Saving Elie Mystal from White Society

The Nation’s Elie Mystal is one of the country’s most widely read journalists. He recently wrote: “[O]ne of the principal benefits of the pandemic is how I’ve been able to exclude racism and whiteness generally from my day-to-day life.” Though he occasionally must worry about white people “on Zoom,” the good news is that “white people aren’t in my face all the time.” Instead, he lives in what he calls a “technically advanced, globally isolated” version of “Wakanda” where he “can pick and choose when and how often to interact with white people.”

Professor Mystal enjoys a lucrative career complaining about white people. Even though the leading institutions in our society in academia (Harvard and Harvard Law), journalism (the New York Times), and media (MSNBC and Fox News) have all given him a platform, he still seems to believe he is oppressed by “systemic racism.” If he truly does feel oppressed even after receiving all these benefits, what more can we do?

“I’m not ready to go back to accepting that, in a diverse and pluralistic society, some white people are allowed to just impose their implicit biases on the world, and the rest of us have to suck it up,” he said in his recent column. The basis for this sweeping conclusion was an incident he witnessed at a CVS. An older white woman pulled up to the store and shouted at a black teenaged girl, “Is this where you get the vaccines?” It’s not clear from the story whether the black girl worked at the store.

The Black teenager ignored the woman (as I teach my kids to do when strangers are shouting at them), but the white lady insisted: “I said, is this where you get the vaccines?” At this point, the teenager did this elaborate pantomime of looking behind her, a very clear “she must not be talking to me, a person just standing outside and messing with my phone” move. This, apparently, really pissed off the white woman who then yelled at the top of her voice: “IS THIS WHERE YOU GET THE VACCINES?” By this point, a small traffic jam had piled up behind her, and the cars started honking. She yelped in disgust—“the service!”—and drove off.

That’s it. That’s the story.

Mr. Mystal dives deeply into the mysteries of his psyche because of this trivial incident. He feels shame because he hadn’t been quick enough to show “solidarity” with the young black, possibly because he had been “living in my white-free castle for a year.” He asks, “Was I part of the permissive culture that has allowed that white lady to exist?”

The idea that he has the power to determine whether someone can “exist” sounds almost threatening to me. The anecdote also seems like an example of racial projection. Nothing suggests that this white woman thought that the young black woman’s race mattered at all. Data show that few whites see their race or ethnicity as central to their identity, in contrast to about 75 percent of blacks. Polls also suggest that Republicans and conservatives are the least likely to pursue vaccination. It’s not much to go off of, but if I had to bet, I’d guess the woman demanding a shot was liberal.

However, Mr. Mystal saw race. Indeed, this small incident led him to a sweeping conclusion that he isn’t capable of re-entering a society integrated with whites without feeling stress and anxiety. He feels this way even though the government, academy, and media give him preferential treatment because of his race.

Most whites don’t have racial consciousness. The same system that rewards Mr. Mystal punishes white advocates. However, many whites become racially conscious anyway, usually as a result of a long series of frustrating, stressful, or even dangerous encounters with non-whites. Countless American Renaissance readers have told us how they became race realists.

Most initially wanted to believe in a colorblind world but were forced into white identity because of the way non-whites treated them. Some examples:

I don’t begrudge Mr. Mystal’s mini-Wakanda. I’d prefer it if he and his co-ethnics would build it on a larger scale and leave the rest of us alone. On average, blacks commit more crime, use more welfare, and perform less well in school than whites. Whites would be fine without blacks. It’s less clear whether blacks would be fine without whites.

Mr. Mystal may offer us a way out. If he truly is this disturbed by casual interactions with whites, perhaps we can simply separate. This isn’t an extreme idea. Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison, who is currently prosecuting Derek Chauvin, proposed a separate black homeland early in his career. Of course, Mr. Ellison, like Malcolm X before him, quickly realized that it’s easier to grift off whites than to build a separate nation.

Is Mr. Mystal more sincere? After all, practically any amount of money or territory would be worth it for whites to go our own way. Only then can Mr. Mystal go to the CVS without an existential crisis. Near the end of his column, Mr. Mystal fantasizes about giving whites fake directions to something near “Marcus Garvey Park.” If the United States had subsidized Mr. Garvey and helped him carry out his plan instead of imprisoning him, we’d be much better off.

What do you say Mr. Mystal? Name your terms. Let’s realize Marcus Garvey’s dream. You’ll never have to worry about putting on your “white people armor” again. You can always be the “default” skin color. You can have your Wakanda. Of course, it will also mean you no longer have us to blame. Let’s see if you really want to be free, or whether you just want to be paid to complain about us.

