Mayor Buttplug Has Been Put In Charge Of Racial Equity In Transportation

Joe Biden has a sense of humor.

He has put the guy who was a McKinsey consultant who had zero appeal to black voters in the Democratic primaries in charge of improving “racial equity” in transportation.


“A central plank in President Joe Biden’s agenda of improving racial equity requires dismantling or reimagining parts of America’s transportation system, which has long stacked the odds against people who most rely on it to climb up the economic ladder.

Black households are three times less likely to own a car than white households, meaning they lack access to the infrastructure most heavily prioritized and funded nationwide. People of color also make up a majority of transit riders and have longer commutes. And America’s urban landscape is packed with examples of highways carving up Black communities, cutting off accessibility and spewing disproportionate amounts of pollution. …

Barely a month into the job, Buttigieg has touched on improving racial equity in transportation at virtually every television interview, embarked on a listening tour with all manner of minority groups and lists it as one of his highest priorities in the job. …

Addressing the inequities built into the national transportation system would require dismantling or retooling decades worth of physical infrastructure and addressing a more subtle but equally powerful culture that comes from less visible parts of DOT’s work, like in setting standards for how roads are designed. …”

If black people can’t afford to own cars and lack access to infrastructure and you are going to spend trillions of dollars on the problem, wouldn’t it be easier, less expensive and more equitable to just give them the money to buy cars? They can’t do that though because of climate change. They don’t actually want black people to own their own vehicles and have greater access to infrastructure.

It isn’t clear yet what the Biden “infrastructure” plan really means. When we think of “infrastructure,” we think of roads, bridges, airports, ports and so forth like normal people in East Asia do. This article talks more about “racism” and tearing down highways than building new ones. The Biden infrastructure bill which will be passed through budget reconciliation is also going to be tied to their climate change obsession.

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  1. Who knows what they are really pursuing. They never say what they mean. Most likely, they want to accelerate rebuilding the roads to accommodate driverless cars and trucks.

  2. He will spend billions, and accomplish absolutely nothing. None of these people are really interested in getting inner city populations to have easier access to areas where they live. It’s virtue signaling on steroids ,

  3. It’s just a bunch of maundering political babble that means nothing. They’re just gonna make a big mess, like they always do, so that they can claim they did something. And so that Liberals in the Great White North can look down on the Southern White working class and on cattlemen in Wyoming, and feel better about themselves, for being so superior.

    “They don’t actually want black people to own their own vehicles and have greater access to infrastructure.”

    Between the the Abolitionists and Free Soilers, at least the Free Soilers were honest enough to admit that their goal was to abolish Black People and eliminate them from society. The modern day descendents of the Abolitionists are still at it, pretending to care about the welfare and well-being of Black people, while using them as political bludgeons against other Whites that they hate and want to dominate and ultimately, destroy.

  4. “wouldn’t it be easier, less expensive and more equitable to just give them the money to buy cars? ”


    Just what we need, more collision monkeys on the roads.

    “Mann, now weez can travel ta Whitez Manz hood, insted jus robbin po niggaz “

  5. Racial Equity In Transportation

    Yeah, sure.
    As a WHITE person, try riding an inner city bus…..just try it.

    • Exactly, plus major cities are already giving blacks a free pass to dodge bus and subway fares as part of “racial equity” and other bullshit reasons. Whites will still have to pay their “fare share” on sketchy inner city bus and subway lines (and watch their backs at all times), because “racial equity”?

  6. How far we have fallen. In a sane and healthy society, he would be locked up in a mental institution.

  7. Buttgig was also in charge of capitalistically exploiting the U.S.’s defeated victims in Mesopotamia and Central Asia – “as part of U.S. government-funded projects to stimulate private-sector development.”

    As soon as the U.S. invaded Afghanistan in 2001, corporations began exploring for mineral resources!

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