Joe Biden Issues First Ever Presidential Proclamation For “Trans Day Of Visibility”

We wouldn’t want to marginalize our trans girls like Rachel Levine.


“President Biden issued a statement to formally celebrate Wednesday as Transgender Day of Visibility (TDOV), an international day first marked in 2009 as a way to commemorate trans lives and accomplishments.

Why it matters: Biden is the first sitting U.S. president to issue a proclamation in observance of the day. It comes as a record number of state legislatures — predominately led by Republicans — introduce bills to regulate how trans youth play sports and receive gender-affirming healthcare. …”

Instead of marginalizing our trans girls, we should be sweeping away all of the Trump-era policies and encouraging these eunuchs to enlist in the military.


“The Pentagon on Wednesday will sweep away Trump-era policies that largely banned transgender people from serving in the military, issuing new rules that offer them wider access to medical care and assistance with gender transition, defense officials told The Associated Press.

The new department regulations allow transgender people who meet military standards to enlist and serve openly in their self-identified gender, and they will be able to get medically necessary transition-related care authorized by law, said the officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss internal decisions not yet made public. ,..”

Never forget.

The definition of “progress” is turning the social order upside down.

“Trans women” should be able to serve in the U.S. military and compete in women’s sports, but people who have, say, normal, traditional or conventional views on that subject – by some surveys, the majority of Americans – should be branded “domestic extremists” and excluded from serving in the military. Those people should also be policed and hounded out of their jobs for “transphobia.”

Note: It looks to me like those people significantly outnumber trans women. This could become a political vulnerability for the Democrats.

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  1. The photo:A DISGUSTING…GROTESQUE….SATANIC FREAK…..NOT A WOMAN….IS THIS WHAT THE 101 FIRST AIRBORNE fought for in WW2?….The homosexual pederast Antifa say yes…this is what the 101 Airborne gave their lives for during WW2……..What a disgusting freak show…

    • @Patrick…

      “IS THIS WHAT THE 101 FIRST AIRBORNE fought for in WW2?”

      No, it sure ain’t, and, if they could come back and see what’s been done to this country, they’d throw off their American helmuts and go swear The Fuhrer Oath and wear the black with silver runes.

  2. “”….Those people should also be policed and hounded out of their jobs for “transphobia.”….””

    Absolutely. But here is the problem that brats do not want simple jobs done by trumpsters. Because of that, hounding out transphobes and other extremists will begin from the top of the society.

    Purging extremists is good but purging extremists and getting well paid high position jobs is better. Because of that I predict that similar to Soviet Union in 1937 , extremists will be found mostly in highest echelon of society.

    Donald is genius.

  3. In a healthy and sane society, that thing would be in a mental institution, not in govt or around kids. The US is worse than the old Wiemar Republic.

      • @Terry…

        I think we dun’ got there, (Sodom) already, and a long time ago, at that!

        Unregulated porn, that is crippling the minds of our children and stealing from them their childhood, is an unspeakable crime!

  4. I think they’re already way too visible. How many people are trannies? 0.1% or something? If you look at mainstream media, you would think trannies are a major part of the population.

    Trannies should only be visible on the winner’s podium in female sports (because it’s funny) and when they’re taking female scholarships and affirmative action spots (again, because it’s funny).

  5. Remember the New York Slimes called Biden ” the most religious president” in a long time to paraphrase. Biden is an evil old man enjoying his final years in life. He will do anything for popularity. His ( cough) doctor wife….oh wait, the doctor title comes from teaching in community colleges, is every bit as gross as he is.

    Cat lick Biden is about as religious as a warlock and witch popping into church. The old man is endorsed by mass murdering Planned Parenthood, various homosexual groups and now has a proclamation day for trans butt holes. Yeah, Joe is real religious…lol..

    Biden may turn out to be more dangerous than Obama if that is possible. He never was committed to an ideology but went with the wind. His new wind direction is sucking up to black people 24/7, pushing mass abortions, pushing gay and transgender insanity while promoting a mass invasion of the border so more brown people can come in and vote Democrat. He also is outright lying about the new voter integrity law in Georgia all so he can keep the perpetually outraged race of people to continue to be perpetually outraged. A truly evil old man. Yeah, I miss Trump, bloviating and all.

      • Most of its adherents are hypocrites, just like most other Christians. Sin all week then go to church and be forgiven, just to do it all over again next week.

  6. Using drugs and surgery to make oneself appear like a crude mockery of the opposite sex is not “transitioning”, it’s a ghastly mutilation of one’s own body. The jews are obviously pushing this bizarre behavior on us gentiles so that our society will become sick, weak and confused. But they are also undergoing these “sex change” operations, so at least they aren’t being hypocrites about it. They apparently want us to be as screwed up as they are.

    • @Spahn…

      “Using drugs and surgery to make oneself appear like a crude mockery of the opposite sex is not “transitioning”, it’s a ghastly mutilation of one’s own body.”

      Never truer words have been said.

      Shame on a society that tries to make folks mutilate themselves by praising the mentally addled who have already done so.

