Exposing MAGA Inc.

As we had the bitter experience of learning for four years, the biggest obstacle facing those who want to create a more nationalist and populist oriented Republican Party is Donald Trump. Unlike William Jennings Bryan or Huey Long, the man is a true believer … in Donald Trump.

Huey Long’s last words were “God, don’t let me die. I have so much to do.” Bryan died in Dayton, Tennessee where he was arguing against Clarence Darrow and evolution in the Scopes Trial. There is a gigantic ideological void there in Donald Trump which is filled only with narcissism and ambition. The man is more comfortable in the company of people like Stephen Schwarzman.

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  1. MAGA’s brand of conservatism is the same as the old brand. Israel, blacks, legal immigration, etc, etc. The name changes but the ideology stays the same.

    • Donald Trump is controlled oppo. They could see authentic nationalism was rising, so the Jewish oligarchy sent their blackmailed puppet, Donald Trump, down the golden escalator to divert the goys into Black Minstrel shows like Diamond and Silk, and the same old wars and free shit for Israel.

      MAGA is the low rent, crude version of Con Inc. Mitch McConnel’s Con Inc. was the classy, and respectable kind. No difference in outcome though. Both serve Israel.

  2. More comfortable around Stephen Schwartzman, that’s like being more comfortable around Charles Manson.

  3. I voted for Trump both times, not because I thought he was some type of savior of everything we hold dear or anything. But instead, it was the absolute hatred and fear reaction of the establishment of both parties against him, the media, academia, etc…they truly hated him and it had to be for a reason. Basically, I wouldn’t have sacrificed anything for him, as he proved likewise he wouldn’t for any of his own followers that got in trouble. But his presence sure ticked off the establishment and that alone was worthy of a simple 30 minute vote.

    • @Rex Stetson, “trigger the libs, n shiyyyt”

      Lame. I am deeply ashamed I vooooooted for Zio Don in 2016, & wont be voting unless there is a explicitly openly uncompromisingly anti-Jewish+pro-Aryan racialist, which rightly seems unfathomable.

      “Culture War”? Ha! More like a Culture RAPE. We are getting btfo’d, that is the whole truth & nothing but the truth. The persistent delusional denial prevalent among the Aryan loyalist crowd is stunning. Same tricks, work over & over.

      What more proof does any non retard need to see that the Jews are NOT going to peacefully relinquish power even if we had a miracle of miracles insofar as parliamentarianism Jew-golem games!?

      Anyone still claiming we can voooooote our way out of this – or even voooote to merely deport “illegal” invaders – is grifting the hell out of you &/or deeply in delusion.

      Victory is possible, but not with the proud loserdom prevalent among racialists

  4. MAGA is just a re-branding of the familiar R-jersey squad of the Oligarch Step-n-fetchits. Cheetohead the Clown was all tweet and zero action. Like the traditional R-jerseys – who willingly abided under a consent decree signed in 1983 which amounted to a vote-fraud license for Die-verse D-jersey domains (it was finally nullified only last year) – the stable genius let them steal votes more brazenly and extensively than ever before, all the time twirling his bow tie about the farcial “process”. Today his own appointees to the supreme clown court declared the fraud official – so we’re now at the level of Zimbabwe or the old Soviet Union. There is no rule of law in the Rotten Banana Empire – only the Goldman Rule (Those who have the gold makes the rules).

    What’s kind of amazing are the number of morons who will donate money to the Kushner crime family and its fake-orange representative to run in the 2022 and 2024 rigged elections, as if this would somehow make any difference whatsoever in the outcome. Such idiots deserve a friendly “chump” on the shoulder.

  5. Trump was a wasted opportunity, four years worth of waste. He had a chance to do one good thing after another such as secure every yard of the southern border against the current invasion of squat monsters. Instead, he was an empty suit who was played like a fiddle by his son in law and idiot daughter who extracted every ounce of loot for “Our Greatest Ally”, sprung degenerate, ungrateful rappers from jail and helped spread globo-homo shopping mall corporate values around the world. Bad as Dementia Joe and President Kuntmala Harris are I’m still glad Trump is gone. Trump may have cleared the way for someone decent to pick up the pieces after Dementia Joe and President Kuntmala Harris leave the country in a shambles.

    It probably isn’t long now until Dementia Joe resigns because of “ill health” or President Kuntmala Harris invokes the 25th amendment against his decrepit ass. Either way, the wheels are going to come off the U.S. as confidence in the U.S. Government evaporates like the morning dew and chaos at home and abroad follows. When is Dementia Joe going to give The State of the Union address anyway? He is already late and if he attempts to give the SOTU address at least it should be good for a few laughs.

  6. So Dump & his (((circle))) are corrupt, as well as back-stabbers of their White cash cow dupes: giving donation money intended to replace Big Bidness whores to those exact same whores to further entrench them in the (((system))).

    As his moronic nuthuggers cheer him on & write more checks…

    “Trumpism” is a vast void of meaninglessness that just amounts to more of the same.

    That dirty motherfucker is literally a giant orange turd clogging our national toilet: soaking up & wasting the resources needed to give the plumbing a clean flush.

    The maddening thing is most of his White hero-worshippers are too god damned stoopid to see what’s right in front of their slack-jawed faces, draw the only conclusion & abandon ship:

    “He’s duh only one who fights fer us! He drove them DemonRats crazy fer 4 years! Hurr durr!”

    The one last chance is for a man to come forward with the charisma of black hole Dump, but a deadly serious one who intends to crush the (((billionaires))) by hook or by crook.

    A man who both believes, and ACTS.

  7. I wish this bloviating boomer retard was impeached just so we couldn’t continue the Trump grift. He’s far better as a cultural martyr for white grievance than as an actual politician.

  8. Trump is a fraud and a grifter. I knew that when I voted for him in 2016, but he said the right things, for a change.

    Anyone who gives that bloated 3 or 4 times married with no children, deaf via oxy & caught in the Dominican Republic blowhard Rush Limbaugh (RIP) the medal of freedom was pulling our chains the whole time.

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