First published on American Renaissance on March 31, 2021.

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Gregory Hood has been active in conservative groups in the US. He is a staff writer for American Renaissance. His work is syndicated on the Unz Review and here at Occidental Dissent.


  1. Integration kills !

    Willie Odom @ big bayou canot….50 died tortured deaths in a lake of fire…100 injured for life.

  2. Buckwheat Mystal is well-paid by his jew masters to be the token schvartze at The Nation, which is an otherwise strictly kosher operation. His job is to be the stereotypical angry blag mayne with a chip on his shoulder against Mr. Charlie (white society). He’s almost like a stock character in a jew-produced minstrel show!

  3. I have always been racially aware.

    Shortly before I was born, my aunt married a black guy who I grew up knowing as my uncle. She was older when they married and never wanted kids with him, just a good provider. He was exactly that. I’ve seldom met men I would trust more than that guy. He was good to her and to all of us, and it was never just for her sake.

    My family being from where they were, never quite got used to him, but it never kept him from being a part of the family as much as any of the other spouses that married into the family. Dude was as salt of the earth as any white guy I’ve known.

    For every one like him, I’ve come across a hundred that I wouldn’t trust any farther than I would a strange dog because I can’t tell whats in their minds when I talk to them, or watch how they behave.

    I’ve always understood my uncle and all blacks as distinct and different than me, and thats never been proven wrong to me even by him. He never pretended to be like us.

    I can talk to any white person and have rapport enough to trust their intentions in a few minutes. Even scummy salesmen who would sell you their mothers house, I can count on because I know what they are after, and so can predict with a great deal of certainty how they will behave.

    I once watched a black guy in what appeared to be normal clothes, looking perfectly normal, walking down a city sidewalk in broad day light on a cell phone talking normally, acting normally for everything I could tell right up to the second he pulled out his dick and pissed on the sidewalk like a dog matter of factly doing his morning business. Right there in front of a busy city street of cars and passers by.

    This is just one example. No white person I’ve ever met would do something like that without any attempt at modesty or restraint at all. That kind of non-chalance and impulsiveness are traits we all know are common of blacks.

    I’m not one of these white people who apparently are the majority that have no racial awareness you refer to. My guess would be that those poll results are recording Whites lying about race consciousness because they know better than to tell the truth about such things.

    You ought to know thats a possibility after 5 years of white people lying to pollsters about supporting Trump.

    • That non-chalance and impulsiveness is characteristic of their greater tendency toward criminality and violence also. You wouldn’t turn your back on a strange dog, and you shouldn’t a strange black either. Male or female, they are innately unpredictable and myopic in their comprehension of consequences for their actions.

      Hispanics are too varied to characterize this broadly. They aren’t white though.

  4. If a White man said, “I’m not ready to reenter black neighborhoods”, he would be crucified to no end.

  5. This guy is just another black grifter like the “Rev.” Al, Jesse “the scumbag” Jackson, the Congressional Black Caucus, and all the other professional race complainers living large off of White people AKA civilisation. For this idiot’s edification his entire life would quickly go back to the stone ages were he to find himself in Wakanda. As a matter of fact that is happening now, inch by inch, yard by yard in S. Africa.

    Since apartheid ended and black (mis)rule commenced S. Africa’s electric grid has steadily deteriorated to the point where long term black outs (no pun intended) are common in S. Africa. The electric grid is the keystone of a modern economy, without it there is no computer for this guy to write his tedious drivel and actually get paid for it. He doesn’t have a clue either. Electricity just comes out of the plug, more White man’s magic, he is entitled to it.

    • Negroes are no more indigenous to South Africa than the Boers are. The only human primates who lived there prior to the 1600s were a few aboriginal types like the San and Xhosa people.

  6. More blacks talking about racial separation can only be good for us. I don’t expect blacks to like me. Only weird MLK conservatives like Rod Dreher get hung up on whether other races like them or not, and expect to be “judged by the content of their character.” I expect blacks to judge me by my race first.

  7. Ghana has an open invitation for American blacks. Just think how wonderful your life will be without any of us horrible whites around. You could even be part of history….helping to build the first successful black nation on Earth.

    • I am ready to be taxed for this proposal to buy the tickets for the trip to Ghana on the condition that the trips to Ghana be one way only and citizenship is transferred to Ghana irrevocably and immediately.

      • Even the Negroes from Liberia, a country set up for former American slaves, are immigrating back to the US. It is funny to watch the hostile interactions between African blacks and our own, though.

    • As much as they hate us our wonderful blacks and jews aren’t ever going to leave us voluntarily. No, they’d rather stay here and sponge off of us while complaining about how awful we are.

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