      Was it not just a few years ago these very same Leftists were screaming bloody murder about the crimes of female genital mutilation in Islam?!?

    • If a trans-sexual claimant goes through with the full panoply of bio-sculpture surgery and hormone treatments, I will credit him with sincerity. Otherwise I will suspect he is a poseur.

    • Hindu’s call it the Third Sex which is a fairly reasonable and rational accommodation of the aberation. We used to call them Monks and Priests and Holy fools in our own accommodations with the strange phenomenon.

  7. @ rachel levine, pete buttigrieg’s husband , they treating the water with something beside fluoride.

  8. When I look at Mr., Levine, all I feel is a blend of horror and sorrow.

    That he is to be pitied, is for sure, but, adulated and respected?


    This nation is an abomination.

    • There was a time when if you were a guy and your hair was a bit long or if you wore a pink dress shirt and went into some “redneck” bar you were going to get your ass kicked.

        • @ ivan , you and i and the rest of thee o.d. soldiers see this for what it is , thee danger is, thee inroads these demons are making with school age kids, i fuckin hate it, i have two lesbian neighbors two houses down from me, ivan , i dont stick my nose in other peoples business when i can help it, they both have a son, one about 10 year old, thee other about 6 or 7 i reckon and i notice how them 2 boys watch me when i am out side working in my yard or garden or sitting on my ironhorse getting ready too ride, i feel so sorry for those boys , no dad around, ivan its a hurtful thing, how these guys can father these kids” then turn their backs on them , ivan i’d say there is a whole lot more like them , my heart hurts for them.

          • @Terry…

            Yes, I feel pretty much as you do.

            While I feel strongly that it is no man’s place to enter another man’s bedroom, I am absolutely dead set against any aspect of the LGBTQ agendae, which is manifold aimed at build a society around sexual perversity and willful ungodliness.

            Yes, every child deserves a shot at having a loving mama and daddy, yet, as you point out, not everyone will get them.

            What we can pray for is that all adults in charge of children, no matter what they are, will truly move heaven and earth to make those kids feel happy to be alive and be good citizens.

            If you can help your neighbour’s boys learn how to be real men, by teaching them things like replacing chains on your Iron Horse, or draining oil, or tossing the football, or digging up bulbs and transplanting them, or going fishing and using grubs for bait, I pray that you will ask the Lesbians permission to do that, and that they will grant it.

            The good Lord puts us all in each other’s lives to make a difference and there have been many a time when my life was greatly enriched by those who were not my kin.

            You have a good heart, Terry, and I know you know what right and wrong is.

            Do what you can to help these boys on their way to a real manhood, not effiminacy lite.

            God bless you, Sir!

  9. Leviticus 18:22 Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.

    Leviticus 20:13 If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.

    Deuteronomy 22:5 The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman’s garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the Lord thy God.

    Homosexuality and gender confusion are not the ways of God. If religion was prominent in this country Disney would be rebuked and boycotted by true ministers of God and they would encourage the members of their organizations to do the same. But we are corrupt through and through as a nation and no one seems to care.

    Our end is near…

    • @Banned…

      I totally appreciate your quotes of the Bible, for nothing is more pertinent.

      Yet, the end may well not be near, for any day we can begin to choose godly ways.

      Last thing I will say to you, and that is this : As a Southerner, we centre ourselves around Chryst, but, even without him, it is our tribal beliefs that no man ought lay with another man or woman with woman.

      We have never agreed that such is good, irrespective of whether we were god-fearing men or not.

      We believe in 2 genders, the sacredness, yet separate and inequality of them, and, yes, we have our own ideas of right and wrong.

      Though we often fail our own standards, White Southerners, the overwhelming majority of us, have always believed that you ought only lay with a woman, and only then if you are fully committed to her and prepared to raise any seed you plant that she brings to life.

      That is out ideal and most of us do a fairly good job of embodying that.

      We’ll never accept this perversity thrust upon us by Northeastern Yankeedom and Jewry, a rejection of which you will more and more witness as more and more state adopt nullification measures to cancel out this satanic tyranny that has been thrust upon us.

  10. Joke’s on Biden. Every time you turn on the fucking television is transgender or LGBT “visibility”. You don’t need a day or a month for something that’s unavoidably on every cable or youtube channel. I’m sure even he doesn’t like it for his family, but wants it for yours.

  11. My father served in the Marines in WWII. He told me that some of the men in his outfit would “roll queers”.

    It appears that the “queers” are “rolling” the military and society in general now.

  12. Why talk about or applaud trans visibility? when we should be talking trans vulnerability and suicide rates of transexuals? I hate these progressive pieces of shit they are literally holding back our society of any normalcy whatsoever its always lgbtxzqy this and that when the trans population is less then 4% in all NA

  13. Back in 1975s The Rocky Horror Show was feature around Holloween in movie theathers,never knew what it was about,I figure it was off shoot Rocky movie from Sylvester Stallone.

    One weekend on the way to see a movie,I went in and sat down and for couple of minutes of transvestite my skin crawl,bolted out of there.Hollywood normalize depravity.

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