Jimmy Dore: AOC Critic Intimidated By Police Over A Tweet

Jimmy Dore was on Tucker Carlson’s show to discuss this the other night. This is an example of the “intersection” of political correctness or wokeness with censorship and with civil liberties in Joe Biden’s police state. It is an act of violence to traumatize AOC by criticizing her on Twitter.

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  1. Should not be surprising. The “speech=violence” idea has long been pushed by the Jew “hate speech” law advocates, and now they’re personifying and humanizing it with video of the sniveling AOC.

    • @Krufty

      Roman Catholics are laughable with their bare synagogues disguised as Christian churches, Old Testament names and Old Testament vile nonsense suited only for zombies.

      • Polish Roman Catholic genius Marcy Kaptur, and, AOC got some kind of a nun thing going on. LOL.

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