PBS Newshour: Exploring Hate: An Inside Look At “Anti-Extremism” Training In The Military

Am I the only one who sees this bullshit?

These people are trying to establish an ideological dictatorship.

Here you have another example of what is going on inside American institutions: the “intersection” of political correctness or wokeness, “journalists” who have become nothing more than politically correct propagandists, progressives trampling on civil liberties and exiling people from key institutions for having the wrong thoughts, associations or saying the wrong words, the total demonization of traditional values and attitudes which are being portrayed as “extremism” and a national security threat combined with turning the military into another arena for social experiments like transgenderism. Progressives want to drive out all the tough guys with problematic tattoos and replace them with trans girls.

Imagine what these guys are thinking about the entire military having to stand down to be subjected to this invasive politically correct bullshit by the Biden administration.

Note: America’s geopolitical rivals are undoubtedly laughing at this and rightly so. Clearly, we don’t live in a serious country. I bet they can’t wait until the Air Force releases its “equity” plan.

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  1. Honestly, if you join the Gay Empire’s military at this point, there is something wrong with you.

    • Yeah, desperate for a decent job, with benefits.

      Younng WHITES cant find good entry level jobs or apprenticeships because of affirmative action. Schools don’t educate for job skills, they just politically indoctrinate for communist compliance. The system is rigged, to drive young WHITE ppl into the military.

  2. Yes, Marines, you took an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution ……… but you have no right to free speech.

    Double Think

  3. Confederate flag, extremist ??

    Why , because the Marines threw down their rifles and ran at The Battle of Bull Run ?
    Because they deserted the battlefield when they encountered confederate soldiers ?

  4. Of course, there’s no mention of black or Hispanic Extremism in the military.. I know for a fact that there’s black and Hispanic gangs (crips, bloods and Latin kings) in the Navy on ships that even the commanders leave alone and won’t go near.

    A friend of mine was in the Navy and told me stories of these gangs that are offered a career in the military or jail. That will never be mentioned.


  5. I’m sure this will drive recruitment level for enlisting.
    DC regime thinking?On the History channel, Alexander the great conquered all,they then said what to do with army of men that would turn on the state,promoted degeneracy.

    China and Russia has land strength but lack sea and air power.

  6. Hmmm, why are those Marines wearing NAZI uniforms ?

    The SS developed and implemented the use of camouflage battle uniforms.

  7. I hope the purge of white supremacists happens before Bibi sends the US military against Iran.

    Anyone foolish enough to join or remain in the military deserves what they get.

    • “Anyone foolish enough to join or remain in the military deserves what they get.”

      Hey, a lot of young ppl are forced to join, by family or financial circumstances.
      The knly way to get decent pay and medical.

      Be realistic.

  8. Shortly before General Sherman invaded South Carolina, he explicitly expressed his intention to ravage the state, writing to his superior officer General Henry W. Halleck, “We are not only fighting hostile armies, but a hostile people, and must make old and young, rich and poor, feel the hard hand of war…The truth is the whole army is burning with an insatiable desire to wreak vengeance upon South Carolina.” In another message to Halleck dated December 13, 1864, Sherman reiterated that sentiment, writing, “The whole army is crazy to be turned loose in Carolina.”
    — Stokes, Karen, South Carolina Civilians in Sherman’s Path, Stories of Courage Amid Civil War Destruction.

    The godless Commie Left would love to find an excuse to sic the military on all their enemies on the
    Right just as Sherman and his men were licking their chops to attack defenseless civilians in South Carolina to make them feel “the hard hand of war“…

    Biden’s regime now wants to kick those true Americans out of the military who might try to stop them…

    Reminder, this Yankee Empire currently on the scene now loaded with Marxists/Communists/Anarchists/etc is not the original USA but rather destroyed it 150 years ago. The Union was not preserved but replaced.

  9. Any white person that doesn’t get out of the military or law enforcement as soon as possible, they are a liability at best and an active threat to their own people at worst. Either way, it’s traitorous. Maybe it wasn’t always that way, but it is now.

  10. Here is a video tribute to the greatest Marine of all time and in it you will see that he did not hate the Confederacy or the South as you liberal godless anti-White, anti-South Commies do:

    Chesty: A Tribute to a Legend (1976), by John Ford
    narrated by John Wayne

    Lewis Burwell Puller is a Marine Corps legend and American hero. Nicknamed “Chesty” for his burly physique, he was one of the most combat-hardened leaders in military history and saw action in Haiti, Nicaragua, WWII, and Korea. The winner of five Navy Crosses and many other medals, he will always be remembered as a fierce warrior and proud patriot.

    One area of Chesty’s life that deserves more scholarly research is his southern heritage. He was born in Virginia in 1898 and was raised on stories of the Confederacy. His grandfather, John Puller, was killed while riding under Jeb Stuart at the battle of Kellys Ford in 1863. Local veterans told young Chesty about his grandfather’s bravery, as John had stayed atop his saddle long after having his midsection torn apart by a cannon. After his grandfather’s death, federals burned the Puller home and his grandmother was forced to walk ten miles, through a sleet storm, for help.

    Puller was proud of his ancestry, and his southern roots ran much deeper than The War Between the States (his term of choice for the “Civil War”).


  11. Looking back at the guys in the unit with whom I served, we were, by today’s standards, ‘Extremist White Supremacists’, many perhaps, beyond that.

    Then again, at that time nobody thought anything about it. America was a White Nation with a small Black minority, the latter that was located in the South and a a few large Northern cities.

    If you had asked me, or my comrades in our unit, if we wanted to fight to be replaced, have our economy shipped out, be constantly lectured and told this country does not belong to us, or that we had to sit by and watch the monuments of our heroes be reviled and destroyed, or that we would be led by blatant faggots, mentally addled cross-dressers, or women, I am sure most of us would have asked for a general discharge.

    Of this I am quite sure.

    I deeply regret my service to this country, because I feel very very betrayed.

    I cannot imagine how all my great great uncles and granddaddies would feel, (if they could see what is going on) those who served in the Army of Northern Virginia, not to mention their granddaddies, who served in the Revolution or their granddaddies who commanded the Virginia militias that fought the Indian Wars in the 17th and 18th centuries.

    Basically, when I read the daily news, I get the feeling the entire Ruling class, Government, Media, and Academic System, is spitting on me, my family, my service, my family’s service, and all those of my blood, who built this country at great cost to themselves.

    Though I am a peaceable law-abiding person, who loves and respects my fellow man, if I ever have to protect The South from those who have no respect for us, I will do so with little regard for my own safety and no quarter for our enemies.

    Many years ago, I remember reading that The Dalai Lama of Tibet (the supposedly most peaceful man in the world) said he had to meditate 2 hours a day, just to keep his hostility for The Chinese from bubbling over and destroying his mind.

    I was struck by that then, because I did not have to do do such a thing.

    Nowadays, I understand exactly how he feels.

  12. It’s getting harder and harder for white people to morally justify being in a military that forbids us from having racialist views while encouraging it in others races. The US Navy puts black propaganda books by Ibram X Kendi on their reading list and the Army put a BLM activist in their recruiting campaign. Utter hypocrisy! Watch Semper Diversity by Jared Taylor to learn what I am talking about.

  13. Fuck the jewS government. It is our enemy bent on our humilation, subjugation, and finally, eradication.

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