The Atlantic: Woke Capital Doesn’t Exist

Don’t believe your lying eyes.

You are imagining that woke progressive activists have hijacked Corporate America and have been using HR departments to enforce a cultural and political orthodoxy and the concentrated economic power of these corporations as a weapon to force their unpopular cultural views down the throats of recalcitrant state governments. There is actually no bullying by a hated activist minority going on here.

You are imagining that all of that “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion” corporate nonsense has crept its way into the Biden administration. You are imagining that political correctness has mutated into wokeness and has become a disease of the highly educated, cosmopolitan professional classes. You are imagining that Corporate America is bankrolling Black Lives Matter. You are imagining that Big Tech is censoring the internet and forcing garbage into your newsfeed. None of that is actually happening.

What a relief.

Joe Biden didn’t come out this afternoon and applaud these corporations which have been captured by woke progressive activists for standing up to what he has called “Jim Eagle” and “Jim Crow on steroids” and Georgia’s “new Jim Crow laws.” This was not social justice activism.

The Atlantic:

“Republicans are ready to take on “woke capital.”

After losing elections for president and U.S. Senate, Georgia Republicans passed a series of restrictions that specifically targets the voting methods used disproportionately by Democratic constituencies during the unusual circumstances of the pandemic.

Whether those restrictions will have the desired effect of either placating the conservative base, which regards any election loss as definitionally fraudulent, or granting Republicans a partisan advantage at the polls remains unclear. But the law has already sparked a massive backlash, because most Americans rightfully believe that their right to vote should not be curtailed just because they choose not to vote Republican. …

Putting out statements supporting Black Lives Matter or adorning their logos with pride colors is very easy for big corporations, but such gestures do not signal a commitment to fair wages, safe working conditions, or a willingness to pay their share in taxes, let alone racial egalitarianism in all but the most cosmetic sense. They are merely brand management. “Woke capital” does not actually exist, only capital—and its interests remain the same as they have always been. …

These so-called populist Republicans do not wish to throw the one ring into Mount Doom; they simply want to wield it on their own behalf. …”

It is true that most elected Republicans are still wedded to their Reaganite free market orthodoxy. Congress is a gerontocracy. The Republican policy agenda hasn’t caught up the reality of the Republican electorate. It certainly hasn’t caught up with what is labeled “Right Populism.”

None of this addresses the real issue and the grievance which is that corporations are starting to elevate the boutique cultural values of the most leftwing swath of the American population – upper class progressive activists – ABOVE their economic interest as businesses and in doing so are alienating and angering vast swathes of the country. Whether it is Big Tech deplatforming the president of the United States and censoring millions of his supporters, the MLB All-Star game, the collapse of trust in “journalism” and the discontent over woke sharia in the New York Times newsroom, it is the same issue.

Woke supremacy isn’t a business decision. It is a new pseudo religion. It is a religious sect forcing its moral and cultural values on other people.

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    • Off topic but what happened to the commentator Denise? Since not even myself was banned I don’t believe she was.

      The other white supremacist site in English that I read is West’s Darkest Hour by the mexican white supremacist Chechar. Denise is regularly commenting on that site. The latest was in an article about Mr. Wallace.

      Chechar seems to know a lot of things about Mr. Wallace’s life and Mr. Wallace is frequently mentioned in his site and books.
      I’ve read Chechar’s latest book entitled “On Exterminatinism” and unsurprisingly Mr Wallace is mentioned there
      It seems that Chechar is eternally expecting Mr. Wallace to “transvaluate all values” and “cross the Rubicon.” That won’t happen

      • Answer from Denise for the ones who miss her funny comments.
        “Nope. I absolutely COULD NOT endure “Hunter’s” obsessive compulsive deranged slew of Cohen 19 ((((virus scamdemic))) posts. That finished that site for me and I haven’t been back since. The Tik Tok Dancing Nurse videos
        confirmed Scam Status for me.”

