Spiked: America’s Elites Want a Racial Apocalypse

Clearly, the political establishment is trying to gin up racial conflict. We saw that after the Atlanta shooting when they tried to hammer that square peg into the round hole of “white supremacy.”


“Jamil Ford still recalls the disorders of late May. ‘It was like Baghdad’, he recalls, even as jurors listen to the arguments during the trial of Derek Chauvin, the police officer accused of killing George Floyd. ‘I constantly think about it. The past history does not go away’, the African-American architect recalls, noting with trepidation possible National Guard deployments. ‘The mental part is still there.’ …

The left’s and the media’s embrace of racial apocalypse, both in the US and in Britain, remains sadly selective. The recent Atlanta murders, given exhaustive coverage, appear to be the product not of Trumpista brownshirts but a singular, screwed-up madman. Meanwhile, attacks on Asians historically have come in large measure from minorities, largely African Americans. The most recent attack on Capitol Hill came not from Trumpistas but a follower of the ultimate anti-white, Louis Farrakhan. …

Racialism also holds short-term political benefits for Democratic politicians. Every Republican move now made – getting rid of the Senate filibuster or challenges to electoral laws – has morphed into a ‘return to Jim Crow’. A discussion of controls, whether at the voting booth or the border, is immediately labelled as racist. Anyone suggesting otherwise risks being sent into the digital gulag by the dominant oligarchy. …”

This is a game that they are playing.

They are trying to manipulate us into taking the bait. There is absolutely nothing that they would love more than another accelerationist mass shooting.

Note: We shouldn’t play their game. Instead, we should start attacking them directly as a class right now. After all, they are the real problem, not their minions who they are trying to buy off and stir up.

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  1. Race war or whatever war is the communist last hope. And good for us because launching massive war in their own territory demonstrates that communists are in ropes.

    I also agree that no enemy except communists. We got rid from Soviet Union this way.

    • “We got rid from Soviet Union this way.”

      Not really. Wall Street and the FED just invited the grandchildren of these genocidal monsters here to do the same to us.

    • Yes, and I think people are more receptive to this reality now, if broached carefully. One can say, “Ellis Island Decedents” when talking about our elites lack of connection to the historical nation without actually saying the forbidden word and this will edge most people much closer to understanding who the dominant element of our alienated elites are. It’s fairly obvious to most in flyover country that the east coast media elites have a death wish for America, what is probably confounding them is why?

  2. Precisely correct. Preemptive Violence DOES NOT WORK, and empowers the already powerful. Ideas, and the pen, really are more powerful than the sword. Our job is to mold the minds of the population, not try to foment an armed revolution. There is not a SINGLE case, as far as I am aware, of a revolution that has resulted in more freedom after the revolution was over. The revolutionaries must continue the “revolutionary violence” in some form or another to maintain their grip on power, because the vaunted claim that only 3% or so of the population are involved in a revolution implies that the revolutions do not generally enjoy widespread support from the public.

    As long as life isn’t too miserable, people are generally content to continue on as before. Currently, most Americans are pretty fat and happy, apart from the coronavirus nonsense. It is only when life becomes truly unbearable that the majority starts looking for an exit. There is lots of pain coming up around the corner, and once the current system collapses by consuming itself, people will be looking for answers, and for alternatives.

    • The public is not interested in having their minds molded, they just want to go Disneyworld for Spring vacation and take the family to Denny’s for a Grand Slam breakfast. They wear sweatpants to church. The last book they read was Harry Potter. They will passively support any government that rules over them, no matter how corrupt or tyrannical it is. So don’t concern yourself about seeking their approval.

      • Enter “pseudo-science”. Some guy writes a book called, “Black Brain, White Brain”, and it’s being touted as science. The author says there’s barely a difference in intelligence among the races. If he was smart, he would know that in just Physics alone, it’s whites who figured things out and wrote the science. So some guy’s liberal opinion is being parlayed as science. The public eats it up because it’s geared to dumber-than-a-doorknob types.

      • The masses have little or nothing to do with changing history. They tend to go with the flow whatever that happens to be. The masses are ruled by memes and slogans and are completely unaware of it.

      • I’m with the fam at Disney World now – it’s an obese, tatted White freakshow but there are few negroes and Messican to be found.

  3. The (((elite))) aren’t happy unless they’re causing strife. The more power they gain, the more they want trouble to keep the focus off them.

  4. The Chinese People in China would never tolerate being voted into a Chinese racial minority within the borders of China……GD BLESS THE CHINESE NAZI PEOPLE!!!!!

    • Imagine the brainwashing job Anti-Whites have done to get most Whites to accept minority status in our own countries and to condemn anyone who opposes it.

