectual as the Titanic sinks. Who’s responsible for todays 2 inches it sank … why they did it … what so and so thought about it and …

      Yes. We whites ARE superior, but we’re not acting so. It’s like we’re allowing the inferiors to cause us to defeat ourselves by … power of suggestion!!!??? (((They))) suggest we’re bad and we suck we should have guilt ( as they pile into OUR country and take it because we let them, ) and … “take a knee.”

      NOT taking a knee would be to begin founding an enlarged all white Confederacy 2.0 OR AT THE VERY VERY VERY LEAST blogging about it, reporting on it … debating it, and pushing it.

      Where are the strong non brainwashed non knee taking non pussy non retarded white NEWSMEN?

    The guy that wrote this was on Bannon’s War Room this morning. He almost sounded like you HW. When asked what qualities they were looking for in candidates he started going down your list. Sovereign borders, Immigration, Healthcare, Law and Order. He stopped short of sayin someone with a spine who will fight vs. the typical R that assumes the fetal position, sucking their thumb in the corner when the race card is thrown. What I found interesting was that things that you preach about on this site seem be gaining traction in other places. Maybe you are onto something?

  3. @Hunter,
    I’m glad you mentioned Star Trek. As a life-long fan of Star Trek I am shocked and disgusted by what the Woke subversive brats have done to what was once the most intelligent show on TV in the 1960s.

    In the original Star Trek, men were men and women were women, the the writers of the show were not afraid to explore explosive topics. (Admittedly from a slightly liberal slant.)

    In one episode called, “Conscience of the King” Captain Kirk debates mass-murder and revolution with a suspected mass-murderer. The new “Woke” shallow, PC Star Trek has nothing like this scene.

    • Joe Biden is such a simulation of a president it’s quite funny.

      A few months and people will realize he’s also the Avatar of an aging cripple empire. As if America were made flesh.

  4. I forgot about Frosty, all White with knee grow looking coal for face and buttons. What hate!

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