The GOP Establishment Is Crumbling

Do you remember how Twitter was in 2016?

If there hadn’t been so much censorship after the 2016 election, what would the national political conversation sound like today? Censoring all the angry people doesn’t make them go away. There are many more of them now and they are significantly more radical than in 2016.


“(CNN) – Missouri Sen. Roy Blunt’s surprise retirement announcement Monday adds his name to a growing list of GOP establishment politicians who no longer recognize the party they represent and have decided to walk away rather than face the peril of losing their career at the hands of a Donald Trump-inspired base that views them a insufficiently loyal to the cause.

To date, five Republicans senators — Blunt, Richard Shelby (Alabama), Richard Burr (North Carolina), Pat Toomey (Pennsylvania) and Rob Portman (Ohio) — have all announced that they will not seek another term next November. It’s not a coincidence that all five are considered remnants of the Republican Party of George W. Bush and have struggled to adjust to the new Trump-led GOP.

“The rash of GOP retirements, likely to avoid Trump madness in the primaries, shows you Trump still isn’t done destroying the party,” tweeted conservative commentator (and CNN contributor) Amanda Carpenter after Blunt’s retirement announcement. “Onwards we go.”

The trend is hard to dispute. …

The fleeing of the establishment has dovetailed with the rise of the Trump wing of the party — even in the Senate, which has always prided itself on being less reactive to the short-term changes within the party. …

Given the clear signals of where the GOP is — and where its heading — its uniquely possible that more retirements among Republican establishment Senators will come …”

We only hear from the Wokies now.

Their opposition has been gagged and banned from social media after the panic that followed Hillary’s loss in 2016. The polls show that the fire which the censorship was supposed to put out has blown up into a gigantic blaze. There has been a huge change over the past year and particularly since November. We don’t see it though because we don’t hear it on social media. We only see the numbers moving.

Just as an experiment, Twitter, Facebook and Google should let the censorship lapse for a week or two and unmute everyone. What is it really like out there underneath the distortion of social media created by the censorship? Is it really worse now than 2016 and as bad as the polls are suggesting?

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  1. The establishment GOPers like McConnell and Graham comfortably won their seats in November while the Groyper backed ones like Witzke mostly got blown out

  2. The GOP cucktards are retiring because anyone with common sense is tired of their lies and fake promises. The more that retire or get voted out the better. Fuck them all, dem/ rep.

    • John, they are retiring because the CIA is telling them to. That’s how it works. And the CIA has replacement candidates in place, and Trump will support them. He is an asset of Mossad

  3. Yes they think Censorship will make the opposition go away. Nope…not gonna happen. When the Conservatives care less about Jew Money and become White Nationalists we’ll really get somewhere! Deo Vindice !

  4. They are consolidating power into one party rule by throwing the senate like they did the house in 2018. The establishment holds all the cards except arguably sheer mass numbers.

    The Democrat party has never had an issue running their home states into the ground through corruption and mismanagement, and they have been a stable ruling party in Illinois, New York and California, Washington etc. for decades without any real threat to their bulwark of money.

    The republican establishment senses Trump qnd populism are a threat, and so they are burning the party’s assets to keep him from being able to leverage stuff like the power of encumbents.

    In short, this isn’t a good sign. It just a sign of spite by the McConnel wing of the party. They would rather the Dems hold the senate firmly. Its better for them and their donors.

    • @Ironic..

      “In short, this isn’t a good sign. It just a sign of spite by the McConnel wing of the party. They would rather the Dems hold the senate firmly. Its better for them and their donors.”

      I agree – it is patently obvious that Senator McConnell prefers Neo-Liberal Democrats to the new Populist Republicians, because the new Republicans are NOT in favour of continuing to throw Americans and Americans away – particularly the Whites of that egg.

      As to this being a bad sign, I very respectfully disagree- the ole onion is peeling away, and that is a very very good thing, because without that occurring, we can never get to throwing out the new core which they attempted to substitute for the old.