      • It will only change when the loaf of bread is not handed to someone because they are white. It has to get that bad first.

  5. HW said,

    “Note: We shouldn’t play their game. Instead, we should start attacking them directly as a class right now. After all, they are the real problem, not their minions who they are trying to buy off and stir up.”

    There is no part of this I disagree with, though I blame their minions too.

    My question though, by what means can we attack them? You are talking about the wealthiest class of oligarchs in the world and their chosen managerial janissaries. They control all levers of power absolutely and without exception.

    We are already a conquered people and we must begin to think as such. Until enough of us realize this, we won’t possess the resolve to engage in open dissent, widespread malicious compliance, subversion, sabotage and everything that follows in the playbook of asymmetrical warfare because we won’t be willing to spend the resouce that we have which they don’t. Bodies.

    We outnumber them hugely. We have bodies to throw in the gears. Thats our advantage once enough of us are switched on, which isn’t currently the case.
    Currently most of us are too damn fat and happy because we are beasts of burden (you always care well for the basic needs of beasts of burden, its the psychological aspect of the beast you manipulate to your ends).

    The ideologues and fanatics among our enemy are accelerationists. The rest of our enemy are corrupt, decadent or greedy with only a small competent minority of elites pulling strings. The rent seeking class is going to create the conditions for the radicalization of the working class. Its already happening. As conditions deteriorate this will happen faster. We don’t have to help, and its best we keep our hands clean. We already know the score.

    What then is our function? What to do in the meantime?

    This is the question in need of answering.

    • As a rule, I try to punch up these days, not down. I just kind of ignore and sidestep all the hordes of people who they are trying to either buy off or stir and directly attack the oligarchs and the wealthy woke professional types.

      • Sure feels like we are. I don’t know where you live, but where I am, it’s just being a slave to keep a roof over your head now.

    • The answer to the question posed above by IronicSockAccount is for the 99.99999% to stop cooperating with the.000001%. Full stop. TPTB falsely believe their wealth can always buy support. It cannot.
      A 100% stoppage of all cooperative social activity eliminates the assets of Bezos and his 599 billionaire conspirators, because everything they control is predicated on other people working with and for them, consuming their products, and accepting their bribes. Let them produce and sell their own products, grow their own food, build AND MAINTAIN their own homes and devices, walk everywhere instead of being flown or driven, etc.
      No one had absolute power because no one has all the time or resources to make it stick if no one helps them do the work to make conquest possible. But of course that is the key, convincing the 99.99999% they can neuter TPTB and make them cry uncle, forcing them into sharing socially-created wealth via the USA sovereign wealth fund based UBI and/or debt payoff through quantitative easing touted here by you know who.
      The 9.99999% who help the elite rule must be convinced to join the rest, who must Stop The Hate over trivialities to cooperate in shutting down the Oligarchs’ lifelines. History to date has not yet shown a society willing to fight the power effectively, as hating your allies is easier then out thinking your enemies. When that changes, we win. Until then,we are slaves to our cowardice and selfish materialism.

  6. @Vampire Chick asked, Why won’t law abiding Whites support laws that will take their guns away, leaving all of the guns in the hands of the anti-White elites in government, and the violent criminals they they let overrun our cities?

    I thought about my answer long and hard @Vampire Chick. Here is my answer:

    Well DUH…

    • It’s pretty obvious that the Ak47 made maintaining colonies in Africa and Arabia too costly in Blood for the UK, France and US. Cheap firepower has always been the leveller of heirarchy. Not laws.

      • That is an astute observation, Cap’n.How do you think the Chinese will deal with those restless natives when they (the Chinese) become the new colonial power in the third world? They certainly won’t be a bunch of pushovers like the Europeans were. I think the French were the toughest of the bunch. The Germans were probably the most efficient and humane.

  7. “America’s Elites Want a Racial Apocalypse”

    Truly, I do not think that they want that, because, to assume that, you have to assume that they know what they are doing, and I do not assume that.

  8. The easiest mode of attack is to point out what they are and whom they worship. Race war is the chosen path of the Jews to bring the Moshiach into being and those who promote race war are worshipers of, or whores for the anti-Christ. The truth is your most valuable weapon against this filth. Why do these people hate an innocent man who did no wrong with such ferocity? Christ is the son of God that is why. Lay down your weapons speak the truth to their ugly faces and watch them flee like cockroaches.

  9. After trillions spent; thousands of neighborhoods, schools and businesses destroyed; hundreds of thousands of lives lost or ruined it’s as if it’s still 1965. Trying to hammer a square peg into a round hole is a costly exercise in futility but that doesn’t stop them.

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