Der Movement: Moving Forward

It has been a rough four years.

In moving on from Der Movement, this website is going to preserve the five truths which I consider absolutely essential and indispensible to our last two efforts.

  • Race Realism
  • Jewish Question Awareness
  • Immigration / Changing Demographics
  • Identity / Deracination
  • Sex and Gender Realism

Basically, it is true that race and sex exist and have a biological basis. It is true that Whites have become deracinated and that White interests are neglected. It is true that racial and cultural demographics are rapidly changing and this is a cause for alarm. It is true that Jews are wealthy, influential and powerful and dramatically overrepresented among the elites who are driving these changes.

There are also a few things which we would like to salvage from the 2.0 movement:

  • Humor
  • Memes
  • Populist style
  • Political engagement
  • Health and Fitness
  • Networking / Community Building

There needs to be more of a balance between the seriousness and earnestness of the 1.0 movement and the flippancy and transgressive humor of the 2.0 movement. The former was overly serious while the latter was overly ironic and immature. The populist style of being plain spoken and getting straight to the point is something that we should keep. We should also be engaged with the national political conversation. We should also continue with the networking and community building. Finally, the focus on health and fitness in the 2.0 movement was worthwhile for its own sake and something we should continue doing.

The 2.0 movement got carried away with vulgarity, irony, conspiracy theories, misogyny, anti-intellectualism and triggering and owning the libs. It got even worse with the Zoomers where the boundary between the real world and the internet kind of disappeared. For whatever reason, the 1.0 and 2.0 movements were also fond of framing and presenting their views in terms of Neo-Nazism whether in an earnest or ironic form. The 2.0 movement was also plagued by violent accelerationism and cults of personality. It was essentially presenting the same ideas and material in a more humorous and transgressive way and using social media and riding Donald Trump’s coattails to attract a larger audience.

In looking at the 1.0 and 2.0 movements objectively, we see that both were built on these five truths with the main difference between the two being the style in which these five truths were being presented to the public and the relative lack of censorship on social media platforms from about 2007 to 2017. In building on the 1.0 and 2.0 movements, it is clear in retrospect that both suffered from some major blindspots that limited their growth and appeal to a wider audience:

  • Lack of Philosophical Foundation
  • Ethics / Morality
  • Economics
  • Political Strategy
  • Radicalism

The intellectuals failed to create an integrated philosophical / scientific foundation for their worldview although Ted Sallis and Frank Salter’s work on Ethnic Genetic Interests showed the most promise. Der Movement also showed a lack of interest in ethics and economics. The lack of interest in ethics and the current of sociopathy running through the vanguardist wing repeatedly produced mass shooters who accomplished nothing but tarring the whole enterprise, blackening the work of everyone involved and deterring quality people from joining it. The movement has traditionally had relatively little to say about economics. It also repeatedly produced people who get carried away with nostalgia or their own fantasy world and who are committed to radical and impractical solutions to our problems. My personal favorite was Jason Jorjani’s plan to position himself as the leader of the Alt-Right which he planned to use as his base to overthrow the Iranian government, de-Islamicize Iran and restore the Persian Empire. There have also been an number of people over the years in the 1.0 and 2.0 movements who have created their own personal religions and who kind of expect the world to fall at the feet of Aryan man.

Instead of continuing to travel further down this road to nowhere, we are going to try to identify the issues that people care about in Joe Biden’s America in 2021 and talk about those issues in terms of our values and interests. Hopefully, we can find issues that the public cares about and we care about as well and we can win more people over to our side by establishing a mutual interest in solving those issues. Then we will relentlessly mock and critique the “mainstream” on these issues.

Donald Trump is gone.

He has left behind a vacuum of leadership. The so-called “far right” should get its act together and show some leadership which is what millions of disaffected people are looking for at the moment. Given the perilous political situation and the way things are going, it is probably now or never.

Here are the cultural issues which should be the focus of the attack on our opposition. The polling clearly shows that these are the weakest points in their defenses.

7 Center Culture Issues

  • Immigration
  • Political Correctness / Wokeness / Cancel Culture / Anti-Whiteness
  • Crime
  • Trans
  • Censorship
  • Civil Liberties
  • American Heritage Preservation

These are seven issues where a supermajority of the public largely agrees with us and which have a lot of traction on both the Right and Center. We want to restrict immigration and abolish political correctness or wokeness. We don’t like violent criminals which are being coddled by the establishment. We think that “trans” is living in a fantasy world gone wild. We’re the ones being censored. It is our civil liberties that our being violated. It is also our historic monuments which are being torn down.

Common Enemies

  • So-called “Journalists”
  • Antifa
  • Black Lives Matter
  • Oligarchs
  • Evil Corporations

We share a lot of common enemies with the public these days. The single biggest source of unity on the Right and Center is a shared hatred of these “journalists.” Ordinary people also hate Antifa and Black Lives Matter now. They hate these evil woke corporations and oligarchs like Jeff Bezos too. Since we share most of the same enemies as the public, we should talk more about our enemies.

