Eight People Shot To Death At Atlanta Massage Parlors


He told the police that he was addicted to having sex with prostitutes.

Here we go.


“At least eight people were killed and another has been injured in a series of shootings at three spas in the Atlanta, Ga, area on Tuesday and one suspect has been taken into custody, multiple news outlets are reporting.

It’s unclear if all three incidents, which happened within hours of one another, are connected.

Cherokee County Sheriff’s announced Robert Aaron Long, a 21-year-old white man, was arrested at about 8:30 p.m. local time following a chase that led officers into Crisp County — about three hours away from where the first shootings at a massage parlor, WSB TV reported. …”

After a long hiatus during 2020, the media has finally got another nut mass shooter with the right demographic profile to push their favorite narrative. It is time to blame all White people in the country now, Donald Trump’s rhetoric and push for gun control to “do something.”

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  1. Great now the retards who have been screeching about white supremacy every time an African beat the shit out of an Asian can now use this and have slightly more credibility.

    • I bet it was just a case of asian hooker dumped him for a dude with more money, so he went on a rampage.

  2. Leave it to Cletus to hand Merick Garland’s anti-White DOJ and Alejandro Mayorkas’ DHS an early Passover centerpiece, and just as the House bill to ban AR-15s begins to be debated in the Senate.

    Fucking doomer moron.

    • @November…

      Unfortunately, every tribe has some who are profoundly mentally ill and or demonically possessed, and White Southerners are certainly no exception to that.

      That said, Cletus or no Cletus, when you are dealing with the Modern anti-White Left, they will always find opportunities to inflict harm on us.

      As to the prospective bans on AR-15s, don’t worry, it will not fly, or, at least, not in Dixie or The Red States, as a whole.

      To cut to the chase, given how you are, you have no future in your homeland of New England, for sooner or later they will taker steps to persecute you.

      Come South. If you like cold weather, move to Northern Dixie Appalachia, somewhere in Kentucky/Tennessee or North Carolina. If not, let me recommend Eastern North Carolina. We are a friendly polite and respectful people who share your values.

      Though a part of your heart will always remain up yonder, In time you will be glad you did.

      We welcome you and any of your pro-White/traditional American family and friends, for you will strengthen Dixie, just as we will strengthen you.

      • @Ivan Turgenev,

        Thank you for that nice response.

        I certainly have not ruled out the South as a place to spend my remaining years. I have been to Dixie, and found the people most hospitable.

        In regards to warmer weather, as age begins to creep up, it begins to be more attractive.

        You are correct that some of the folk are moving away from the lie that “diversity is our strength.”

        • WVa is nice – natural beauty, low property taxes and EZ firearms laws – no nibbas(96% White) like in the Carolinas, MS, AL, LA and GA. FL and TN are full of Yankee Boomer retiree assholes from MI and IL(like my parents). Our governor is even trying to eliminate the state income tax.

        • You’re very very welcome, Dear November.

          Given that you are an antique New Englander (Eurocentric with a Gentile concept of nation) you fit better in with us, because we have not changed nearly so much as New Englanders, since this nation’s founding, if at all.

          Yes, Winter, which I do so love, is much easier down here – if for no other reason than I do not have to worry about my wife falling and breaking her neck on the ice, which, when we lived in far Northern New York on the central Vermont border, was very nearly a regular occurence!

          In Northeastern NC we get snow twice a year and, withing 72 hours it has entirely melted!

          Thank you for your kind reply!

  3. Good reason to shut down “massage parlors”, whorehouses.

    Do you think that will be proposed ?

    Don’t hold you breath.

    • The slope massage parlors that provide “happy endings” aren’t exactly our biggest problem.

      The indisputable fact that in one lifetime (~75 years or so) the Jew Flu released by the Frankfurt School refugees destroyed all that came before their arrival. This is the end result, and like an avalanche, it’s picking up speed as society plummets goes further down.

      Western civilization has already collapsed. What we are experiencing are the aftershocks and echoes of it falling.

      • You are correct. The West is gone. You cannot revive a corpse.

        Long before the George Floyd Chimp-Out last year, back in 2017, I was in downtown Minneapolis watching black gang members selling drugs openly at a light rail station in front of 5 MPD officers. I asked why MPD was not making arrests for selling heroin at a light rail station in the heart of downtown. One of the officers told me to my face (as gang members were flipping him off) quote, “The mayor doesn’t want us to arrest them unless they are using a weapon like a knife or a gun in the commission of a crime.

        Of course selling heroin and cocaine are both felonies under Minnesota law, however, by 2017 the civil, elected authorities in Minneapolis had already decided to “legalize” certain crimes and behaviors without the input or blessing of a state legislature.

        Yes, Western civilization has already collapsed.

        • @ kohl

          Thanks for reporting on Minn. I had no idea black privilege had reached that level.

          Real nice, they can allow blacks to corrupt WHITES wi that poison, ruining how many otherwise good lives 🙁

          • @Arrian,

            Indeed. Along with getting young despondent Whites hooked on heroin, those humanzees also use it to get White female junkies to “turn tricks” for them to support their addiction. Lord knows how urban pavement apes strive to be pimps.

