Poll: Nearly Half of Americans Changed Sports Viewing Habits Because Of Social Justice

Do you remember last year when professional sports became woke and politicized? It narrowed the appeal of sports by a lot. We see this in lots of areas like late night comedy.

Yahoo News:

“In the wake of last summer’s social justice protests, which consumed sports for much of the second half of 2020, nearly half of all Americans changed their sports viewing habits, according to a new YouGov / Yahoo News poll. As athletes and leagues embraced a new, progressive strategy aimed at amplifying messages of social justice and political advocacy, some Americans began watching more sports, but about three times as many watched less.

Of those who watch sports on TV, about 11 percent said they now watch more as a result of political and social messaging. However, 34.5 percent, more than one-third, said they are watching less. The vast majority, roughly 56.3 percent, said they watch about the same amount regardless of political or social messaging.

Ratings across all major sports were down in 2020, the result of a range of factors including time-shifted sports calendars and the presidential election, but it’s clear from this poll that politics and social justice had some impact on the ratings decline. …

Worth noting is that Independents came in somewhere in the middle, with about 8.7 percent saying they watched more sports in the social justice era, and about 38.6 percent saying they watched less. …”

As the New York Times newsroom and the corporate media in general has become woke, it has also narrowed its appeal. See also Ghostbusters or Star Trek Discovery.

According to David Shor, younger White upper middle class, college-educated progressive activists with modernist and cosmopolitan values who are woke or politically correct and who live inside urban bubbles like Brooklyn have been transforming the Democratic Party in their own image. These people have greater weight inside the Democratic Party now. As the sanctimonious brats and their toxic cultural views become more identified with the Democratic Party, it is repulsing working class voters. Were it not for political correctness, the Republican Party might have collapsed several years ago.

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  1. 1) Following sports is one of the most — if not the most — modernist, 1900s-ish things a person can do, i.e. finding a pre-packaged identity through spectacle together with a giant ant-heap of anonymous spectators.

    2) Most sports for decades have implicitly been a BLM religion in the fans’ implicit worship of the players.

    3) When you see players shit on whites on twitter — mayo, unseasoned people, the recessives, etc. — at some point you have to ask whether you have better things to do with your time. I cut bait on all sports a few years ago.

    • Yep. There are the people who don’t talk about “religion, sex, or politics” because it strains their brains. Their whole lives are focused on as much “fun” (as they call it), which consists of getting drunk, having casual sex (hepatitis is epidemic among boomers), going on low brow cruises and resort vacations, buying RVs, and spending money.

      They talk about “their team”, who isn’t even from their hometown anymore, and could care less about them. They talk about giving “support”, when in reality, it’s all about the money they are being paid. It’s like screaming about some company.

      I think there’s a point when people grow up and realize what it’s all about, and it certainly is not about the white man anymore.

    • @Patrick…

      “If you are still watching NFL Football…you are a homosexual”

      I think ‘submissive’ would be most apt for those Whites still engaged in sports, particularly Southern Whites who go see games where the schools have banned our flag, and or changed their names.

  2. The only sport I watched was the NHL because it was 90% White but I stopped watching them after they pandered to BLM.

  3. Fuck all that jew-run, nigger jock strap-sniffing garbage. Cut the (((cable))), read books & take up a creative hobby.

  4. I loved pro football since I was a kid, many decades ago. By 2016, the activism had worn me out, so I did not watch a Saints’s game for a couple of years.

    Tried to return to watching in 2019, and, because I watched it on YouTube specialty channels, I was able to view the games without any political stuff.

    However, when Drew Brees would not stand by what he regards as his national symbol, The Modern American Flag, it really finished me, because I cannot respect a man who backs away from his flag, even if that flag is not my flag.

    I’ll get back into football viewing when a new league arises and plays ole-timey horse collar and cornerback hanging on receiver all the way down the field football, WITHOUT politicks!

    Until then, I am substituting gardening on Sunday afternoon.

    Same thing happened to me with ESPN, because, for years I enjoyed listening to Mike & Mike or Colin Cowherd, but, it just reached the point, about six years back when I could not take their growing ventures into Puritanical sermonizing on player behavior or politics.

    Personally, I do not care what football players say or do, off the field, nor do I want to be preached to by jock announcers. I just want to hear athletes and expert sports’ pundits talk about the game.

    Xs & Os and the psychological battle of sports is always interesting to me.

    But, they don’t do too much of that, either.

    So, I now live an existence I never thought I would live – sportsless.

    I do not like it, but, the reality is that I have accepted it as a casualty of living in a country where the government is inflicting upon it’s own people the very same failed state policies it has long inflicted on foreign nations it wanted to overthrow.

    Still, I got to watch Gale Sayers run, Don Maynard catch, and Roger Staubach scramble, and I’ll consider that a blessing.

    • @ good post ivan, i am right there with you, when larry bird retired, i gave up on the.nba , i feel fortunate i got to see, pistol pete and jerry west, john havlicek and that good kentucky man. Dan issel , i would compare sports now in our country, to that real sweet girl next door, who now stands on the corner, selling.herself, ya , sportsball, one of thee more poingant examples of how jacked up , this “whatever” has become .our most sickening example would be………….suspense ……..not really!? Our good ole sec conference, if adolph rupp were alive today, he’d burn the damm gym down.

      • Thank you, Dear Terry, for your kind words.

        Sorry you are ‘right there with me’, because it is an unpleasant place to be, vis-a-vis being an American sports fan.

        I see you are a basketball fan, and I remember collecting all the cards of those players you mention.

        At that time, however, my favourite team was the New York Knicks.

        I loved how Walt Frazier player guard and, conversely, Earl Monroe, North Carolina’s greatest player ever, came over from the then Baltimore Bullets and played the other guard position.

        Good analogy to the Girl-Next Door.

        Yes, Rupp would wish to burn the gym down, though, before he could, he would be canceled and not even allowed to go into his local hardware store!

        It would be entertaining, and a learning experience, if those from previous generations could find themselves in the here and now.

        That’s a theme for one of my future novels – a Confederate soldier who winds up coming back to life in the 2020s!

        Be well, My Friend!

  5. Good put that sportsball shit away it is a absolute cancer on a healthy functioning society.

    I can’t respect any man or woman who watches that shit. The joggerlike mindset I see in sportsball watchers when your team wins is downright pathetic. Oh boy your team won?! wow whoop’d freaking do and you made that possible by shouting at your tv and shoveling food and beer in your piehole fascinating stuff

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