Woke Capital Conspires On Zoom Call To Punish States Over Election Integrity Laws

In the podcast with Robert Stark, I said that the realignment of the electorate wasn’t complete yet and that it might take another one or two election cycles to tip the internal balance of power within the GOP on the economic policy agenda. We might get there sooner though.


“More than 100 corporate executives and leaders gathered on a zoom call Saturday to discuss ways to combat controversial voting bills that would restrict voting access that are being considered across the country, per the Washington Post.

Why it matters: American corporations flexed their advocacy muscles earlier this month when more than 100 companies signaled their opposition to Georgia’s new voting law, inciting the wrath of GOP leaders, including former President Donald Trump and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. …

Saturday’s call between company executives “shows they are not intimidated by the flack. They are not going to be cowed,” Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, a Yale management professor and one of the call’s organizers, told the Post. …

This is wonderful news.

True Populism has always been the enemy of the Money Power. We have always hated these arrogant, corrupt plutocratic elites who have rigged the economic system in their favor. Back in the 2016 election, one of the biggest things that Donald Trump had going for him was that he self-financed his campaign to be free of their influence. While Trump may have been playing games with his fans, the people who were attracted to him sincerely believed that wealthy elites have rigged the system.

Washington Post:

“More than 100 chief executives and corporate leaders gathered online Saturday to discuss taking new action to combat the controversial state voting bills being considered across the country, including the one recently signed into law in Georgia.

Executives from major airlines, retailers and manufacturers — plus at least one NFL owner — talked about potential ways to show they opposed the controversial legislation, including by halting donations to politicians who support the bills and even delaying investments in states that pass the restrictive measures, according to four people who were on the call, including one of the organizers, Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, a Yale management professor.

While no final steps were agreed on, the meeting represents an aggressive dialing up of Corporate America’s advocacy against controversial voting measures nationwide, a sign that their opposition to the laws didn’t end with the fight against the measure passed last month in Georgia. …”

For years, I was furious with Donald Trump because he coddled these people. He took the mandate that we gave him and squandered it on giving them a big tax cut.

Note: We need another William Jennings Bryan or Huey Long.

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  1. “ Born in Philadelphia, April 1, 1954, Jeffrey Sonnenfeld is the son of Burton Sonnenfeld, a men’s clothing retailer, and Rochelle Sonnenfeld, a healthcare planner and community leader, who came to the US as a refugee immigrant from Russian pogroms.”

  2. It makes you wonder if Jim Fitterling and some of the other Roman Catholics on the BOD of General Electric (GE) have lost their minds?

  3. “Saturday’s call between company executives “shows they are not intimidated by the flack. They are not going to be cowed,” Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, a Yale management professor and one of the call’s organizers, told the Post. …“

    THEY will not be intimidated or cowed…these god damned SCUM & the kikes who coordinate & manage them need to be crushed like the blood-engorged ticks they are. Until that great day, the faggot GOP politicians need to find the balls to make it clear that the majority of the people will rule, and to tell them to fuck off when they make their threats.

  4. Corporations know where their bread is buttered, and its no longer with the Republican Party. This isn’t just about shoring up support among the growing non-white customer base. Its about appealing to the College Educated Suburban Whites that now form the core of the Democratic Party. The Huyite wahman and soy boys that shop at Lulu Lemon and Starbucks.

    The Democrat-Corporate Alliance is nearly complete. Mordor and Isengard unite. The White Race gets to burn in their fires of industry. This is the future College Educated Suburban Whites want. Rig the system so that Democrat voters can vote twice or as many times as needed. Send out mail in ballots without verifying ID that way illegals and other criminals can vote.

    And they have the nerve to complain about Republicans “playing dirty tricks.” The Republicans are being taken over by a new voter base that will make White Liberals beg for the return of the stupid Evangelical Religious Right. Vengeance is ours. We will be vindicated.

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