        • @Martin Luther Kohl,
          Are the jewish mayor of Minneapolis and the district attorney both received financial support from George Soros?

          It’s no tin foil hat conspiracy theory that Soros gas donated large sums of money to anti-white and soft on crime politicians in some of the largest cities in America and Europe

          • @November.

            True, Soros is no friend of The West, his mentor and teacher was Karl Popper. But this trend was moving in the direction of post-modern deconstruction since the late 1960s.

            Soros and his money may have helped elect some of the worst Marxists to office, but this direction toward lawlessness and anarchy has been ongoing.

        • Martin Luther Kohl, you should check your DNA before using terms such as “CHIMP-OUT” because Caucasians have Simian blood and are closer to animals than people of color. Another thing, George Floyd was not murdered as that was another Psyop in an attempt to start a race war. Donald J. Trump will get ya’ll all straight soon, as you do not know his bloodline. PEACE&LUV to the Children of the Prime Creators

      • “What we are experiencing are the aftershocks and echoes of it falling.”

        I’d say foreshocks.
        These things are trivial, compared to the societal ruptures that will follow economic failure. That’s when the plaster falls off the walls, revealing the structural failures.

      • “Western civilization has already collapsed. What we are experiencing are the aftershocks and echoes of it falling.’

        “You are correct. The West is gone. You cannot revive a corpse. ”

        I must very respectfully disagree with both you, Dear November and Martin, The West is far from collapsed and a corpse.

        It has, however, been somewhat eclipsed. Yet, just like an eclipse, that time of being somewhat obscured will pass – is passing, even now as we speak.

        The peak of that eclipse occurred over a decade ago, when then Senator Obama was elected president and Tony Blair still held sway over The Mother Country.

        Nevertheless, ever since then there have been increasing signs of the eclipse waning far quicker than it waxed.

        Yes, whether it is in the rise of secessionism, pro-White identitarianism, alternative news media and corporations, Brexit, or the victory of Trump in 2016 and the ensuing transformation of The GOP, or in the political/cultural assertions of Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia, (not to mention the rise of populist/nationalist movements in most Western Countries? there is every reason to be optimistic about the coming decades, instead of pessimistic.

        Never forget, though some lands may be lost, the people are not, and, that so, societies can be rebuilt, even if, albeit, it must be somewhere else.

        If Eastern European Jews can do this in the desert, then Gentiles can do it anywhere.

        Indeed, if anything can be learned from the history of The Jews, it is that where there is a collective will there is a way.

  4. “INDIANAPOLIS — An Indiana man shot the mother of his child and killed four of her family members, including her 7-year-old daughter, following a domestic dispute over the most recent stimulus check, a relative and a neighbor said.”

    You won’t see this plastered all over the media.

    Betcha you can’t guess the race 🙂

  5. – Male (Britain has been going on a “All men are rapists and there should be a male curfew media hysteria)
    – White ( All White men are evil according to the media)
    – White and targeting Asians (Most Asian victims of crime are victims of Blacks but now they have their token White to blame all Whites for all crimes against Asians. Another Media hype).
    – Who used a gun (The Dems are trying to pass gun control legislation)

    It seems like this guy is the perfect fit for their media and political agendas. All he needs to be now is an incel and a Republican (though /pol/ has found some names that show a registered Democrat voter).

  6. The alt-right needs to do more to oppose Asian immigration. We have a sickness in our movement of Asianphilia. It comes from Jared Taylor dishonestly and cowardly using Asian supremacist language to try to deflect from charges of white supremacism back in the 90’s. Then about ten years ago, the alt-right was flooded with low testosterone nerds with a sexual fixation on Asian women.

    This virus was caused by the filthy and corrupt culture of the Chinese. They abuse animals and handle food in a filthy way. However, retarded morons in our movement created false conspiracy theories about the virus that take the focus off the flaws in Chinese culture and essentially absolve the Chinese of culpability.

    It appears that elements of the alt-right are moving away from white nationalism towards some kind of ridiculous and useless multi-racial populism. Those of us in the alt-right who are sincere white nationalists need to do more to fight Asianphilia and Hispanicphilia.

      • I’m less worried about asian immigration then other countries. I dunno what to make of the coronavirus but it happened in a wuhan lab. I don’t buy the bat soup theory but its another factor
        Why bother drumming up hatred against china atbol I mean we can’t go to war with the Chinese We’d get destroyed

        I respect and admire asians alot more then the Hispanics tho they are a violent confusing people This thing is probably a psy op by Cia

    • And Richard Lynn trying to deflect charges of asian supremacism by fabricating/using faulty asian IQ scores, or estimating from school tests.

    • And Richard Lynn trying to deflect from charges of asian supremacism by fabricating/using incorrect asian iq data/promoting other asian superiority myths.

  7. Ah – I see (((NPR))) helpfully noticed that he’s White.

    “It’s a White man, America! A WHITE MAN!!”

    BLM riots & arsons? ChiCongo, Baltimore & DEE-troit?