4 Right Culture Issues

  • Guns
  • Abortion
  • Christianity
  • Cultural Degeneration

These are the four traditional culture war issues on the Right which I obviously agree with. We can talk about these issues as well which resonate with populists, nationalists and conservatives.

None of this necessarily implies going out and voting. We’re content creators, not politicians, who are trying to rebuild our own social movement. It is up to politicians to persuade us to vote for them by pushing our agenda and better representing our interests on issues like immigration, civil liberties and censorship. In essence, we should talk about our enemies, culture, economics and foreign policy while working in those core five truths. We’re already doing this on culture, economics and foreign policy to a large degree. There is already much more discussion of economics now than in the past. We should give ourselves some credit for learning from a lot of our previous mistakes in the Trump era.

Note: These are just my thoughts on how to right the ship and get us back on track. We can turn this situation around. The enemy is exposed on a number of fronts. I want to stress again that we are not politicians. It is up to us to decide what to talk about and how to talk about it with the goal in mind being to persuade more people to rally behind our cause.

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  1. Your 5 truths are an grest foundation for any pro-WHITE cause.

    “focus on health and fitness in the 2.0 movement was worthwhile for its own sake and something we should continue doing.”

    YES!! A great ancillary goal to the 5 truths.

  2. You’re articles have been absolutely outstanding of late. Thought provoking and dare I say it, “inspired”


    Please add ANTI-WAR to your list

  3. For about 90% of the people in the movement, leaders and fans alike, the best thing they could do is shut up and go home and stop pretending to be in some sort of “movement.” It’s always been truly hilarious how many people claim they are “activists” in a “movement” because they stand on a street corner, holding up a sign, screaming about something or other like a deranged nutjob.

    Remember those comic strips in the newspaper with the crazy guy on the sidewalk with the sign that says “The End Is Near?” Yeah, that’s a “movement.”

    Politically we need to stop immigration and culturally we need to push back on the over-the-top anti-white hostility which is meant to encourage hate crimes against people racialized as “white but not Jewish.”

        • A disgrace on rich gentiles, that no major effort was made to purchase and control national media. Although howard hughes and ted turner did make attempts. Still, they were only 2 , out of 100s of mega rich gentiles.

          Ok, hearst had a media syndicate, but he wasn’t avidly pro-WHITE.

    • Its strange how we don’t see jews calling for their people to join a “jewish movement” or to act according to a certain moral code in this jewish movement. jews range from jews who are religious and bang their heads on walls, to ones who run the porno industry, and yet somehow they all know to do whatever they do, to undermine and destroy their host societies.

      Whites on the other hand always try to form movements where everyone must think and act the same, and yet we are not effective.

      • They don’t have to have a plan, it is just their natural behavior, and they still have loyalty to their tribe. They do what serves them, and they favor their tribesmen in all opportunities. Whites have no group loyalty. They worship blacks in sports, they adopt children from other races, they say nothing when daughter shows up with a black boy.

        • “They don’t have to have a plan, it is just their natural behavior, and they still have loyalty to their tribe. ”

          NO !!!
          They are taught, extensively, in their education ,
          these basic principles. These are core tenets of judaism.

          (There may be a natural propensity to follow these guidelines, nonetheless they are taught with emphatic repetition.)

      • “Its strange how we don’t see jews calling for their people to join a “jewish movement” or to act according to a certain moral code”

        Because they are taught , in yeshiva and temple, from earliest childhood , their obliglation to fellow jews. They are taught , starting in preschool, Achdut and ahavat yisreal, these are mitzvah. These are core beliefs in judaism.

    • thoughtless drivel like this is why no one does activism anymore. risk everything to stand up for yourself, and self-admitted racist liberal twats like hipster douchebag will try to discourage you. hipster here has done exactly 0 and risked 0. ignore him.

      • Look here – I have been successful. I have demoralized one nutjob who has been nursing butthurt against me for at least, what, over five years now? That is great – I was effective in my little corner of the world.

        The more we can discourage narcissist jack-offs like Rick from trying to get their fat, ugly faces on Jew TV by pretending to be “activists” … the better! Remember – no one asked Rick to play act for the Jew TV pretending he’s an “activist” for “white people.” Well, I mean, the Jews at the SPLC asked him to do that – probably paid him – but no normal white people did.

        So, you’re welcome everybody! I’m just doing my small part.

  4. I like this analysis so far and diagnosis of the successes and shortcomings of the pro-White political sphere. What are your thoughts on Environmentalism as a Center Cultural Issue to be pursued?

    Environmental Realism / Real Environmentalism:
    Not fake “green new deal shit”. Conservation, preservation, ending all new immigration, and encouraging emigration (with an emphasis on encouraging non-White emigration). Make people view the shitlibs’ “environmental justice/equity” policies, which encourages mass immigration and open borders into the USA (and the West), as a direct assault on the environment and ecosystem itself. Any honest liberal should be able to come to terms with this as actual protection of the environment, and any conservative should be able to get behind it as an act of preserving his culture and heritage.

