The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Have you noticed that the Democrats are dropping nothing but rhetorical nukes now? Even Joe Biden is using terms like “Jim Eagle” and “Jim Crow on steroids” and “Jim Crow laws.”

Any form of law enforcement or border security … is fascism.

Any form of election integrity legislation now matter how mild or commonplace or broadly supported by the public … is Jim Crow on steroids.

Any form of harsh criticism of the ever shrinking boundaries of what is permitted to be discussed in the so-called “mainstream” … is domestic extremism.

Any form of White grievance over explicit racial double standards … is white supremacy.

There is also an -ism or -phobia which now pathologizes virtually all dissent on issues like race, sex or gender. You can get in big trouble for dissenting on these issues.

We also live under systematic racism now and benefit from our unearned white privilege. Therefore, you don’t even have to do anything to be a racist. If you are a White male, you are simply assumed to be one. The system itself is racist which means that “structural imbalances” have to be corrected by “equity” which necessarily means discriminating against you on the basis of your race.

What if you object to being discriminated against on the basis of your race in order to promote equity? This only confirms your privilege and that you are a racist.

Behind, the glorious future for you, your children and grandchildren which mainstream conservatives have steadily guided us toward for the past 50 years. They assured us all along that it work out fine.

Note: The “extremists” were right. Those of us who thought that the future was going to be a disaster for Whites have been proven right.

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  1. The will be normalizing the idea of chattel slavery for White Males…it’s coming…

  2. Anti-Whites play to win while “conservatives” play by the rules Anti-Whites made up for them.

    • Nonwhites are politically organized around their racial interests….

      If THE HISTORIC NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN MAJORITY organizes around their legitimate racial interests…they are threatened by the Democratic Party with Police State Violence… They Hindus have a divine right to vote us into a White racial minority within the borders of America and this is why White Men died in WW2 for:HINDU RACE POWER IN AMERICA!!!!

  3. The Homosexual Pederast Democratic Party

    Waging a GENOCIDAL WAR against the Russian People

    Waging a GENOCIDAL WAR against the Historic Native Born White American Working Class Population

  4. Deep down the Far Left knows there are racial differences. They understand that whites and Orientals are generally more intelligent and successful than other groups. So all their nonsense about fighting for equality is merely a means to an end. And the desired end is to achieve absolute, total POWER.

    • @Spahn…

      I agree with you in some cases, but, your cynicism of those on The Left is not, in my experience, often born out.

      No, many of them sincerely believe that the poison they are offering is truly Mother Nature’s best possible tonic.

  5. “Have you noticed that the Democrats are dropping nothing but rhetorical nukes now’

    They know, and are secretly desperate, that their hold on the body politick is slipping. If it were not so then they would not be so frequently pulling out biggest manipulative weapons.

    That said, with President Trump gone, or, at least, temporarily so, the real war – the war on Smalltown & Rural Whites – and most especially on Dixie – loses it’s awning.

    Certainly Mr. Hayes knows that, to survive in the ratings, and, thus, keep his job and pay his bills – he needs requires a Bogeyman, and what better Bogeyman than than Southern States that dare to take baby steps towards protecting ourselves.

    That so, we can expect to see more on The Jim Crow Southern Confederacy from MSNBC, over the next several years, than we have had from all the networks in the last several decades.

    For my part, it amuses me that they are so perturbed by the spectre of us, White Southerners, yet, at the same time, they are furious when we dare mention making a peaceable divorce from them.

  6. Mr. Hayes’s deriding of a Southern senator’s reminding his listeners that this country is founded on the Sovereignty of The States means he likely has never actually read the Constitution.

    So, because he probably comes here, in secret, I will post the 10th Amendment, that measure something which, at the time of this nation’s founding, was not only an issue of major concern for Southern States, but, for Northern, as well.


    Here we go…

    ‘Each state retains its sovereignty, freedom, and independence, and every power, jurisdiction, and right, which is not by this Confederation expressly delegated to the United States, in Congress assembled.’

    That means, on a final note, that The Voting Rights Act to which he refers is unconstitutional, illegal, and, thus, immoral.

    If you do not like the state you live in, pack up your belongings and leave.

    Though it is not worded as such in The Constitution, that last line is the central organizing premise of this country, and one which, though greatly infringed upon by New England states over the past 160 years, is once again on the rise.

    Folks have had enough of Federalism, that just a well-laundered word for alien tyranny.

  7. In George Orwell’s 1949 dystopian novel 1984, you knew that there was a man named Emmanuel Goldstein who was the principal enemy of the state, the nation of Oceania, according to the ruling Party but who actually was (or if he even existed) Big Brother not so much. Don’t we on the Right need find out who actually is/are the Big Brother(s) of the Swamp? Don’t we need to dig deep and get real flesh and blood creatures in the cross-hairs to direct all our anger and energy against this/these satanic murderer(s) who depise(s) God and everyone who is for righteousness and who despises the evils of abortion, homosexuality, globalism, gender confusion etc. Don’t we need to put (a) real name(s), face(s), location(s) where he/they live and work on the map? Trump couldn’t tame or even name this/these monster(s) or if he even identified him/them has obviously been compromised and is just playing along to keep himself and his family alive.

    These nebulous entities, The Swamp, MSM, the Left, Academia, Big Tech, etc all need to be made very personal and “touchable” if we are ever going to win this war, and it is now almost an all out hot war.

    “Jack Corbin” was the only one (HW can do intel as well) who could at least put some names and faces on some of these nutty Antifa characters. We need a lot more than that though and the public in general needs to know who this/these pervert satanic monster(s) is/are as well.

    May God Save the South!

    • Obama left office in January 2017 and continues to reside in Washington, D.C.
      — Wikipedia: “Barack Obama”

      If you were/are “Big Brother” trying to destroy Trump and every other political figure on the Right there is no better place for “Big Brother” to operate his shadow government than in Washington, DC. Just saying…

      • @Banned…

        I agree, because, if you want to communicate secret things, nowadays, and have them be private, you bes’ be at arm’s length from someone and not on some device…

  8. They are losing it because the stranglehold on information the mainstream has held since the early 20th century is eroding. They can’t do stuff like gulf of tonkin fakery or Saddam’s fake WMDs anymore, and it is pissing them off. And the more they try to salvage their information control through heavy handed methods, the more it backfires and produces “extremists” (i.e. people who don’t buy into their propaganda). Their response now is to try banning half of the country from the internet and put them on terrorist watch lists or something.

  9. These idiots that call themselves “journalists” are nothing but teleprompter readers. They wouldn’t know what to do with a rational thought.

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