Tucker Carlson Goes To El Salvador

Donald Trump is no longer president.

Trump voters, however, still control the Republican Party. 51% of Republican voters would prefer to back a Trump candidate over a Reaganite or Bush candidate in 2024.

64% of Trump voters now say their racial identity is “very, extremely or somewhat” important to their sense of identity while only 17% of Trump voters say it is not important at all. 90% of Republican voters are opposed to Joe Biden’s immigration policies. Immigration is now the single most important issue on the minds of Republican voters. Political correctness or wokeness is the second most important issue. 64% of Americans believe that cancel culture is a growing threat to American freedom.

“Latinx” voters are just as opposed to political correctness as Whites. Over a third of black voters are also opposed to political correctness. As David Shor pointed out in his interview with Ben Domenech, politically correct college educated White Millennial progressives are about 5% of the electorate but libs and their wacky ideas are reshaping the Democratic Party, polarizing the electorate along the lines of ideology and education and alienating conservative and moderate voters of all races.

Tucker Carlson is currently in El Salvador investigating the roots of the worst migrant crisis to hit the border in 20 years. Neoliberal Joe’s reckless open borders executive orders which have been crafted by these woke libs have unleashed a crisis worse than the one Obama confronted in 2014. This was the issue that set in motion the chain of events that led to the Trump presidency. It stirred up a populist backlash against the Democrats of epic proportions. They learned nothing from the Trump presidency.

Lots of people have been saying for a while now that we need to find a candidate to go up against Joe who is a lot smarter and tougher than Donald Trump who nearly won the 2020 election in spite of all the things he had going against him like Jared Kushner, COVID and an untimely economic crash. Maybe what happened in 2016 was a bit premature. Look how far we were able to go with our first effort.

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  1. He always had more balls than Hannity when it came to immigration and wars for Israel.Too bad his million $ salary is more important than the whole truth.

  2. How did they get from Honduras, which is over 2,000 miles away, to the US border?

    So these people are in Mexico. Why is the Mexican government allowing these people to cross their borders, travel a thousand miles north, then illegally cross the US border?

    What “crisis?” Tell Mexico to stop letting them cross their borders. Then stop letting them cross US borders.

    Problem solved. This isn’t rocket science or curing cancer or launching satellites. It’s a fairly simple process.

  3. “. Why is the Mexican government allowing these people to cross”

    Because, the Biden admin. has given the Mex gov the green light to allow them to transit mexico.

  4. “How did they get from Honduras, which is over 2,000 miles away, to the US border?”

    Hitching on the Mexican rail system, boxcars.

    • What’s the difference between a Mexican passenger car and a Mexican boxcar ?

      The boxcar is cleaner and safer.

  5. Maybe some ‘good ol’ boys’ can dress up like a bunch of chupacabras and scare their them back in south.

  6. Think of the children, the children! The unaccompanied minors must be let in, they’re only innocent children, harmless and not responsible for their predicament.

    The “unaccompanied minors” of all ages up to 35 YO and the children will be joining MS-13 and other gangs at their first opportunity. The Republicans, Democrats and “conservatives” are OK with it though because they’re only children. Of course, the people who want the border flung open either have careers in NGOs or are wealthy hypocrites who live behind security in overwhelmingly White areas.

    A big increase in Hispanic gang crimes will follow in the wake of this action and the Lügenpresse will do their part by covering up these crimes just as they cover up the nig nogs committing crimes against Asians.

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