Vox: The Effects Of Black Lives Matter Protests

Did you ever expect to wake up and see the truth about the resurgence of violent crime and Black Lives Matter finally exposed in Vox of all places?


“There’s long been a fierce debate about the effect of Black Lives Matter protests on the lethal use of force by police. A new study, one of the first to make a rigorous academic attempt to answer that question, found that the protests have had a notable impact on police killings. For every 4,000 people who participated in a Black Lives Matter protest between 2014 and 2019, police killed one less person. …

From 2014 to 2019, Campbell tracked more than 1,600 BLM protests across the country, largely in bigger cities, with nearly 350,000 protesters. His main finding is a 15 to 20 percent reduction in lethal use of force by police officers — roughly 300 fewer police homicides — in census places that saw BLM protests.

Campbell’s research also indicates that these protests correlate with a 10 percent increase in murders in the areas that saw BLM protests. That means from 2014 to 2019, there were somewhere between 1,000 and 6,000 more homicides than would have been expected if places with protests were on the same trend as places that did not have protests. Campbell’s research does not include the effects of last summer’s historic wave of protests because researchers do not yet have all the relevant data. …”

This could be a small problem for the “racial justice movement.”

If you have traded around 300 fewer police homicides in cities that saw Black Lives Matter protests for an additional 1,000 to 6,000 homicides, how can you claim to be protecting black lives? This data also only runs from 2014 through 2019. It doesn’t take into account the Black Lives Matter and Antifa riots from last summer or the explosion in violent crime in big cities that has followed in its wake. The effect of demonizing the police, glorifying criminals and celebrating anarchy … is fewer dead criminals in police homicides, but more dead black people who are preyed on and victimized by them.

The consequences of “Defund the Police” are starting to register in the polls:

Note: Last year, a teenager was shot and killed inside CHAZ in Seattle and another black man who was shot in CHAZ blamed the KKK and the Proud Boys and the police for not protecting him.

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  1. Black Lives Matter is Jeff Bezos personal death squad…..

    Paid to racially intimidate innocent White People

    Chattel Slavery for White Folks

    It’s the endgame for White Folks…

  2. I am tired of this BS. The police, the courts, the prosecutors and the judges do not always get it right. BLM has a point. Innocent people do get hurt and are wrongfully punished by our criminal justice system and there is no excuse for that. But damaging peoples property is not the right way to correct things.

    It is better for the guilty to go free than for the innocent to be punished. That used to be a tenet of our judicial system, not anymore.

      • You are the kyke. You can’t admit human fallibility. You are perfect aren’t you Christ killer. I never heard a Jew in my life admit that he made a mistake, that he was wrong, that should not have killed the innocent son of God. It was always the Romans fault, right kyke?

        And if human are fallible then, judges, cops and prosecutors are fallible too and the innocent get mistakenly punished and that is a sin against God, Christ killer.

      • BLM does have a point, or at least a mission: To physically and psychologically terrorize White people through the politicization of wanton destruction.

    • Nobody cares but you kyke. It is just some Jew street theater you and your kind are trying to promote.

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