Politico: Biden’s Quiet ‘Breakthrough’ In Talking About Race

The Democrats are officially the anti-White party now.

If you disagree with them on wokeness, you are a “white supremacist” or a “domestic extremist.” They have dropped colorblindness because the political calculus has changed. You are not imagining the recent increase in venom and hostility toward Whites in the corporate media.


“For decades, a political calculation has quietly undergirded the sales pitch many Democratic political leaders have made for their economic agenda: If you want to win majority support, don’t bring up race. But if the opening months of the Biden administration are any indication, the math seems to have shifted.

In a recent speech in Pittsburgh where he debuted his infrastructure plan, President Joe Biden invoked any number of universal goals — road spending, “creating good-paying jobs” — while also stressing the need to invest in “communities that have historically been left out of these investments: Black, Latino, Asian American, Native American.” In selling its stimulus plan, the White House identified “advancing racial equity” as one of five cornerstones, giving it equal importance as such overarching goals as “investing in America” and “building back better.” …

The result of that thinking was a “color-blind” approach to talking about economic policies and programs — emphasizing a “rising tide lifts all boats” message that glossed over or ignored racial disparities. But for reasons both ideological and strategic, that “color-blind” posture is no longer effective for Democrats — and, McGhee says, can actually backfire.

“Since the Obama era, the racial sorting of voters has included white voters moving to the Democratic Party because of their progressive views on race,” she says. “What holds together the progressive coalition is, yes, obviously, a sense that government can — and needs to — be a force for good and address our big crises. But also the coalition … thinks we have to talk about race, and doesn’t want to see politicians without the courage to address these obvious inequalities head-on.” …

We conducted a massive research project that, in its early years, was housed at Demos, called the Race-Class Narrative Project, which tested this proposition: Can a Trumpist, racially scapegoating message beat an early [Bernie] Sanders-style, colorblind economic populist message? And the answer was “no” — and that was often true with surprising segments of the population, like union members. But when you took the colorblind economic populist message and wove in a race-forward calling out of racial scapegoating — [and did so] in a way that explained how racism was a tool of the elites who were making life harder for everyone by breaking the rules — that won far more durable support, well into independents and many base Republicans. And it had the added advantage of being true. …”

Read it yourself.

There is an important side effect of this strategy.

By openly embracing explicit anti-whiteness in their rhetoric and policies, the Democrats have made our target audience much more receptive to our messaging than was the case even in the recent past. There has been a big surge in White racial consciousness since the George Floyd riots last summer.

Democratic pollster Stanley Greenberg has uncovered more evidence of what I have suspected.

Democracy Corps:

“We conducted focus groups in March with Trump Loyalists in Georgia and Wisconsin and Trump-aligned, non-Trump conservatives and moderates in suburban and rural Georgia, Ohio, and Wisconsin. It took a long time to recruit these groups because Trump voters seemed particularly distrustful of outsiders right now, wary of being victimized, and avoided revealing their true position until in a Zoom room with all Trump voters — then, they let it all out. 

And here are the conclusions that emerged from this new research:

The Trump loyalists and the Trump aligned are animated about government taking away their freedom and a cancel culture that leaves no place for white Americans and the fear they’re losing “their” country to non-whites;

They were angered most of all by Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Antifa that were responsible for a full year of violence in Democratic cities that put white people on the defensive – and was ignored by the media …”

There is a sea change in White racial attitudes going on.

It started with the Black Lives Matter and Antifa riots last summer when the political establishment discovered systematic racism. It really accelerated after the elite cabal rigged the election against Trump. This really was a watershed moment when scales fell from eyes. This is why you have millions of normies now radicalizing and warming to political violence. They were the ones who stormed the Capitol. It was hundreds of pissed off normies, not a bunch of “White Nationalists.”

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  1. Today’s democrats are the complete opposite of the old Southern Dixiecrat’s that spoke the truth about race.

    • Stanley Greenberg ??

