Stacey Abrams Pressured The MLB To Move The All-Star Game Out Of Georgia

I knew that the “Jim Eagle” and “Jim Crow on steroids” and “new Jim Crow laws” rhetoric sounded vaguely familiar. This is the same woman who once burned the Georgia State Flag, who ran for governor on destroying the Confederate memorial on Stone Mountain and who made news last month by saying that Republicans are our “domestic enemies” on Meet the Press.

Note: BTW, if you are wondering, you’re the racist and domestic enemy. Stacey Abrams wants to go the full Zimbabwe in Georgia.

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  1. Yes and isn’t that something. This is a very very very very very important story and can be used 100% for Nationalist propaganda. Think about it…..the MLB has all races involved. All who love the game. I love all Sports especially Baseball. Sports has been non political all these years. Now because of pressure from the left and Black Racists…’s become more political. Bad news for Sports because all races of people love Sports and those people have various political views. Keep politics out of Sports and Entertainment. Period! Now Georgia will actually suffer because some Black Racists and White Liberals are still mad about Voter ID. Voter ID is very important and should forever be law. Let Baseball be Baseball and entertain us…..leave politics out of it….Black Racists and White Liberals! Deo Vindice !

  2. Look and listen to that panel.
    The moronic blonde Trump woman who is worried about “minority businesses being harmed…. All we hear about is those poor blacks

    The barely literate token “Black Republican” that no matter how ignorant he sounds, the ditsy blondes and brunettes need to pat his head and nod to show how “not racist they are”.

  3. “Zimbabwe in Georgia”

    From what I’ve heard and seen, Atlanta is getting close.

    Take away the WHITE man’s money, it would be Liberia 2.0 .

    • I don’t know Arrian, there’s some pretty nice predominantly black neighborhoods in the Atlanta suburbs.

      • Yes, I’m sure of that, With all the federal and state money that flows into affirmative action and minority set-asides. Remove the WHITE’S tax contribution and it would all collapse to Haitian levels.

  4. Whites who watch sports beyond their own children’s activities, especially in the current day & age are just about a lost cause. They are addicted to cheap entertainment. I say “just about” because I enjoyed professional sports up until the mid-late 90s. Haven’t watched since.

    My dogs like to play catch, but even a dog knows better than to watch other dogs play catch.

    • Once I stopped competing there was no interest in watching men play with each other. It’s shameful that so many White men have become nothing more than cheer leaders for people who for the most part despise them.

  5. Is there any truth to the legend that many negroes and negreses have that large gap between their front teeth to facilitate spitting out watermelon seeds easier? Form follows function.

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