Tucker Carlson: Democrats Are Using Atlanta Shooting To Inflame Racial Tensions


This is pretty much my diagnosis too. The Democrats are worried about their loosening grip on “People of Color.” In order to win elections, the White upper middle class professional wing of the party needs non-Whites to vote for them as racial blocs in overwhelming numbers. If they don’t win the “Latinx,” Asian and black conservatives and moderates, they lose. This is why they are doing the systematic racism conspiracy theory now and hyperventilating about “white privilege” and “white supremacy.”

Note: David Shor has spelled out why the Democrats do this in a bunch of recent interviews. Basically, White people are intensely polarized along ideological lines, but People of Color (POC) are not even though there are similar numbers of libs, moderates and conservatives in all racial groups.

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  1. Correction: The jews at the ADL are telling the democrats to use the shooting to inflame racial tensions.

  2. A poll of Asians here in the US would show that a vast majority of them don’t care what happened at a few Atlanta Rub-N-Tugs – Asians have a hive mindset and a go-along-to-get along mentality that precludes them from having an attention-getting chimpout that would have occurred if something like this had happened to the negro community. The media and the Batshit-Crazy wing of the Ds (AOC, Pelosi, etc) are the only ones keeping this story from going down the memory hole.

  3. The only thing holding the Dems multi-racial LBGQT coallition together, is hatred of Whites. If Whites disappeared in a rapture event tomorrow, they would fall on each other like wolves, because none of the groups making up their coallition have anything in common. That is why the Dems must keep up their exterminate Whitey rhetoric, no matter what.

    I was just thinking again today, that mass shootings only seem to occur when Dems are in power. The last year that Trump was in power, the right wing mass shootings seemed to have stopped. So it got me wondering, are these shootings false flag events put on by the Deep State? Or do Democrats just by how they behave when they get power, cause right wing people to pop off?

  4. The Democratic response to things like this make Tucker’s job really easy.

    It’s good to have a platform where someone can simply point out that most of the Anti Asian violence in the US is friction between Black’s and small shop owners.

    Once cynical journalists get hold of these stories there’s a desire to pin every violence on white supremacy. Even East Asians will play along as they seek to out compete whites and see these attacks as opportunities to displace whites anyway.

  5. I’m vacillating on the motives of the spin the media is putting on this thing? Is it to demonize whites as behind an imaginary pogrom against asians that in reality is largely just typical black ghetto crime? Or is it to radicalize asians against white people? I’m thinking more and more the latter despite the fact they tried to pass off this black ghetto knock out game stuff against elderly asians as Trump supporter violence. Was there some secret polling amongst asians finding out they were repelled by all this BLM critical race theory woke nonsense? Is this a warning “don’t you dare think about leaving the program cause those Trump people want to kill you.” Somehow I still know they are going to blame this shooting on Trump.

    The immigrant community is heavily involved in small business. (Whites have been told to abandon small business to “go to college” and also the broken family structure in the white community makes it hard to run these small businesses which require the constant presence of a family member watching over the place.) People running small businesses get a first hand lesson on racial reality and the undesirability of vast numbers of blacks. I’m sure a lot of foreigners who came here are mystified by the direction the country is headed. It’s definitely not the sign of a serious people to reward our worst elements rather than crack down on their anti-social behavior. They didn’t come here for this crap and are probably worried as to the direction things are heading. About twenty years ago I worked with a Sikh who was mortified with the lack of marriage and illegitimacy going on, he literally sent his kids back to India to go to school when they hit 12 because he said he didn’t like the anti-family culture they were promoting in the school system. I noticed the irony of the situation, he was obviously just here for the money if he hated it so much he wouldn’t even let his kids be immersed in the culture. However, he was also right. The poisonous anti culture does not produce a society that is “darwinianly fit” for long term survival. The really want to get this anti-culture into the heads of the immigrant children, i.e. encouraging them to become wasp hating pot heads with the Harold and Kumar crap movies. They must be afraid generation bastard and their in and out of rehab mischling children might end up engulfed by a new Caliphate or corrupt Mexican Patriarchy that turns out to be just as offensive to their “me, me, me” jewish nature as Anglo America which they thought they hated more than all else.

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