      That moron. The one who caused the democrats to lose the southern vote, by telling democrats “polls show an overwhelming support for gun control”.
      Causing Democratic candidates to run on a strong gun control platforms and lose , massively.
      Any turd idiot could have told them, gun control is political suicide, in the South.

      • I was talking in general. If you want to split hairs, Wallace , the darling of the South renounced his stance on segregation and race.

      • @12AX7…

        Are you aware how President Nixon managed his ’72 reelection, behind the scenes?

        If not, let me know – you’d be amused.

        • Hello Ivan;

          I’m only vaguely aware and that is regarding Watergate, from a hundred years ago now! If you have some good info please share with the class.

  2. I deeply apologize for off topic comments but I was just reading some replies to my comment of some days ago about Denise and Chechar and it seems that November, Christina Romana and other commenters are not familiarized with Chechar’s life and his concepts
    About his own life he wrote a set of books called “From Jesus to Hitler” divided in three sections entitled “Hojas Susurrantes,” “¿Me ayudarás?” and “El Grial” totalizing more than 5.000 pages. It’s in Spanish and I’ve read a bit since I speak Spanish fluently.

    About his ideas I highly recommend the reading of his latest book entitled “On Exterminationism” to get in touch with his visions and projects
    Chechar predicts a coming financial meltdown and the “dollar collapse” in which he envisions the “day of the rope” meaning the extermination of 98% of mankind – the “non-Aryan” mudbloods – plus the animals that he considers evil like whales.
    The surviving 2%, blonds and blue eyed people, will form a nazi ethnostate and “return to the Shire.”
    What is disturbing is that the generals of the nazi ethnostate will own “nordic ephebes as cute as Björn Andrésen or Max Born” wich in my opinion will promote homosexualism and degeneracy in the ethnostate.

    Joe Walsh consider Chechar the greatest white supremacist thinker of this century.

    Best regards

    • Chechar is a homosexual with a lot of childhood issues. Unfortunately he does seem to be in a mental decline.

      Best advice for him is to take a step back from activism and get a grip on his personal life.

    • Honestly this shit is the reason why Latin Americans deserve a flat, universal rejection by the rest of mankind. Mass miscegenation has led to such extremes of mental illness that should not be possible there and I thought American “Nazis” were bad.

    • “The surviving 2%, blonds and blue eyed people, will form a nazi ethnostate and “return to the Shire.””

      This stuff. The idea that only blue-eyes and blondes are true Whites. The White race is truly “THE” diverse race. A range of skin tones. Hair color going from white-blonde-red-brown-black. Eye colors in various shades.

      So when people think all Nords are that fair, they should go and see them.

  3. The Nov 3 2021 POTUS ELECTION was stolen by the Democrats back in 1965 when 1965 Immigration Reform Act was passed…….It resulted in the DEMOGRAPHIC nullification of the Native White Vote on Nov 3 2020..

    If you voted for the Hollywood Fart Joke Ronald Reagan…you voted for the demographic nullification of the Native White Vote on Nov 3 2020…

  4. They know it will be open rebellion soon. Expect the US to get in a kinetic exchange with Russia.

    • But MAD and all those thousands of giga-ton warheads at the ready?

      I used to be very thankful that nuclear weapons are fake.

      I am less thankful the older I get.

  5. I think one of the things that has caused such populist anger, is just the plain disrespect that is shown to ordinary whites. Generations of laboring in factories, working farms, fighting the nations wars, literally building a Civilization and to be replaced with newcomers from the third world, who just come in and get privileges, to be pushed around by fringy people, and by people who never get their fingers dirty. My dad’s family goes back to the mid eighteenth century north carolina. Centuries of dirt farming and fighting for the government. And nobody ever asked anyone if today’s society was what anybody wanted. Respect matters. And tolerance for being treated like this, is beginning to wear thin. The next few years should be interesting

    • The thing that annoys me the most is that Biden weighed in on rioting in Northern Ireland between Protestants and Catholics. Like this fraud gives a shit about sectarian beef among whites.

