House Passes Violence Against Women Act and Gun Control

Even though it mostly sucks, Democrats push their agenda. Unlike the Republicans, the Democrats don’t waste any time doing awful shit. Joe signed something like 50 executive orders in 10 days.

Violence Against Women Act:

Gun Control:

In order for any of this to pass the Senate, the bar is either 1.) getting 10 Republican votes or 2.) killing the filibuster and all Democrats voting in lockstep with Kamala Harris casting a tie breaking vote. Since neither of these things is realistically happening, the hard part for Democrats is about to begin.

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  1. In order to take complete control over us, they want us disarmed to take away any threat. Once that happens, you will have Bolshevism 2.0. It’s almost at this point now.

    • They can pass laws, but it won’t change a thing, because America is awash with guns.
      The spergs will buy them illegally out of car boots in the middle of the night, and very soon they will 3D print them at home just as casually as they would print a document. Heck they don’t even need a gun and ammo anymore. I’ve seen demos of crossbows that are fully automatic. The guy even puts explosive tips in the bolts.

    • When you not understand the war as complex system , guns do not save you. Let’s say, spontaneous resistance kills 100 000 Government employees ?

      Just more woke people will replace them and nothing more happens. Pointless gun banging end up like Vietnam. You can win all battles and still lose the war.

      Don’t fight with Government. Be the Government. And then let The Squad plan resistance somewhere in the wasteland.

      Czechs set to gain constitutional right to defend themselves with a weapon.

        • ROE (Rules of engagement) and the politicians lost the war with Vietnam, not the men. You can’t fight a war with one hand tied behind your back. In Hue, Vietnam, you couldn’t shoot the enemy if he was hiding in protected “historic” sites The wars today are not meant to be won.

  2. Conservative states need to start secession rallies. (Maybe Trump would be invited to speak.) Nullify all unconstitutional laws and promote states’ rights.

    May God Save the South!

    • The constitution is not the answer, it allowed itself to be overthrown. The left knows this and won’t make the same mistake with tolerating their enemies to preach against them and over the media and school system. Nope, time to take a good hard look at where the constitution led us. This marxist propaganda should never be tolerated, rulers didn’t for thousands of years because they knew where it would end. Nope, there is a big reckoning that Americans are unprepared to do over their most “sacred” values that I don’t see happening.

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