Poll: Republicans Believe They Experience More Discrimination Than Blacks These Days

I don’t see how anyone could believe otherwise.


“Republicans feel conservatives face more discrimination than Black people do in America, according to a recent poll.

In a The Economist/YouGov poll, respondents were presented with several groups and asked: “How much discrimination do the following people face in America today?”

Conservatives was one of those and overall 22 percent polled said a great deal, 27 percent a fair amount, 30 percent not much and 20 percent none at all

Among Republican respondents, more felt conservatives faced higher levels of discrimination.

Of those, 40 percent said a great deal, 35 percent a fair amount, 17 percent not much and 9 percent none at all. …”

The woke black Ibram X. Kendi is the darling of the political, cultural and corporate establishment. Every single day the establishment shakes its fist at “white supremacy” and publishes new diatribes that attack all White people as a racial group. In our actual system of race relations, which began taking shape after the Voting Rights Act was passed in 1965, Black people are put up on a pedestal in 21st century America. The term Black is even capitalized now in the media like a royal title which holds as self-evident truths that the worst moral offense is “racism,” that only White people who benefit from “white privilege” can be “racist” and that Black people are the victims of the invisible force of systematic racism.

The media … is anti-White.

Hollywood … is anti-White.

The military … is anti-White.

The Democratic Party … is anti-White.

The Republican Party … won’t take the side of Whites.

The K-12 public education system … is anti-White.

The universities … are anti-White.

Corporate America … is anti-White.

Big Tech … is anti-White.

The federal government … is anti-White.

There isn’t a single institution in our society that is objectively anti-black. Every single institution in our society is pro-black. It is an advantage, not a disadvantage, to be black in the present system. What’s more, professional black whiners like Ibram X. Kendi, Charles Blow, Don Lemon and especially Ta-Nehisi Coates are fêted and toasted and handsomely rewarded with plum positions in establishment institutions. We’re all supposed to feel sorry for our society’s greatest victims like Bubba Wallace, Jussie Smollett and Meghan Markle who are oppressed by poor White people in Middle America.

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  1. Blacks, discrimination ???

    All I ever see is endless pandering and pampering of blacks.

    In the recent stimulus, black farmers get $5,000 million set aside, exclusively for blacks.

    ‘black farmers’ has to be oxymoron of the century.

    Blacks are 13% of the US population.
    Yet, blacks till less than 0.1% of the farmland.
    So small , that the USDA can’t measure it.
    Essentially, blacks do nothing to feed this nation.

    • Remember the Pigford deals, courtesy of Obama and Holder, where they were paying blacks from a class action suit…and if they weren’t farmers, all they had to do is say they planted a tomato plant, and they got $50,000 from the gubbermint. Just another way to get something free off of the taxpayer.

  2. They are 100% correct. It is not just legal to discriminate against people racialized as “white” it is mandatory in many cases. The entire mainstream media is openly anti-white and demonizes whites constantly.

    Watching American media in 2021 as a White is like watching Hitler TV as a Jew. It is constant “white supremacist this” and “racist that” and “white privilege” etc., non-stop.

    If the Republicans weren’t taking so much Jew money, and half of them weren’t being blackmailed by the Mossad with their Jeffrey Epstein kiddie rapist videos, the GOP could pick up this issue and win super-majorities.

    An enterprising businessman could create a pro-white, mainstream version of something like OANN or RT and make a billion dollars, providing he wasn’t the subject of secondary boycotts – which he would be, exactly as Henry Ford explained back in the 1920’s.

    But really it is inevitable that anti-whiteness is simply not going to be acceptable in the near future and will be seen as worse than “transphobia” was two years ago.

    Never forgive, never forget. We will be hounding 80 year olds who taught a “whiteness studies” class at the community college in the 2010’s and we’ll plaster their neighborhoods with flyers exposing what they did until they are shunned by polite society.

  3. >discrimination

    This is happening to whites as whites. In debates I hope people stay on point. It is tempting to get sidetracked with the religious rhetoric about privilege (total depravity) and fragility (sola fide; good works don’t help your salvation.)

    Discrimination is when a person or institution actively — and it is an act — treats someone differently based on their membership in a social category. Prejudice is when someone is prejudged. They’re not the same, as someone could be prejudiced without discriminating (perhaps someone hates whites but acts professionally on the job) and could discriminate without prejudice (someone has good intentions with unconscious biases).

    Discrimination is currently prohibited in the United States by federal law. Maybe I’m crazy, but what Cigna is reportedly doing — not hiring qualified white males because they’re white males, even if it means leaving a position open — seems like it fits the definition.

    tl;dr wtf I like DR3 now

  4. “The media … is anti-White.
    Hollywood … is anti-White.
    The military … is anti-White.
    The Democratic Party … is anti-White..
    The universities … are anti-White.
    Corporate America … is anti-White.
    Big Tech … is anti-White.
    The federal government … is anti-White.”

    We don’t have government controlled media,
    We have media controlled government.

    This is the reason (((they))) do everything to shut down alternatives, like Don Black, redice.tv, historyreviewed etc.

    They learned to control the narrative loooong ago.

  5. Well, the poll was about conservatives being discriminated against more than blacks. White and conservative aren’t really the same thing.

    Which definition of conservatism are they using? This political taxonomy is a fucking mess. Who gives a shit. Conservatism is gay.

    White people are more discriminated against than Blacks.

    Our message should just be, “Its ok to be White”. Let the left and its mystery meat menagerie and rainbow of queers do the work for us.

    Never interrupt your adversary while they are making a mistake, somebody once said. All the numbers are moving our direction bigly, and folks seem to be waking up a bit.

    Lord knows we can’t seem to collectively do anything right ourselves. Bunch of rugged individualists and hamfisted misanthropes the lot of us.

    At least for now, everything is coming up Whitey.

  6. Check this out:

    Oakland will give low-income families of color $500 per month, no strings attached

    How are they deciding who is “black”?

    If you’re 1% black, are you black? Or at least a “person of color”?

    How do you prove your status? Do you have to show your “23 and Me” results?

    Can a white person claim the money by saying s/he is transracial and “identifies as black”? If not, why not, when we’re required to accept trans men as women based on their word!

    The left is incredibly contradictory!

    This racial distribution of wealth is insane, unfair, and impossible to administer rationally. It seems like the elites want a race war so they’re pushing policies that are blatantly racist and unfair, and will necessarily lead to mutual resentment and hatred.

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