Tucker Carlson Interviews Gov. Asa Hutchinson

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the grinning face of True Conservatism.

We can’t stop children in Arkansas from getting permanent gender reassignment surgery based on fashionable nonsense which has been spread on websites like Tumblr over the last decade. This would be a bridge too far and a violation of our “limited government” principles.

A few points:

1. First, Gov. Asa Hutchinson is a well known Never Trumper, which is to say, a True Con who opposed Trump from the beginning. He was also one of these people like Bob Corker or Jeff Flake or Mitt Romney who condemned Trump over his response to Charlottesville.

2. Second, the Arkansas state legislature voted to override Hutchinson’s veto of this bill. Back in 2015, Hutchinson shot down a religious liberty bill for Walmart and signed a weaker version into law.

3. Third, this is likely just more performance art for the conservative base because the conservative legal movement has enthroned handpicked worthless geniuses like Neil Gorsuch and John Roberts on the Supreme Court who always fold like a deck of cards to appease the media.

4. Mainstream conservatism is a worthless ideology because people like Asa Hutchinson or Jeff Flake or Bob Corker used to be the governing wing of the Republican Party in the pre-Trump era. Essentially, these people were just stooges for corporate interests and wealthy donors.

5. We wouldn’t want the “far right” to take over and replace these losers in the Republican Party. Unlike the True Con suburban moderates, the “far right” has the exact opposite view on this subject. The “far right” is deeply conservative on social issues and anti-corporate on economics. The “far right” is moderate in the opposite way than the people who used to be the GOP establishment. We’re generally in favor of the $2,000 stimmy but opposed to issues like “trans women” in women’s sports.

CNN or PMC TV had a segment on “trans girls” this evening:

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  1. Hutchinson and his counterparts is the reason I despise “conservatism”. They conserve nothing and fold on everything that;s moral and natural. I thought Tucker was too easy on him.

    • @John…

      Semantically, the term ‘Conservative’ is tricky, because everyone is trying to ‘conserve something or some things’.

      But, then, too, is the word, ‘Liberal’, for everyone is ‘liberal’ in, or with, some things.

      It’s all a question about what one wants to ‘liberate’.

      • It’s merely Jewish pilpul applied to linguistics. Like their the [sic] ‘Chosen People.’
        Oh, they’re ‘chosen’ all right…. chosen for Hell.

    • “Conservatives”, not liberals, are the biggest obstacle to ending the Anti-White, liberal state. “Conservatives” are the enablers of the liberalism. If they were real opposition to it liberalism would have been discredited and left powerless a long time ago.

      • @More of The Same…

        I agree that Conservatives have not put together a successful body politic in a very very long time.

        In fact, they’ve lost my whole life long.

        The only variance they have is how quickly they lose and to whom.

  2. I literally felt dirty after watching this slimeball, lying piece of shit governor spew his bullshit. I know that we’ve got Jay Inslee in Washington state, but at least Jay is just too dumb to know any better. What’s Hutchinson’s excuse?

  3. In Northern Ireland, there have been massive riots and Catholic-Protestant clashes over the past few days. So far it looks like the Catholics have taken a severe drubbing. Will the Irish Catholic Biden intervene to save his Popish brethren across the ocean?

    • The other day I was walking through section 8 housing and I saw this apartment with this old Italian-American woman living in it with its door covered with Catholic iconography and crucifixes and I realized then how foreign this must look to Protestants, especially of the working class White kind. The massive influx of this foreignness must’ve been so traumatic to the Scotch Irish working class mind to cause this autistic revulsion to anything Catholic or worse yet Irish Catholic. Funnily enough, if you look up my irl surname you’d find that half of the people with it on wikipedia are from the upland South and I am only two generations away from my immigrant Irish Catholic ancestors from Derry. Us Yankee Irish Catholics are probably genetically the closest cousins to the South’s White mainly Scotch Irish descendant working class in America today, certainly more than the predominant Anglo-Saxon elite on both sides of the Ohio river. Yet, we decide to autistically hate each other because 400 years ago my forefathers chose Catholicism as their religion and yours chose Protestantism.

      • @Pat Hugh

        > Yet, we decide to autistically hate each other

        There is literally zero “hate” between working class “Scots-Irish Protestants” and working class “Irish and Italian Catholics” in 2021. There also hasn’t been any serious Protestant vs. Catholic conflict in America for well over 100 years.

        Don’t mistake this fringe blog for real life. The handles posting “Protestant vs. Catholic” stuff are all one guy who clearly has next to no knowledge of Protestantism, he’s a troll. Then the “Nazis” start complaining about Christians – they are just a tiny handful of cranks cos-playing WWII Cargo Cult.

        Have you EVER, even one time, in real life ever met a single person worried about these ideological fixations? Of course not – in the slim chance you ever did, it would be just some crank who also read something on the internet, or some book.

        None of the people online who complain about religion even go to Church – they are just trolling you.

        • You’re right with young people, but there is certainly a contingent of 50+ Catholics who have a low opinion of Protestants. I just assume the same is true with Protestants considering 60 years ago so many of them decided to make it a point to vote against one in a race where both candidates were basically the same.

          • The difference is that Catholicism is a globalist liberal organization, not merely a personal religious choice, so it makes sense to oppose it. While Protestantism can run the gamut from extremely trad to extremely gay, Catholicism is garbage by doctrine and cannot be anything else. So protestantism at least has the ability to be good, but Catholicism will always be subversive liberal globalist crap.

      • @Pat…

        “Yet, we decide to autistically hate each other because 400 years ago my forefathers chose Catholicism as their religion and yours chose Protestantism.”

