White Supremacist Attacks 65-Year-Old Asian Woman On Her Way To Church In Manhattan


There has already been another white supremacist attack on Asians since I posted that video about thirty minutes ago.

FOX 5 New York:

“NEW YORK – A video appeared on social media Monday morning showing a disgusting and appalling incident unfolding on the subway.

The video, which was apparently shot on a Manhattan-bound J train in Bushwick, Brooklyn, shows someone relentlessly punching an Asian man in the head. The beating continues even when the victim curls up into the fetal position. With each blow to the head, the victim’s body can be seen convulsing. …”

I’m posting this because we can no longer be silent. As Woke Joe said in Atlanta, our silence is our complicity in anti-Asian racism.

The white supremacist attacks on Asian-Americans in New York City appear to be getting worse by the day. Unlike the Atlanta shooting, the corporate media doesn’t appear to be all that interested in elevating these suspects. We’re not seeing their faces on national television.

ABC News 7 NY:

“MIDTOWN, Manhattan (WABC) — Police want to identify the man who punched and kicked an Asian woman on her way to church.

The incident was reported Monday in front of 360 West 43rd Street just before noon.

Authorities say the 65-year-old victim was punched and kicked until she fell to the ground as the suspect made anti-Asian statements toward her.

The suspect continued to kick the victim in the head multiple times before he ran away. …”

It all circles back to Donald Trump’s rhetoric about the China Virus and people on 4chan cracking jokes about the Kung Flu. “Our silence is our complicity” in these attacks.

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  1. @ to thee asians here in america, we , thee confederate people, along with our brothers and sisters in the north and west, we denounce this evil sick shit, we urge you too stand up, you are thee shaolin, thee samurai people, i’ve trained beside you many a hour in the.dojo , i know what you are capable of , i urge you, demonstrate your honor, defend your children, your womenfolk, your elders, i and my people, we hate this shit.

  2. “Unlike the Atlanta shooting, the corporate media doesn’t appear to be all that interested in elevating these suspects. We’re not seeing their faces on national television.”

    Shit like this makes me really really angry.

    • They did actually show this guy on ABC. I couldn’t believe it. Maybe they are catching on, that everyone is catching on to them.

  3. He’s clearly black. If Asians want to protect themselves, they will notice this. It’s just anti-white stuff.

  4. Last summer Asians wanted to dismantle white supremacy. Now Asians on subreddits like Asian Masculinity are learning things we’ve known for decades — how to carry yourself in a dangerous neighborhood, the benefits of living in peaceful areas with non-woke jurisdictions, the necessity of funding police budgets so your city doesn’t become Mogadishu, etc.

    Some are wondering how to stand up for themselves and fight, and some are now carrying firearms. (Both complicate things in court.) The trick is to avoid unfortunate events before they happen, like getting burned alive by youths who are just beginning to turn their lives around and cure cancer before joining NASA. If you’re white, like the man in Rochester who was burned to death a few days ago, there will be zero media coverage — you’re on your own. And if you’re white, hordes of Puritanical zombies of your own kind will try ruin your life for even talking about it.

    Welcome to Burgerland lol

  5. These vicious crimes are the result, however unintended of diversity in action. What did the geniuses think would happen when they threw open the doors of the country in 1965 to see what the cat would drag in?

    • The media also decided last year that policing and prosecuting blacks is always racist, so the blacks are just running wild now doing whatever they want. They know they will only get a slap on the wrist at most.

      It’s telling that when given the opportunity, blacks just become even more violent than they already were. 13/50 was the blacks showing some restraint. They want to hit 13/70 or 13/80.

    • “What did the geniuses think would happen when they threw open the doors of the country ”

      They’d destroy the WHITE race in America.

      • Exactly. The “geniuses” who initiated this knew exactly what they were doing. There were plenty of white idiots who allowed it, though. Just to prove they were “good”, I guess.

        • I was thinking along the lines of the “Coalition of the Fringes” (HT Steve Sailer) attacking each other instead of White people, I don’t think the geniuses anticipated that.

    • Diversity is a strategy to get rid of whites globally. So is the rampant, in-your-face miscegenation. The intention of diversity is NOT to make a nation better, but to invade and destroy it.

  6. The Orientals are no friends of ours. Let them be attacked by the Negroes, it serves ’em right.

  7. I refuse to be complicit in anti-Asian attacks, and denounce this White supremacy epidemic that has been spreading within the black community. But the real victims here are the black people of color, forced to serve as conduits for White supremacist complicity. Black folx have been victimized by White supremacy and have also been forced to become complicit in White supremacy by attacking Asianx, thus have been twice victimized. Truly insidious.

  8. Whats happening to Asians now has been happening to Whites for decades. Welcome to our world. The difference is the media is covering these attacks while they ignored the attack on Whites.

  9. Yang had better make this his campaign issue if he is serious about winning the NYC mayors race. Chinese, Koreans they all have stories to tell about being attack on the streets by blacks and Latinos. Every last one of them.

  10. America was lost forever after provoking the Japanese to attack the Pacific fleet at Pearl Harbor. All the other political atrocities that followed were talmudic flotsam and jetsam falling off a runaway train with a Ashkenazi zionist adding more coal to the fire.

  11. Of course no one cares about endless black on White violence. We’re ruled by people who hate us and most of them are White. Traitors.

  12. I m ashamed to admit I watched a Black on Asian act of violence in New York City ~ 1988. A Black street person through down a Han Chinese fellow NYU student from Singapore . I just watched it as he stood over his victim , but he didn’t t follow up with more violence .

    I m pretty confident I would react different now and attempt to beat the thug with weapons I carry now in urban environments.

    I reject the notion that Whites shouldn’t intervene or care about Blacks attacking Asians in American cities.

    It s a matter of principle with me , just standing up for civilization. I don t tolerate Blacks attacking our civilization

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