Poll: Joe Has Some Major Vulnerablities

The polls are all saying pretty much the same thing now.

In the case of gun policy, Joe’s disapproval is because nothing is happening. In the case of immigration, it is because of what is happening.

Detroit News:

Note: In the latest Gallup poll, it caught my eye that federal spending and budget deficit had become a top area of concern for Republicans.

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  1. I won’t move on the 2a as my primary issue for political expediency just because our bullshit urban neetsoc intellectuals are clueless about our gun culture and dont understand it to be an issue of heritage, White Identity and personal sovereignty.

    I’ll oppose vehemently any cynical attempt to bridge the gap between left and right populists with that as a bargaining chip.

    Under no circumstances do I suggest floating that as a trial balloon. If you want to see working class whites revolt, that will do it.

    Fuck the administration’s vulnerabilities.

  2. Outsiders see the truth Americans cannot.

    Derek Chauvin, convenient surrogate for all Whites
    Posted by
    By Savant
    March 30, 2021
    Violent small-time hoodlum, stuffed to the gills on his own supply, dies while resisting arrest. Would barely merit a mention in the media all other things being equal. But of course all other things are not equal. Because there’s a War On Whites and Derek Chauvin represents a gift-wrapped surrogate for all traditional blood-and-soil-bound heritage Americans. That he’s been charged at all is a scandal and we can be assured that despite the case against him being pitifully weak he’ll still do time. Among people who look and act like George Floyd.

    Chauvin has a huge team of high-priced prosecutors (although nominally lead by a worthless AA hack who’d be stacking shelves if he were White) marshalled against him while his defence lawyer is a former prosecutor – of traffic offences! Chauvin’s adversaries represent a microcosm of the non-White enemy army, you know, those endlessly complaining about White supremacism, about everything White in fact. African-Americans (i.e. Africans lucky enough to be born in America), Africans, Indians, Pakistanis, Turks, Arabs, Muslims, Hindus – hate-filled Third World bottom feeders who know nothing but corrupt totalitarian tribal/religious rule. Then there’s the homos, lesbians, transgenders and shrieking feminist land whales. And of course Jews, the puppeteers behind the curtain, masterminding the battle strategy from start to finish. The lot of them remind me of carrion feeding on America’s decaying corpse, snarling, yelping, snapping and growling as they feast on a civilisation to which they contributed nothing and owes them nothing.

    But the enemy ranks also include a cohort of Whites — let’s call them belly crawling ethnomasochists, weak-minded conformists, recklessly subverting every value and tradition that once made America the envy of the world. Of course many of them are unscrupulous careerists who like Judas of old have pocketed their thirty pieces of silver and now betray on command. But their treachery won’t save them when TSHTF. They’ll be the first to the wall. A fact from which we may derive at least a crumb of comfort.

    And TSHTF might come a lot sooner than many think. The USA is avoiding a Third World standard of living only through its ability to print endless trillions of dollars and compel the world to use them. This is enforced by massive military power, as Ghadaffy and Saddam would testify if they were still alive. But that power is rapidly declining and what’s now a trickle will soon become a flood. Internally Whites have lost the race war. You could argue that they lost it in 1965 with the White Genocide Act ((Immigration Act))) or even earlier in 1913 with the founding of the FRB. The demographic clock ticks relentlessly and as the last Presidential Election proved, voting no longer counts and the courts won’t enforce the law. What’s left? Armed insurrection? Forget about that. Separation? The bottom-feeding parasites will block it by any means necessary. No, America as we knew it will soon be dead as the proverbial dodo. The only difference is that the dodo died out due to ignorance, selfishness and short-sightedness, whereas America will be a victim of… maybe not so much of a difference after all. Apart from the fact that the dodo didn’t have the small hat tribe masterminding its extinction.

    After that black pill let me end on a note of hilarity: George Floyd’s family say they’d trade their $20 million award to have George back. And if that doesn’t crack you up you’re beyond hope. (Actually most of that money has probably been blown already.)


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