INSURRECTION! Antifa Set Portland ICE Building On Fire

Oh look … it is another “insurrection.”

The corporate media doesn’t want to talk about the black insurrectionist who was a follower of Louis Farrakhan who attacked and killed a White male Capitol Police officer. They don’t want to talk about the Black Lives Matter insurrectionists who stormed the Iowa State Capitol and got into a fight with Iowa State Troopers. They don’t want to talk about the slow burning Antifa insurrection in Portland either which has been going on for years now. Reality is a lot messier than the Narrative.

Here you have the ultimate “intersection” of the issues which we have described as the converging crises of the Biden administration: violent anarchists (crime) burning down an ICE facility in Portland (immigration) which is ignored and downplayed by the media (media bias) for social justice reasons (political correctness and wokeness). We can’t talk about it because we have been banned from social media (censorship) and the FBI, DHS and DOJ have been weaponized and politicized against us (civil liberties) while the real domestic terrorists have been given a free hand to break the law.

If it was a Patriot group which had stormed the Iowa State Capitol or attacked and killed a Capitol Police officer or who had burned down an ICE facility in Portland, we all know there would be breathless coverage on CNN and MSNBC of the “insurrectionists” who are at it again.

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  1. I’m sure the FBI is investigating the situation, looking at videos and arrests will be made shortly after Biden, Pelosi and AOC give press conferences.

  2. America will no longer exist in a few years. It could have been avoided if Magatards were not Fart Jokes. Right after 9/11 it all could have been shut down. But instead it was back to NFL NEGRO TYRONE BALL.

    Your White Children…White Grandchildren…White Great Grand Children…are going to be forced into CHATTEL SLAVERY AT GUNPOINT by a majority nonwhite US Military…..

    You dumb fucks just don’t get it….

    • As long as the Boomers control the levers of government, at the behest of their Jew bosses, some level of this bizarro world BS will continue.

      All over a stupid Rapture fantasy, something that is never even mentioned in the Bible, but was invented by the heretic John Darby, and popularized by drunk criminal Scofield, willing tool of the Jews of his time.

  3. It would appear that Antifa, BLM, the Establishment press and the FBI are all organs of the
    Democrat Party.The Republicans serve as nothing more than token opposition.

    • The Ronald Reagan Republican Party…the insiders….was always known to be a homosexual pederast cabal….

  4. I only found this because you posted it, Hunter. It’s not reported at all by the Oregonian, Oregon’s, and probably the NW’s, largest paper. KATU in Portland did report it, but I had to search for “ICE Portland” to find that.

    Anglin talked about how the censorship would get so extreme that you wouldn’t even know what was going on ten blocks away from your own house, because the news wouldn’t talk about it, and Twitter and Facebook would censor it. Looks like we’re well on our way to “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?”

  5. This is such a double standard. Pro-Whites can’t even gather together for a rally to call attention to the hate crimes against White Americans. It is wrong and it has to change. The Neo-Liberal Cultural Marxists and the corporations are working together hand in hand to destroy Whites. What kind of cruel world is this?

  6. “This is such a double standard”
    This is such a jew standard.

    “What kind of cruel world is this?”
    Wecome to judaism.
    ( wait till you learn what they have planned)

  7. Since antifa are burning down liberal cities, doesn’t that make it an insurrection against liberal leadership? Conservatives would be laughing at liberal cities burning themselves down, if they weren’t trying to save liberalism.

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