Rising: How Trump Fleeced Supporters For Millions On Election Fraud

I’m not the biggest fan of Donald Trump.

I got so much grief for this stance in the Trump years. I smelled a rat even before he was sworn in as president when he started making big moves like appointing Gary Cohn as his chief economic adviser. Throughout the whole Trump era, I was extremely critical of the Trump presidency.

Now that Trump is gone, it feels like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. He isn’t around to demoralize and divide us these days. We don’t have to fight over that guy and his inept administration anymore. There were some diehards who rode the Trump Train to the end and who were left holding the bag after the Stop the Steal movement went south in the Capitol Siege. As his final act as president, Trump did nothing for them and pardoned a bunch of black rappers and the former mayor of Detroit.

There are millions of good people who still to this day adore the man and would happily vote for him again. They figure he was better than Joe Biden and the likes of Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush. History might even end up proving them right. Most of those people don’t follow politics as closely as people like us do. If you tuned out of politics in 2016 and focused your attention on everyday life, it understandable that you would be less blackpilled and more motivated to vote for Trump a second time than the ideologues.

It was painful for us to watch Trump swing and miss and squander the mandate that he was given. To be crystal clear, it wasn’t entirely his fault. He was up against the Deep State, the Democrats, the worthless Republican Congress, the Never Trumpers in his own administration, the media, his own lack of experience, and so on. Still though, he did all kinds of shitty things which were avoidable like how he raised over $250 million dollars from his supporters with “Stop the Steal” after he had lost the election.

What happened to all of that money?

Pedro Gonzalez, one of our “Latinx” allies, has been looking into where all of that money went and Jared Kushner’s role in swindling Trump supporters out of millions of dollars.

Note: It wasn’t a total loss. Trump changed the voters which is more important than anything he did as president. By changing the voters, Trump has unlocked a lot of doors for us moving forward.

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  1. I think Trump is going to use that money to start his own platform/social media empire.

    I guess we’ll see tho.

  2. Trump is possibly the greatest con-man in history. Has anyone ever conned more suckers than him?

  3. It has never been explained why just about every person Trump selected for his administration turned out to be a bad choice. Far too frequently to be due to chance or bad luck. Have any of Trump’s judicial picks made any rulings or legal interventions that reflect what Trump was supposed to have stood for? Has any Trump appointee intervened regarding a Biden Executive Order?


    1. Trump is extraordinarily bad at picking people.
    2. Trump had no control or interest in selecting people.
    3. Just about everyone who might be remotely considered is either “deep state” or just unsuitable.
    4. Trump deliberately made bad choices.

    Reason 3 suggests that it does not matter who is president. The other reasons indicate that Trump should not have been president in the first place.

    • I think 1 and 2 are correct. He hired whoever he liked, not whoever supported him or his administration. He never gave enough of a shit about any of it.

    • Donald picks were very good. Those picks made clear that entire system is rotten to the core and beyond repair. This Supreme Court failed to stop communism at least 100 years and only now your people understood that there is no problem with people but this institution is so prone to corruption that need to dismantled.

      In Soviet Union was similar problem. To rise above certain level, the person had to be dirty as hell. Without dirt, the law school student just could not enter the almighty justice system. First law students needed to work in local police station and after covering up corruption, industrial crimes and sometimes murders, they made themselves dirty enough to apply the lowest court clerk position.

      Justice system is like Mafia. Serious loyalty proof is needed before entering the club. , This is in the EU too. Want to work in the Department of Justice ? Well, fly to Thailand, make homosexuals sex with 8 yo boys, record this and bring the movie to us. After that your application will be considered… 😀

  4. I’m sure if Trump had pardoned a bunch of Latrino criminals, Pedro would be happy. Not that the friends of Chabad Kushner are any better.

  5. Trump-tards are just as brainwashed as the Obama-tards were. If they opened their eyes, they would see a lot got worse under him, especially for Whites and getting kicked off social media.

  6. I think he just want’nt that good at picking people for positions in the political world. He knows business, and the media. But the political world is different. This is one reason why governor s are traditionally often the training grounds for presidents. They learn how to deal with the deep state, how to work around stupid unfirable government employees, dealing with brown nosing. And so forth. I think his career made him good at dealing with the media. But not at political activity that had to be made to work

  7. Trump was never who his supporters thought he was (yours truly included). Ann Barnhardt was correct in her assessment of him (con-man and grifter) while I was wrong. He’s just another scammer working those who genuinely want the deep-state and the church of woke off their backs. Both grew in power under his faux-presidency. He never used the veto pen on anything that counted, continued to fund his enemies and accepted appalling nominations to numerous positions on the word of converged groups like the Federalist Society, not to mention having a literal devil-worshipper (look up up Chabad if you fail to comprehend this) as his chief advisor.

    The Q-racket was likely a Mossad psy-op based on one used by the (((Bolsheviks))) in the Russian civil war (a salvation fantasy). Sending tweets is not fighting your enemies. Can you imagine Andrew Jackson – to whom Trump has been equated – tweeting his enemies? Indeed his behavior for 4 years in more indicative that the targets of said tweets were not really his enemies at all, but largely the dumber members of the church of woke. As even the Z-man, who is pretty good at stating the obvious even when many are blinded by ‘alpha-worship’, noted: Trump governed like a typical Republican – which is to say he stabbed his base in the back over and over. As Unz’s C.J. Hopkins mused, here I voted for Hitler and all I got was this crummy draft-dodger boomer con-artist. As for Trump’s genius, we can certainly admit he is a very fine con-man who could likely sell freezers to Eskimos.

    • @Exalted Cyclops…

      “Trump was never who his supporters thought he was (yours truly included). ”

      Thank you for that honest admission, something which too many people here, and, on The Right, in general, seem ill-inclined to do.

      By the way,. though I supported Candidate Trump in 2016, I supported Senator Cruz in the primary. When I tried to remind my White Southern brothers know that Candidate Trump was a Manhatten Yankee, of The Madison Avenue type, and that he was the most Jewified Gentile I had ever seen, it was not well received.

      That said, I very respectfully suggest to you that you’ve gone to the other extreme, for President Trump does have some upside and is not all con-man.

      To my view, the biggest problem President Trump has is that somewhere along the way he lost the capacity to distinguish between what was his own hype and what was not.

      In any case, be well!

  8. I want to add his bizarre obsession with lowest black unemployment. The guy couldn’t talk about anything else for two years.

    • I thought the same thing! That’s all his MAGA supporters kept repeating, how (black) unemployment is the lowest it’s been. A lot of them were rich whites with nothing to do all day, and employment won’t affect them at all…they think all whites are like THEM and don’t need to work.

  9. Dump began proving himself to be a limp-dick the very night of his truimph, when he called Cankles & Slick “good people” in his acceptance speech: at that very moment, all the “Deep State” scum breathed a sigh of relief because they knew they weren’t dealing with a deadly serious man on a mission of housecleaning, but just an empty fartbag who only wanted to win to feed his black hole of an ego.

    So he allowed them to bitch-slap him around for 4 years, taking the ruinous do-nothing advice of whispering Wormtongue Kushnah & all the Never Dumpers he idiotically chose to surround himself with.

    He’s wortless trash, and a crooked leech who sucks up the lifeblood of savior-seeking poor Whites who’re under constant attack from Kike International & all their commie race traitor whores.

  10. He should have stayed pure on his beliefs and really Made America Great Again. However the Republicans sucked him in and spit him out. What if he was elected on his own America First Nationalist Party? Much would have been different. Deo Vindice !

    • He was the best friend the Dem ally in the Middle East ever had, so they said. Trump didn’t represent me.

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