  8. Eight? That is merely a bad afternoon in Chicago where jigaboos kill each other at an alarming rate.

    Looking at the raw numbers no rational actor should get upset about this, despite Fake News bleatings to the contrary.

  9. Roy Den Hollander, Anthony Quinn Warner, Robert Aaron Long why don’t they tell us why? Wouldn’t you like to know why?

    I tell you one side effect of all this now, Blacks and Hispanics are very polite to me for some reason. Funny?

  10. Stupid retard fits (((their))) narrative perfectly. Sexually frustrated bumpkin idiot.

    Good thing few zoomers watch the news at 9 then….

  11. Daily mail is floating the idea that Q account is run by the Hapa son of Watkin.

    Fascinating possibility.

    • Frederick Brennan, the former owner of 8 chan, said it was Ron Watson. It’s obvious that Q is either one of the Watsons or they know who it is.

  12. Now they have a white face to post up with every story of some ghetto punk doing some gang initiation or whatever knockout game on 80 year old asians. Biden even ran the whole “asian hate crime” spiel last week insinuating white people were doing these ghetto crimes. Now they have their poster boy. This idiot just gave Biden’s handlers exactly what they wanted.

  13. What’s up with the weird beards on young people these days? Was it inspired by all the images of jihadists they saw in their childhood on the nightly news back in 2002? Strange?

    • Same thing as purple and pink hair, savage tattoos, piercings etc.
      Ppl are stupid herd animals, stampede in the direction of the herd leaders.

  14. Asian massage spas? Aren’t those fronts for prostitution? My guess is it’s a weird sexual thing or it could be a mob thing.

    What it is not is some white guy influenced by Trump to attack Asians because of Chinese wet food markets and calling Covid-19 the “Wuhan Flu.” But of course that is what they will go with, because that is their job.

  15. It’s an interesting coincidence that the [s]mainstream[/s] regime media promotes a false narrative about Whites victimizing Asians and then a strange incident like this happens.

    Without knowing anything about the case, we should suspect that a low functioning individual may have been groomed by the regime’s intelligence services, to engage in self destructive actions which further the regime’s narrative.

    Even the mainstream media acknowledges that this strategy is commonly used and the regime is open about their intent to use “War on Terror” tactics against domestic political dissidents.

    Of course, the use of these tactics domestically has been going on for quite some time and increased significantly under the Trump administration, against pro-whites in particular. It might be used against the right more broadly in the future.

    • I could only find one news source on Twitter that showed a picture of the perp or mentioned his race. Seemed odd to me,

  16. There’s so much fake news in the media these days especially with the msm always pushing a narrative instead of reporting the truth. It’s obvious they have an agenda. Let’s wait until all the facts come out to draw any conclusions.

  17. Black on White crime = who cares?

    Black on Black crime = who cares?

    Black on Asian crime = blame Whites.

    White on non White crime = “Domestic terrorism”, albeit the least frequent variety of all interracial or intraracial crime.

  18. A little slow out of the gate, three months, but they got the false flag train running now. And just in time for the new gun ban going through the Senate. Let the good times roll.

  19. Robert Long is just 21 years old, and he murdered 8 people because of his *sex addiction ”

    From some of the background information circulating, he was a deeply religious young man whose father is or was the pastor at a Baptist Church. Wasn’t there anyone that he could have confided in either at his church or in his family, before carrying out his bloody cry for help?

    His generation grew up online. All Mr. Long had to do was a search for the nearest sex addicts anonymous to help keep his demons at bay.

    • “ From some of the background information circulating, he was a deeply religious young man whose father is or was the pastor at a Baptist Church.”

      That will certainly screw your head up. I am so glad I realized the jesus nonsense by ten. They are as bad as the libs.

    • Religious myths certainly can be very damaging for some people, unfortunately. Some easily push them aside, while some others get a war raging inside their heads.

  20. This pos is a loser retard. Nobody forced him to go to massage parlours and pay for handjobs. Its freewill, this neckbearded shithead wasn’t addicted to sex I don’t buy that for a second.

    If anything he was pissed that he had to pay for it and killed some defensless asian masseuse’s like in cowardly fashion

    His sex addict story just doesn’t add up maybe groomed by a glow in the dark?

    • @Brad: My favorite name for a sex business South of the Mason Dixon Line—“Southern Exposure”.

  21. Sounds like it was a case of incel violence. That will become more common in coming years. Something like half of Gen Z males are completely locked out of sex by the dating app market. Millennials were the last generation meeting people in real life. Now it’s all hook up apps and we’re seeing the highest number of incels in history in gen Z because of it.

  22. The jew media will waste no time saying “we told you it was “White supremacists that were killing Asians while ignoring the vast black on Asian crime and of course the epidemic of black on White crime.

  23. The more I think about the “shooting” the more I think it might be a false flag to push their gun control agenda and further demonize Whites. It wouldn’t be the 1st time the feds used a pansy.

  24. There have been a series of attacks on asians in Oakland CA. From the pics it is obvious that the assailants were negroes. The media could not mention race in those incidents.

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