Neoliberal Joe Unleashes Border Rush With Open Borders Policy

So, let me get this straight.

House Democrats aren’t going to pass comprehensive immigration reform now because of the disappointing whip count. They are just going to wait until public opinion becomes more favorable when this crisis on the border that they have unleashed is much larger than it is now.


“Fresh internal documents from the Department of Health and Human Services show how quickly the number of child migrants crossing the border is overwhelming the administration’s stretched resources.

Driving the news: In the week ending March 1, the Border Patrol referred to HHS custody an average of 321 children per day, according to documents obtained by Axios. That’s up from a weekly average of 203 in late January and early February — and just 47 per day during the first week of January. …”

Even Rich Lowry thinks this is dumb.


“A crisis is a terrible thing to create.

This, nonetheless, is what President Joe Biden has done at the southern border.

His rhetoric during the campaign suggesting an open-handed approach to migrants coming to the U.S., and his early moves to undo Donald Trump’s border policies are creating a migrant surge that risks running out of control.

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas says the situation isn’t a crisis, but “a challenge”—an “acute” and “stressful” challenge with some “urgency,” but merely a challenge all the same. …”

Where did Donald Trump come from?

It seemed like a bolt out of the blue to the political establishment. The context of Trump’s political rise though was the Gang of Eight amnesty that passed the Senate in 2013 and the child migrant crisis of 2014. It set in motion the chain of events that led to Hillary Clinton’s defeat in 2016.

Note: FOX News is already capitalizing on the crisis.

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  1. Buiding the wall, deporting aliens and protecting our industry and culture are the reasons I voted for Trump trice after not voting for several presidential cycles. I still support him even though I understand and appreciate the reasons why Hunter no longer does. Trump had a transformative effect on the GOP in a positive, nationalist direction. And I think there is a real posibility that despite our demographic decline we could defeat the degenerate Leftist scum in the next election on the issues Trump ran on. Before Trump I didn’t think that was possible.

  2. When is the American political class going to do something to help actual American citizens? We are ruled by traitors. The only thing they care about is expanding their power.

  3. Joe Biden and the Democrats are the biggest threat to the Yankee Empire. Trump should have declared martial law while he was still in power and purged the military of all Leftists and then imprisoned / deported / executed / etc all these Marxists / Anarchists / Communists / Leftists / etc and to save the nation.

    Prep, prep, prep … the Left is siccing every third worlder out there they possibly can on the white European founding stock of the original USA.

      • No, the damage done by illegal immigration is irreversible. Once they are here and land is gone it doesn’t return. We’d have been better off with anyone that keeps them out. And Biden has and will allow the increase.

        • The difference between this migration crisis (2021) and the one Obama presided over (2014) and Trump presided over (2018 and 2019) is that Biden will be blamed for it and it will move public opinion. As long as Trump was president, his voters didn’t care about illegal immigration because the attitude was that he was in control of the situation

          • @Ron is correct. Once they are here, it is too late. This invasion has become an unstoppable wave, and nothing either party can or will do about. It would take military action at the border – obviously, not going to happen.

            The next election cycle is irrelevant.

        • “No, damage done by illegal (ALL) immigration is irreversible”. Exactly. Once they are here it is forever. That is why Biden is such a disaster. It was all so easy to see to some people. “Let’s just get rid if that gatekeep Blumph and all will be well”. Pathetically stupid.

  4. Not the lack of a wall and weak enforcement, but the destroying of country after country (such as Honduras, where the people’s socialist choice was removed by CIA operation and replaced by a puppet) for the benefit of superwealthy Western elites is what unleashes all the caravans and boats! The Empire rules the world, and logically, the ruled will come to the imperial homeland to roost.

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