    • Re: “They are consolidating power into one party rule”:

      Who is they? There is only one capitalist beast, that seems to fly better with TWO wings so I doubt it will really cut one off.

      • @Anonymous…

        “There is only one capitalist beast”

        The process of taking a truth, or truths, that you prefer, and omitting many others, is called reductionism, and, as such, is only worth something to those who can only deal in partial truths, i.e. – distortions.

      • The establishment uniparty has been an accepted phenomena for a while in dissident circles on the right and left.

        That beast flies just fine in China, and they are just as corrupt as we are here in terms of the ruling class and its concentration of power/ lavk of accountability to the people, and in terms of real power distance.

        The Capitalist vs. Socialist dichotomy is a red herring, just like the Republican vs. Democrat one.

        In the end there is the ruling class, and everybody else.

        That dichotomy holds from time immemorial to present without fail.

        I agree with Ivan that this needs to happen to be rid of the Republican establishment types, but the forfeiture of the very real asset that is the incumbency is a costly loss of political potential that will have to be overcome by any insurgent candidates. So, its good in that its become necessary for them to do this, but its bad in terms of the cost in resources it will take to gain any foothold.

        I don’t see this as a sign of weakness on their part. This doesn’t cost them anything. This is a flex on their part. They aren’t afraid to discard the false dichotomy and play with their hand face up on the table for once.

        • @Ironic…

          Thank you for your thoughtful reply.

          As to ‘flexing’, you may well be right that this is what The Establishment is doing.

          That said, The German Army thought it was ‘flexing’ in the Fall of 1943, though, collapse was soon enough what it wound up doing.

          That ‘flexing’ can be a tricky thing to keep control of…

  5. As one of the older generations, I am sad to report that I feel we have been very poorly served by our elected representatives in recent decades, and if, because we have collectively decided to voice our displeasure, they feel it is time to exit, then so much the better.

    I wish them all well at the golf course, where their errant, uncaring, unfaithful, and corrupt ways will have less dastardly effect on the putting greens than it did on our communities.

  6. Phil Giraldi has an extremely important article up at Unz. It appears that Ghislaine said in 2016 she has tapes of not just Clinton but Trump as well.

    Proof positive, Trump was being blackmailed by Mossad the entire time.

    Trump 2024? No.

    • His tastes don’t match those of Epstein.

      He likes big tits and bleached hair and plump bottoms.

      Epstein liked skinny girls around 13-14.

      You can see in the tape where Trump interacts with Epstein at Mar I Lago that Trump is trying to get Epstein interested in three or four big boobed bleach blonde gold diggers. You see Epstein recoil in disgust at the very idea.

      If there are tapes of Trump it’s with fleshy porn stars.

  7. “The GOP establshment is crumbling” but The Establlshment (U.S. plutocracy) is richer and more powerful than ever, and will last for ages barring some cosmic scale natural disaster.

    @ Thim, re: “Trump 2024? No.” Nimrata Randhawa/Rhandhawa 2024, Yes. She has it all.

  8. Censorship works

    People with legitimate grievances are being herded into system approved choices, as censorship denies them the opportunity to fully understand their predicament.

    Not everyone is expected to become a progressive, others are expected to side with various controlled opposition figures. In some cases, they will be effectively used as a bogeyman and scripted to lose but to discredit certain views in the process, by being repulsive.

    The insanity of Q-Anon was only possible because the reality based elements of the right had been marginalized.

    When some deeply compromised figure steps up as the next pseudo-populist savior for the right wing, censorship will make sure that he is able to play the role assigned to him, without interference.

    If an evil, system backed, Donald Trump 2.0 Judas Goat figure came down the escalator tomorrow, the right would be less prepared to resist him than it was in 2015. And it failed to resist him back then, so it would fail harder now.

    (A few old hands might not be fooled, but they would lack the capability to influence others and would merely have to watch helplessly as events played out)

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