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  1. Unfortunately, who ever comes after him will the same or worse. It’s a never ending cycle of evil.

  2. If this country has ever had a worse class of leadership than the congressional representatives over the last several decades, then it sure escapes me.

    Senators, like Blount, simply cannot reassign themselves from ‘representing us’ to playing golf fulltime in their hometowns fast enough for me.

  3. They never did anything in office. Nothing. Now fresh Conservatives will pop up but will those people be following the old defeated ways of the Republican Party or go with the new America First / Pro White wing? Deo Vindice !

  4. I see in the news in the last several weeks that Blunt was accumulating primary challengers or threats of big name primary challengers (e.g. former Gov. Eric Greitens) even before retiring yesterday. Missouri is now a solidly red state, and 2022 looks to be a red season. So it’s not because he fears losing the general. It’s probably because there are internal polling data out there that show that his even winning the Republican primary isn’t a sure thing.

      • I’m kinda far away, even though I still legally could. Don’t know how effective of a U.S. Senator I’d be from across a whole ocean. I’ve had people tell me I should run for the Bundestag, even though I’m not a citizen. But that’s not precluding a certain 2015 Syrian refugee from saying he’s going to do so.

        HW: I don’t know if I sent you my birth announcement for my twin sons. If you didn’t get it, want to send me a working e-mail address for yourself?

        • @countenance
          With the retirements in Alabama and Missouri, I think there should be some investment from people around here for the sole reason of preventing: a.) A turbo zionist pseudo populist like Hawley, b.) A nutty kook like Mo Brooks, or in Missouri’s case, c.) Eric Greitens from becoming a Senator.

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