Matt Gaetz Is Under Investigation For Allegedly Having Sex With a 17-Year-Old Girl

UPDATE: I see that other people had the same reaction and were as surprised as I was to learn that Matt Gaetz isn’t gay.

He is 38-years-old.

I guess the news here is that Matt Gaetz isn’t gay. I thought he was gay after it came out that he had an adopted 19-year-old Cuban son. Men have always been attracted to fertile young women and that will never change. In light of everything, it is kind of funny how that is seen as weird.

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  1. “Men have always been attracted to fertile young women”

    The accusation of a minor is serious (even if 17).

  2. Why do people use the word “gay” ?

    Why do they cooperate in the hijacking of
    our language ?
    Why do they cooperate in the manipulation of our thinking via corruption of our linguistic structures ?

  3. It’s not that scandalous if Gaetz was involved with a 17 year old girl. There are many politicians who are into far worse things. That’s how the jews blackmail ’em into submission.

  4. What have I been saying about the Republican party? They don’t call the GOP the “Gay Old Pedophiles” for nothing. The entire party is nothing but pedos being blackmailed by the Jewish mafia (“the Mishpucka”) and their front group, the Anti-Defamation League.

    Sorry it’s not a “conspiracy theory” it’s proven fact. Dennis Hastert was the top Republican politician throughout the 90’s and 2000’s and every intelligence agency on earth knew he was a child molester. Jerry Falwell Jr. is some kind of queer that likes to watch other men plowing his wife – literally a cuckold – and Trump’s Jew criminal consigliere, Michael Cohen, had the blackmail pictures. Legendary Republican FBI director J. Edgar Hoover was as queer as a three dollar bill and the mafia was blackmailing him with pictures of Hoover and his boyfriend dressed like showgirls. A guy on Alex Jones said that Reagan was in a film getting “pegged” by a woman.

    Jeffrey Epstein was trafficking underage girls, which is why he was mostly blackmailing Democrats like Bill Clinton. Most Republicans are queer [1] in one way or another.

    So they finally found one Republican that isn’t a queer, but instead he is bothering teenage jailbait. Why can’t these people just be, like, normal married men?

    [1] I’m using the term “queer” in the academic sense of “Queer Theory” as in the entire spectrum of the Homo Rainbow.

  5. Gaetz isn’t a fag? That is good news, I thought he was. He boom boomed a 17 year old woman. Cops don’t bother with 17, not in any state.

  6. Gaetz outraged over-the-top at “this attempted extortion of a member of Congress”… Lol.

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