Brookings Institution: White Supremacists Are Broke, Divided and Marginalized

Wait, what?

How can these two things possibly be true?


“Public support for white supremacy is still low, and support for violence is lower still. …

Racism, anti-Semitism, anti-immigrant sentiment, and other white supremacist beliefs remain strong, though thankfully they are less mainstream than they were decades ago. …

In contrast, the open expression of full-fledged white supremacist views — or the exposure of private expression of such views — still typically results in strong negative reaction and consequences such as firings or forced resignations. …

White supremacist violence has less support still and, in fact, tends to backfire. Although white supremacists may seek to use violence to “wake up” white Americans to the dangers of non-whites and Jews, such a clarion call usually fails. Often white supremacists can’t even convince large segments of their own movement of the desirability of violence. …

White supremacists in the United States, however, do not enjoy the equivalent of an ethnic homeland or part of the country where they are particularly strong. In the Jim Crow-era South, the sympathies of local authorities often firmly rested with white supremacists willing to use violence to oppose the cause of civil rights activists, making prosecutions difficult or impossible. This sympathy has been gone for decades. Today, the Deep South is no longer a major center of white supremacist violence. …

As a result, most white supremacist terrorist incidents in the U.S. are not committed by organized groups acting as groups but rather by lone actors or small, informal cells — something that further limits their capabilities. Such “leaderless”29 actors are a difficult challenge for law enforcement and intelligence. However, the individuals themselves are often poorly trained and unable to conduct sophisticated attacks. …

Any level of international connections is bad. However, compared with some other types of extremism, these connections are, for now, at least, relatively weak …”

Read the whole thing.

This is an extremely fascinating report.

Isn’t this analysis of the “white supremacist” movement pretty much the exact opposite of what we are told on a daily basis by the corporate media, the Democratic Party and the Biden administration?

Joe Biden recently said that Georgia’s election integrity law was “Jim Crow on steroids.” Barack Obama is applauding the MLB decision to pull the All-Star Game out of Georgia which will mainly punish majority black Atlanta. Progressive activists are calling for a boycott of Georgia. The media recently pushed the false narrative that the Atlanta shooting was an act of “white supremacist” violence against the AAPI community. The Brookings Institution, however, is saying in its own report that “white supremacists” lack a geographic basis of support in the Deep South. In fact, one of the major weaknesses of the “white supremacist” movement is that most of them don’t support violence.

If this is the case and what Democrats really believe, then why on earth is the threat of “white supremacy” being so wildly inflated? Why is there a panic about the threat posed by “white supremacy”?

American Thinker:

“Once again, liberal thinking has followed the race to the bottom, whereby anything one disagrees with is “white supremacist.”

It’s easy to charge someone with being a white supremacist because it’s difficult to prove a negative.  Once charged, if charged often enough, the charge may stick even if baseless.  In a 2019 poll, 57% of Americans agreed that President Trump is a white supremacist or emboldened them.  What “embolden” meant in that context is not clear.  The media worked overtime to establish this idea in the minds of the public, and now they’re using the same rhetoric to attack opponents of the Biden administration. 

The charge against conservatives appears daily on thousands of liberal media outlets.  It’s now commonplace to accuse anyone who takes pride in America — anyone who admires George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, to say nothing of Reagan or Trump — of being a vicious white supremacist.  Or even anyone who questions “Black Lives Matter,” or is not vocal enough in his support.

What’s happening with the rhetoric of white supremacism is the classic tactic of expanding the definition of something odious until it covers everything outside your own way of thinking.  It’s the equivalent of labeling your opponent a “fascist” just for opposing your ideas, and like the charge of fascism, its purpose is to silence the opponent without having to debate him.  This because once you debate him, you might discover that you are wrong.  …”

57% of Americans believe that Donald Trump is a “white supremacist” or an “enabler” of “white supremacy” because the charge is made so often by Democrats. Joe Biden said that Georgia in 2021 which voted for him a few months ago and for Ossoff and Warnock in January is worse than Jim Crow!