        On the surface that is right, Sir, but, a peak deep down and we see that the issues between Protestantism and Catholicism encroach upon a much more hallowed and stomped upon ground in Human History – that of tribal sovereignty versus any concoction of a One World Order, or, as the Catholicks, both East and West like to think of it : ‘Mankind as one large organism.’

        Indeed, historically, Protestants have tended to despise that kind of anti-tribal Universalist thinking that would undermine tribal sovereignty and place it in aliens hands at some central point.

        • Protestant missionaries move across Latin America and Africa to do basically the same thing, except their loyalty isn’t to one church and one pope, but the belief system of Protestant Christianity. Protestantism is just as universal with its desire to “save” everyone, it just comes in a different form.

          • “Protestant missionaries move across Latin America and Africa to do basically the same thing, except their loyalty isn’t to one church and one pope,”

            Which is why Ivan’s comment is both true… and false. Papism’s raison d’être is the filioque and the confusion of the ordo theologicae. Turning the latter on its’ head, meant that ‘this-world universal jurisdiction’ became the modus operandi of the Pope. Luther, good nominalist that he is, saw no problems with atomizing Christendom, until his Lutheran kingdom was theatened.

            Both Pope and Protestant are mired in a false theology that has destroyed the West, and it goes back to Augustine. Neither is the Church, both are heretical.

            Just read ANY Orthodox theologian from the Cappodocian fathers on down.

    • @ pat hugh, nice post friend, i wish peace in ireland,.all of ireland, this is and has been embarrassing, thee confederate.people, urge you two brothers, too talk too each other, we advise dialogue, restraint, none of this has too be, se implore you, shackle not your young, with another generation of conflict, your american kin stand ready, too assist in any way we can.we are praying for you all.

    • Pelosi, McCarthy and Biden say it all. LOL.

      Let’s not forget about all of those good Catholics from the south—Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, Puerto Rico etc, etc.

  4. He supported getting rid of our RE Lee holiday in Arkansas. It’s gone. So far, our legislature has refused to hear two bills, of course by Democrats, one to get rid of the star on our flag that is for the Confederacy and the other one for Confederate Flag Day. Asa would love to sign those. He is really bad!

  5. Another corrupt, morally bankrupt, sexual deviant. Consumed by self-loathing, fatalism, nihilism and greed, blackmailed by his Yiddish handlers.

  6. He was a hardcore Dick Armey supply-sider in Congress in the 90s. He resigned in 2001 to become a corporate lobbyist.

  7. This is why “voting” is a joke. The choices are always anti-white. I never see anyone who represents me.

  8. A lot of these tranny freaks are Jews, Rachel Levine. So it should be no surprise that politicians who have sold themselves to the Jews are in favor of tranny rights. It does make it easier for us to spot who the sell outs are and why.

  9. Tucker has come a long way since his days of aggressively promoting the official 9/11 Commission Report and trashing guys from Architects for 9/11 Truth.

    • The Muslims did 9/11/….White stupidty allowed it to happen and here is how:SEC NEGRO ball was more important than shutting down completely all MUSLIM IMMIGRATION to America…

      9/11 truthers live in a world of pure fantasy…they really do..

      NO MUSLIMS IN AMERICA….NO 9/11…..and no 1993..

      Same exact fantasy world as this one:”JFK was an antiwar peacenick and JFK as pro-white”…..

      • How did Muslim take down building 7 with box cutters? If you can’t answer the question then the fake narrative you swallowed whole does not stand to reason. Now does it professor? Are you Irish Patrick? WTF have the Muslims ever done to you and your kind to make you hate them the way you do? You hate the Muslims because they will not submit to your Jew masters like you have, right or wrong Patrick?

  10. The politics of Arkansas State aside, what is more interesting to me about this is the trend developing in The Red States to push back against the LGBTQ agenda.

    Oops, my mistake, for there is no LGBTQ agenda, but, manifold megalomaniacal agendae to undo God and Mother Nature!

  11. Arkansas seems to have a tradition of really bad cuckservative GOP governors like this Asia Hutchinson, or Mike the Huckster Huckabee. The Huckster was outed (by us at OD) for making speeches to LaRaza groups saying he was greatly looking forward to the time that White Southerners like him would be a minority in the South.

    Politics and labor issues in Arkansas seem to be dictated by Walmart and big agribusinesses like Tyson Foods – they want endless supplies of cheap labor, more consumers and they also like to go along with the worst anti White Lib Leftist causes like BLM BlackLiesMatter to virtue signal that they want their kids to get accepted to Lib elite places like Harvard and Yale.

    What needs to be done is to use Saul Alinsky tactics and personally confront, embarrass punish these traitors.

    Where does Asa Hutchinson hang out – play golf, who are his friends and family.

    Saul Alinsky recommended lots of fun effective things like targeting the classical music concerts that some enemy (corporate CEO of Eastman Kodak) really like. Saul Alinsky got his activists to get concert tickets then eat a lot of beans and fart fart fart like the scene in Blazing Saddles.

    Our ancestors used to tar and feather traitors, but now we seem to just bitch and moan, stockpile military guns that are never used.

    Conservatives tactics don’t work.

    This Asa H deserves to be pelted with rotted fish, bong water.

    Have some fun out there.

  12. He banned trannies from girls sports and signed constitutional carry at least.

    “Based DeSantis” did neither of these things

  13. I guess outright lying is a ‘conservative value’ now as well for this old school Buckleyite.

    During the exchange where Carlson asks him if some specific corporations have approached him to pressure him to veto the bill he answers that those companies have not. Then Carlson broadens the question to mean have any corporations pressured him and you’ll notice he’s still answering the specific question.

    In other words he lies like a lawyer.

    As another commenter pointed out I wish Carlson wouldn’t be so polite. These people need to be openly mocked and ridiculed relentlessly. Treat them like the treasonous, forked tongue traitors they really are.

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