        • The latest news is that 570,000 people in this country alone faked their deaths. Millions more faked having the virus. It was no worse than the seasonal flu. LMAO

          • I absolutely don’t care about the Covid-19, in fact I benefited from it. And I’ve read little about the virus, vaccines, masks, etc.

            But what’s the possible explanation for things line this.
            We have the UK, a first world nation, wealthy, top healthcare, many lockdowns implemented, people follow the rules, stay indoors, wear masks, etc. In a population of 66 million they allegedly have 127 k deaths.

            On the other hand. India for example. A miserable country, rudimentar healthcare, nobody follow the rules, lockdowns, social distance, etc. In a population of 1, 366 billion they allegedly have a total of 166K Covid deaths.

          • ” It was no worse than the seasonal flu. LMAO”

            There’s a money motivation to make false attributions on ’cause of death’.

            Now, with this push for vaccine passports, I’m all the more suspicious.

          • Speak for yourself. While Miss Denise was caustic, stupid (because female) and enamored of her own commenting voice, she did keep “Die Juden” in our collective eyes on a regular basis. Just as Christina was the voice of trad RC mexican femininity…..

            But, just like a certain Padre who was banned, my thought was, she was banned as well.
            At least Denise chose her ‘n-word at the back of the bus’ status with HW…..

            Just sayin’…

          • I enjoyed her comments, they were never dull or tepid.
            The reader never had to wonder, ‘ what are her real thoughts’.
            If a subject could burn, she’d set fire to it. 🙂

      • @ Nemo,

        The irony of Denice commenting often on a Mexican “white supremacist ” blog is truly one for the ages, considering how absolutely awful Denice was to Christina on Occidental Dissent.

        #LMAO #Hypocrite

        • November,

          Yes. I actually laughed when Nemo wrote that. She was non stop insulting my religion and race, saying I and all Mexicans were whores, insects, animals etc. And who can forget her Tijuana donkey comment.

          What Mexican would allow someone like Denise on his website? And how would a Mexican be a white supremacist since that means primarily in the USA whites who are not from south of the USA border?

          • Ah… You didn’t disappear! Well, my dear, my comment would be, “PRAY FOR THE SALVATION OF DENISE’S SOUL- and say a few Ave Maria’s to boot!

            That will be more just a reward for you and the former Padre here on OD, and it will infuriate Denise no end…. a win-win situation, IMHO.

          • RE: who can forget her Tijuana donkey comment

            A simple reply “Don’t worry Denise, your job is safe” 🙂

            Easily dismissed 🙂 …….. Give as you get.


            Why ?

            If there are gates to heaven, she’ll just bust through.

  1. Another banger article Hunter.

    Literally just before I read this article, I was reading a page on Alaska Airlines’ website about their new CEO(since I’m an aviation guy), and I saw another piece of evidence to go into tbe near endless amount showing wokeness and capital are intertwined. In the page, the new CEO was answering questions, and there was a question entirely devoted to “muh diversity and inclusion”. He also couldn’t go without mentioning tge triumvirate of niggers jews and libs cry over(Floyd, Breonna, & Arbery).

    Also, did you see the story about DC prison guards(mainly black) beating up those arrested over tge Capitol Riot?

    • Yes, even the electric company where I live is trying to get in on the act. Went on the website to pay my bill and had to learn that the electricity rate we pay can apparently fund a cadre’ of paid “internships” for college-aged “minorities” (standard code for not White people). Is that seriously supposed to make John and Jane Public feel all warm and fuzzy?

      The rubbing-your-face in it, Whitey, is getting extremely thick.

  2. “You are imagining that all of that “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion” corporate nonsense has crept its way into the Biden administration”

    It didn’t “creep” into the Biden administration. That sounds stealthy and subversive, as if it was “unbeknownst” and accepted with “reluctance”.

    The Biden administration has been full-throttle with this bullshit from day one. They are active and enthusiastic participants, nay co-conspirators, in the brave new world of wokeism.

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