Tucker Carlson: United Airlines Has Embraced “Equity”

The real world has become a cartoon.

This is one of those “social equity” issues that Andrew Ross Sorkin was talking about this morning. The funniest thing about this is how utterly obsessed with race the “mainstream” has become. They’ve gone far beyond the “extremists.” No one in our circles is this extreme.

We have a positive sense of racial and ethnic identity. We don’t make EVERYTHING about identity up to that being even more important than being qualified to do high risk jobs like fly planes.

Note: The obvious next step is for the Biden administration to impose quotas on the Air Force. The Air Force is systematically racist against black people and transphobic against trans girls.

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  1. When you board a United Airlines flight and you hear “Dis bez Tyrone, I bez your pilots today and sheeit” Hop off as fast as you can because the plane will probably crash. Boycott these companies that hire affirmative action pilots because your live will be at serious risk.

    I was watching air disaster one day and they had black pilots. The plane crashed and killed everyone on board because they didn’t know how to land without autopilot.

  2. “””….They’ve gone far beyond the “extremists.” No one in our circles is this extreme….”””

    Of course. Very few pro Trump folk have lot of money what to take. So brats need to find extremists from woke corporations and Government, because they have money.

    “”…I was watching air disaster…””

    Don`t be scared. Brats will not fly planes. They are happy to get bullshit and absurd management jobs with pay far more than any pilot earns. Delta will create thousands of useless land based jobs for illiterate brats and brats will not go nowhere near the planes. Probably most of them remain in corona quarantine and will not attend to workplace at all. You know, it is much better to relax, smoke pot and believe in science than go to work every morning.

    In larger scale, woke corporations are forced to create millions of useless well pays jobs for freeloaders. This drives them to bankruptcy.

    Again we must admit that Donald is genius. Nobody could sell people idea that corporations are enemy and need to be destroyed. Now brats will destroy oligarchy without elections or voting about good capitalism and free markets.

  3. They are so terrified of”white Supremacy” the irony, is the fact that after everything goes woke, people will be begging to have “White Supremacy” back, so that things will function again . It’s crazy. At this rate, some tiny third world country with a healthier culture, is going to clean our clock. Let alone china and russia.

  4. Asian pilots and women seem to be the worst but there are certainly already cases of affirmative action black pilots cratering perfectly good airplanes.

  5. The power grid in South Africa is run under the same subversive philosophy of race instead of technical ability.

    Rolling black outs anyone?

    No pun intended HW

    • Most of the operators in the control room of South Africa’s nuclear plant are probably still White. But for how long? Their operating performance is declining. I looked at SA’s nuclear regulatory agency’s web page and it seems more concerned with racial justice than nuclear safety. ESKOM has become a racial spoils system.

      • All of us know, once the last WHITE technocrats leave, everything will revert to stone age tribalism.

  6. I guess we can all look forward to a future where passenger jets routinely crash, break down or just fall out of the sky. And if anyone complains about how flying is no longer safe that person will be classified as a racist and his passport will either be seized or stamped with a big red R.

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