  5. Der Movement 1.0 produced a few really good men, like Dr. Pierce, Commander Rockwell, Ben Klassen and Tom Metzger. Unfortunately Der Movement 2.0 gave us nothing but clowns and charlatans like Cantwell, Anglin, Heimbach and Spencer. ZOG has done an outstanding job of making sure we don’t have any strong, capable pro-White leaders. As a result it looks as if we’ll have to wait for the System to gradually weaken and die of natural causes instead of getting rid of it ourselves.

  6. The 5 tenets you stated aren’t actually forward-thinking or positive. They are normal natural stances that any sane human will have. We need more of a vision.

    Ethnostate? Reservations? Simply some advocacy and civil rights within a multi-cultural zone?

    What is the vision? What is the goal?

    Once again, all that is happening is talk, which will be co-opted as talking points by the GOP, but won’t be actionable. The rulers have consistently gone against the “populist center” for decades, Trump was no different.

    • @Vincent

      > “We need more of a vision.”

      No, WE most definitely do NOT need some sort of “grand vision.” Pro-whiteness has to be as broad as possible, and it needs to be focused on eradicating anti-whiteness.

      If you have some sort of Grand Vision – great! Try to get other people involved. Americans are always forming cults and religions and trends and groups etc. Richard Spencer was into his dorky “the Roman Empire … but in SPACE!” thing. I think that is just because Richard Spencer thinks he is too cool to play a Star Trek version of D&D like everyone else.

      I’m totally not interested in joining your Grand Vision of Whitey on Mars or whatever. Nor am I going to convert to your religion, nor will I come to White Nationalist Internet blogs for tips on how to lift weights and stay healthy.

      No, let’s keep it broad, please, and if people want to form their little cults, let them do so.

      As for HW and OD well he’s an Alabama conservative populist pro-white who isn’t pushy about his Lutheranism and he’s not a bloodthirsty fanatic trying to start wars for Israel, so politically speaking that is fine with me, I’ll vote for him.

      • Nothing but straw men, proving once again you’re a bad actor.

        Here’s why making a bunch of random people vaguely “pro-White” is useless: they all have their own definition of what is, and is not “pro-White.” This is because the goal is broadness (vagueness) You have gays, libertarians, satanists, trannys, republicans, 3rd positionists – all calling themselves pro-White but not sharing the same vision (strategy that leads to goal.) This is worthless. So it makes sense why a bad actor like yourself wants this strategy.

    • What is the vision? What is the goal?

      Who are you even trying to sell on these visions and goals? The Elites? They are as united as they’ve ever been, and they made up their minds decades ago to be devout anti-racists. The Normies? What Hunter has been preaching since the beginning of 2021 and what Tucker has preached for years now has a much better chance of appealing to them than whatever gay space alien bullshit you and the Spencer-lectuals are promoting.

      In 2013, it was compelling to hear that the Pro-White Movement needs a vision. In 2021, its staler than gluten free bread. No one is buying Pro-White+Star Trek. People into that shit want to unite the Human Race and are 100% opposed to uniting the White Race, which they deny even exists. Stop appealing to them. They aren’t into biological determinism, genetic relatedness, concern over the (((Deep State))), or Hyperborean mysticism (come to think of it, no one is. lol)

      Once again, all that is happening is talk, which will be co-opted as talking points by the GOP, but won’t be actionable.

      Its the 2020s. Not the 80s or 90s. Hell, the Tea Party era feels like it was decades ago. The time where Republican politicians could feed red meat to their base and get away with doing nothing is dying. Boomers were do-nothing, “lesser of two evil” pussies. Millenials and Zoomers will stay home and not vote if we don’t get what we want. The GOP will indeed try to co-opt our talking points, and they will fail. The nuts are taking over the nut house.

      Corporate America knows this, which is why they are fully aligning themselves with the Democrats and appealing to core Democratic voters, who are College Educated White Suburbanites. There was a time where Corporations would make sure the only Republicans on the ballot were the ones they financed and approved of. Those days are numbered. New opportunities will open up. The Left fears that Republicans are being “dragged to the Far Right.” We will make that nightmare scenario a reality.

      The rulers have consistently gone against the “populist center” for decades, Trump was no different.

      Trump is no longer President. Don’t interpret this as some Neo-Optics strategy. Its a good old fashioned inner city shake down of a major political party. The optics strategy made us subservient to the Josh Hawley’s of the world. In this strategy, Josh Hawley serves us, or else he gets sent to the streets.

      None of this will happen short term. Long term though, the old Pro-Business/Social Liberal Republicans won’t be salvaged. More Max Boots will jump ship, until eventually, the majority of White voters and a decent number of Populist, non-Progressive POCs are the core base. When that happens, the political reality we knew growing up under Clinton and Bush will be as distant of a memory as Jim Crow is right now.

      But sure, go ahead with your “visions” of “institution building” (puke) and “Aryans on Mars.” I like “The Expanse” better.

  7. Hunter’s analysis is always very good.

    What does the “Hunter Program” look like in 5, 0, & 25 years?

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