The Atlantic: Why America’s Great Crime Decline Is Over

Black Lives Matter is why it is over.

The Atlantic:

“Americans are experiencing a crime wave unlike anything we’ve seen this century. After decades of decline, shootings have surged in the past few years. In 2020, gun deaths reached their highest point in U.S. history in the midst of a pandemic. In 2021, although researchers can’t yet say anything definite about overall crime, shooting incidents appear to be on the rise in many places. We have also already witnessed several mass shootings, including the murder of spa and massage workers in the Atlanta area and a grocery-store massacre in Boulder, Colorado. Americans can no longer say, as we could 10 years ago, that we are living in the safest time in our nation’s history.

Why crime rises and falls is a devilishly complicated question. Few people have thought more deeply about it than Patrick Sharkey, a sociologist at Princeton University. While others reach for easy solutions and simplistic slogans, Sharkey embraces complexity and uncertainty. In his 2018 book, Uneasy Peace, Sharkey argued that intensive and often aggressive policing and incarceration policies probably helped reduce crime in the past few decades, to the great benefit of low-income neighborhoods. But rather than glorify these policies, he argued that often they have involved brutal policing strategies that could provoke a backlash among the public—hence the “uneasy” nature of the peace.

This thesis has proved doubly prescient in the past year. Sharkey anticipated both the summer of anti-police protests and the possibility that souring police-civilian relations would contribute to an increase in violent crime. This week I spoke with Sharkey about his thoughts on the 2020 crime surge. Our conversation has been edited for length and clarity; statistical context from a follow-up email is in italics.

Derek Thompson: What happened last year?

Patrick Sharkey: It was a huge surge of violence, and the most violent year of the century. We went through a long period where violence was steadily falling. There was a sharp decline in the 1990s and a more gradual decline since then. But right now we are in a period of rising violence. Since 2014, there has been a gradual increase. And then last year was a really terrible year across the whole country. …

I don’t see how there is any ambiguity about this.

St. Louis after Michael Brown and Baltimore after Freddie Gray foreshadowed what was coming. It is the Ferguson Effect on a national scale. This is what Democrats call “progress.”

In 2020, the Democrats explicitly embraced violent crime, anarchy and chaos as their identity and platform. They explicitly embraced demonizing the police and celebrating criminals. They embraced “Defund the Police” and made good on the threat in lots of big cities like New York City. They said that George Floyd was murdered by systematic racism and white supremacy and embraced Black Lives Matter. At the height of the mania last summer, Minneapolis voted to dismantle the police.

Less than a year later, the worst crime wave in thirty years is sweeping across Democrat-controlled big cities. The AAPI community in New York City is suffering from a relentless wave of attacks by “white supremacists.” Suddenly, Black Lives Matter is plummeting in popularity among blacks and the police are back in fashion. After all, it is mainly black people and other non-Whites who live in these places that are victimized by these glorified criminals. Black Lives Matter burned down their neighborhoods.

This was something that I experienced by watching it on television. It wasn’t happening anywhere near where I live in rural Alabama. Joy Reid on MSNBC tried to blame the riots in Minneapolis on “White Nationalists.” As with the Capitol Siege, there was a disappointing lack of White Nationalists who bothered to show up at these events and get arrested. The White Nationalists sat at home in astonishment and watched these events unfold on television as weak Democrats became so soft on crime that they ceded control of their own cities to criminals like the short lived sovereign nation of CHAZ/CHOP.

Just like the crisis on the Mexican border, this was something that Democrats did to themselves because in recent years shitlibs and progressive activists have seized control of the party.

It was mobs of brats and opportunistic thugs who ransacked and terrorized all of their cities and attacked the police: Seattle, Portland, Minneapolis, New York City, etc. They were the ones who burned down the CVS that the little old black ladies depended on and who have made the streets unsafe. As much as they try to blame the fallout on “white supremacy,” the “white supremacists” thought that was a terrible idea. Fortunately for us, we don’t tend to live in these places and navigate around them anyway.

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  1. Like you, I sat here in the Ozarks watching the violence in these cities on my television. It was a bit like watching some nature documentry, watching two groups of chimps screaming and throwing things at each other in some far away rain forest. Wondering how people live with such stupidity. There is definitely an advantage to living in civilized fly over country. I grew up in ranching country, and decided early that if I could not see cows, the were too many damn people. Now I live in a modest Ozark town, with cows, lots of cows around…

  2. The reason why crime rises and falls is not devilishly complicated. The Negroes no longer fear or respect the white man.

  3. …and the cops will do nothing but sit back and collect a check because, after all, the Boys In Blue Serve the Jew.

    • They have no problem letting private small businesses be destroyed. They didn’t even have a problem with police stations being set on fire.
      THIS is what Trump should have stopped immediately. It went on and on, and it was tolerated, then it was rationalized.
      This is just another step to becoming a 3rd world nation.

  4. CHOP/CHAZ was so funny. There was a viral video of some hippie sprouting beans on a cardboard box that went viral and millions of libtard SJW types started blathering about “anarchism” and “the people” and all the ridiculous superstitious nonsense they learned in the Critical Race Theory classes (i.e., the druggie version of Trotsky.)

    Then CHOP/CHAZ “security” literally started gunning down black teenagers and destroying the evidence – all while being livestreamed to Facebook, because that is how stupid they are.

    Really, these are the pampered children of upper-middle class professionals who were stuck at home skipping school for months and this was their first chance to party. So they put a “political” spin on it because that was the only way they could get away with breaking the Covid lockdowns.

    As for the blacks, well, “race riots” were due, they do them once every decade.

    • Most people don’t connect those dots. I constantly see people saying everything is going down because people aren’t being religious enough.
      But it’s the religious people who love immigration and empowering nonwhites.

  5. “Most people don’t connect those dots. I constantly see people saying everything is going down because people aren’t being religious enough.
    But it’s the religious people who love immigration and empowering nonwhites.”

    Niggers are the most religious segment of the population. See how it’s made them peaceful model citizens…lol.

    Christers are deluded limp-dicks for whom The Answer to any question is always to just grovel before the sandaled feet of JEEE-sus.

    I know, because I used to be one.

    As for this latest nationwide surge in nigging, itz all down to the god damned kike scum who usurped the media & universities: they riled the apes up with their constant blood libeling of Whites.

    They should all get spic narco-style deaths.

  6. @ ” they were the ones who burned down the cvs that the little old black ladies depended on”, thee host makes a good point, with this excellent article, we would and will denounce foolish, idiotic behavior, this clearly demonstrates our difference with thee satanist, we build and maintain , everybody knows what our enemies do, always try too do the right thing, even when it’s the hard thing to do, its our duty and it always pays off in thee end, another clarifying difference between us and ” those” people.

  7. No President in American history glorified crime and criminals like Trump did. He spent four years attacking the Democrats for being against crime, for locking up the criminals (the blacks). Then he managed to change the law to let them out of prison.

    When the jogger attempted to murder the white man in Georgia, Trump and Pence immediately took the side of the jogger, and condemned the innocent white man. That is where the crime wave got legs, when 40 million joggers knew full well Trump would support them in their crime.

    Trump did nothing to stop BLM, nothing. This is Trump’s crime wave. Let him own it, the bastard.

  8. Are our Senators in Texas or Arizona?

    Don t both border states have White Republican governors?

    The Senators should be putting these White GOP governor s feet to the fire now sleepy Joe Biden,

    The faggo* GOP cuckservatives Texas governor was doing the usual, not defending our border instead he was licking the bootS of the ADL trying to ban GAB for allowing holocaust Revisionism and traditional Christianity on GAB

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