    • You nailed it. And the Hindus…Sikhs….Chinese…Pakistani Muslims are comming in LEGALLY to vote Our People into a violently persecuted White Racial Minority within the borders of America…

      Who ordered this?

    • You have no idea how the election was stolen…it was stolen…but you are too stupid to understand that it was stolen by post-1965 LEGAL IMMIGRANT POLICY…you are a very stupid man like all White Trump Voters are…

      • What a sorry son of a bitch you are. I’m well aware of what that treacherous act has done to the voting demographic of this country. It was the knife in the back for White America. I’ve got posts about it before I ever saw you around here.

      • Dear Patrick – everyone at this sight could have an M.A. in what has been done to this country, why, when, and by whom.

        Like the rest of us, Mr. Powell is keenly aware of the policies of White Replacement.

  6. The Jews do not do their own dirty work. White Christian man you will be oppressed and persecuted and the Irish are going to carrying out the deed on behalf of their Jew masters. Heather McGhee, Joe Biden? Cromwell was right about this filth.

    • You aren’t wrong, Lyndon B. Johnson had significant Irish Protestant ancestry. Those orangemen are conspiring with their fellow Protestant black brethren against Whites.

      • Patrick, you and yours have sold yourself to the enemies of Christ and you and your kind are going to hell for it. Repent or face the wrath of God. Fair warning Mick.

        • Right again, it is the Irish Catholics’ fault for why the federal government is so philosemitic! Damn, we should really aspire to be like our Scotch Irish cousins in Appalachia.

          “The documentary follows various characters in the evangelical-Israel relationship, including a pastor in Bell County, Kentucky, where more than 30% of residents live in poverty, who implores his congregation to send thousands of dollars to Israel based on the biblical promise that God will bless those who bless the Jews (Genesis 12:1-3); Yael Eckstein, CEO of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, who spearheads many interfaith charity projects in the region; and members of the Israeli settler movement who align with evangelicals to push U.S. policy in their favor.”

          Can someone tell this Catholic priest to stop preying upon the impoverished for Zion?


  7. It may time for White Folks to find a space in their brain to engage in very deep contemplation about what is about to happen….maybe a time period for deep silence…turn off the NFL TYRONE Ball….SEC TYRONE BALL….White Genocide is very real….A nuclear exchange between the US and Russia is very real….probably triggered by an incident in the Black Sea….

    A believe a time period of silence and deep contemplation could be very helpful…

    If Donald Trump was re-elected….MAGA-Tard White Male Trump Voters would be blamed…not what you want….

    Trump worship is no different than taking crack…get off it…

  8. Richard Spencer

    WHITE GENOCIDE and the Great Replacement is very real…there is no ambiguity about this…

  9. We just do not understand. “Woke” is whatever. As long as they are not by us. It’s as if we are being manipulated to hate Woke,

    We do not care.

    • I’m not sure how I could possibly be any clearer about my position.

      There are some positive trends going on among Republican voters. It has not caught up to the level of Republican politicians and Republican policies. As for the Democrats, they are worse than ever these days. I’m an Independent voter.

      • Democrats are the real racists though. We grew up Republican. Still registered that way but they will never get our votes again.

        They literally think we are stupid. At least the Democrats will rebuild the sideways red brick road down yonder.

        • Yep, that’s the problem with the Democrats.

          The Democrats want to build infrastructure, but put us on an FBI No Fly List and brand us domestic terrorists. They want to send us $1,400 checks, but also ensure that none of us can have a job because of our political beliefs. They want to wipe us off the internet.

          • That’s just Hispanic and wealthy White Democrats. The truth is that the Democratic party has atrophied so much in White communities that it is prime for our taking. We can easily use it as a platform to lay siege to the Republicans and get rid of them forevermore. Republicans are already eager to do all that shit, but just do not say it because they still want our vote.

  10. The Republicans are just as bad as the Democrats. Both parties are working toward the same goal, and that should be very apparent by now.

  11. “Woke” is just an illiterate term for black supremacist. All “woke” Whites figuratively suck black cock, and many do so literally as well.

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