The truth is we know why this is happening now. We know why Democrats are ginning up hysteria and racializing everything that happens in the news now matter how implausible the charge. The reason that they are doing that is because it is obviously a political strategy. In order for the Democrats to achieve power, they have to win an overwhelming majority of the non-White vote, which is why they have an incentive to exaggerate and inflate the threat posed by “white supremacy.”

This is what the Democrats are so worried about:

The whole edifice of Democratic power rests on racial polarization.

The Democratic Leaning Working Class (DLWC) vote has been slipping due to education polarization over the past several elections. Working class voters are migrating toward Republicans. White working class voters migrated away from the Democrats and toward Trump in 2016. Non-White working class voters showed signs of following them in the 2020 election. Specifically, the fear is that non-White working class moderates and conservatives could start voting more Republican, which is why they are trying to counter the shift with the recent discovery of systematic racism and white privilege.

Try to wrap your minds around this … as the electorate shows signs of becoming less racially polarized since 2012, the Democrats for reasons of electoral self-interest are trying to do everything in their power to stop it. They are deliberately trying to inflame racial tension by demonizing Whites.

Note: Everything I just said which is obviously what is going on is a “far right” take and “white supremacy” and “domestic extremism.”

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  1. I don’t listen to the Brookings Institute. It is a globalist entity. Too many women, too men aliens, too many Ashkenazi talmudists.

    • Breivik seemed to understand no point wasting time on darkies, over targeting the political class (that invites them) directly. I would put the American media as the mouthpiece of the ruling class.

  2. John Brennan:”‘I believe Chinese Legal Immigrants and their US born Chinese Children have a Divine Right to vote White Americans into a White Racial Minority within the borders of America..and if White Americans oppose this..they are Hitler and we must wage war against them”

  3. If “White” supremacy existed, we would be in control but as it is, we have very little and are constantly being attacked physically and physiologically. There is jew supremacy though. Less than 2% of the population has the 90% of the politicians in their pockets.

    • “White supremacists” have no power or credibility but “White supremacists” have to be ruthlessly silenced and suppressed.

  4. Whatever they say is a lie because they aren’t like me and so can’t have my interest in mind when saying it.

    Who’s to say Whites are superior? By whose criterion is that decided? You could argue that endlessly and it would be pointless because I don’t care what they think.

    White Supremacism is an artifact of National Socialism and a bygone era of modernist pseudoscience that brought us the greatest hits of Darwin and Galton.

    I prefer to be around my own kind because I understand other White people better than non-whites. Does that mean I think White people are better than non-whites? Yes, yes it does. And I don’t give a rats ass if people dont like it. I am what I am. Does that change that other people don’t agree that Whitey is > than nog? No, but I don’t care about those people and they can all go suck an egg.

    Non-whites don’t have a corner on any aspect of truth. They just craft their own flavor. Fuck em.

  5. Whites are supreme, the ones who adhere to the teachings of Christ that is. Make no mistake Christ is the enemy and the fear of our enemies in saying so, shows how weak and cowardly they really are.

    Why do they hate an innocent man who did no wrong? A man who only wanted them to obey God and his laws?

  6. The democrats are doing a good thing. I don’t want to be united with non whites.

    Their hatred will give younger whites the resentment and in group preference they need to exist as a people.

    • @Kronos…

      I totally agree with you that The Government/Internationalist Left are doing the very thing that runs counter to their interests, because all the hatred, misinformation, lies and conspiracies, and subterfuge, are creating a new class of American, of every age – one who is not prepared to passively smile while he/she is being disenfranchised.

      In fact, I’ll go you one further : the activities of The United States’ Government/Media/Academic Complex, allied to The Internationalist Left has, in recent years, done what ‘The Far Right’ never could have done ‘ make ‘Far Right’ thinking perfectly commonplace and, acceptable sentiment in tens of millions of homes.

      I would know, because I am one of those, and have many family members, friends, and neighbours, who have undergone this very transformation.

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