The Cancellation of Martin Luther

In light of the debate over woke supremacy and cancel culture, I am surprised that hardly anyone has brought up the greatest populist uprising in European history. The technique that Martin Luther used in his day to challenge and bring down a far mightier establishment than political correctness was just relentless destructive criticism and mockery which was spread by the printing press.

Martin Luther had confidence in his religious beliefs. It took a hell of a lot more courage for Luther to stand up to Pope Leo X that it does for anyone today to stand up to the likes of Jonathan Greenblatt or the so-called mainstream media which is held in universal contempt outside of the progressive echo chamber. No one believes they are legitimate anymore. Wokeness is not Holy Writ. It is not like “journalists” or progressive NGOs are invested with any moral authority whatsoever much less the power to define what is sacred. It is not like the question here is your eternal soul or whether you will burn in hell for eternity. Why the hell are these little tyrants pushing the entire country around and telling us that morality is all of these -isms and -phobias which they made up? Does anyone realize that they have the right to push back against this? Since when are atheists and open homosexuals like Don Lemon moral paragons?

Nothing is more unifying on the Right than a shared contempt for “journalists.” Political correctness is also the most potent cultural issue. The audience wants their leadership to stand up to and push back against and own people like Don Lemon, Brian Stelter and Jonathan Greenblatt. They’re also going to accuse you of “racism” and “white supremacy” and all of their made up -isms and -phobias anyway. They’ve taken this make believe shit so far that they are now saying there are 20,000 different genders and combinations of pronouns and that a man can “transition” into a woman simply by wishing it were so.

If you are willing to believe something like that and go along with that and submit to that because it is fashionable elite nonsense, then you will submit to virtually anything. There is no depths of cultural degeneration that you not submit to. If Luther were alive today, would he even recognize what American Protestants have become? Would he be afraid to criticize Jonathan Greenblatt because of “anti-Semitism”? What would he make of all of these groveling, grinning, mewling cowards and their made up -isms and -phobias which are worse than anything ever dreamt up by the Scholastics?

Note: Medieval Catholicism was a far more reasonable moral system than wokeness. After all, you could at least buy an indulgence to get out of trouble. Excommunication was also rarely used.

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  1. “In light of the debate over woke supremacy and cancel culture, I am surprised that hardly anyone has brought up the greatest populist uprising in European history. ‘

    Yes, Truly, particularly in light of his often ringing criticisms of Jewry.

    Hmm … what does it tell you that they spent decades attempting to cancel out Andrew Jackson, Thomas Jefferson, Nathan Bedford Forrest, and R.E. Lee?

    Might it be for the same reason we never hear about The War of Reconstruction, and how The South won that, from our ‘history classes’.

    Does it not seem like those who think they own us are much more afraid of what influence might rub off on us, as we walk by a statue of Stonewall Jackson, rather than in Martin Luther?

    Is it not obvious that those who think they own us think they already have Christianity on the ropes, but, the blood in us that carries our Liberty & Sovereignty bones still keep them up at night?

  2. Not long after the 500th anniversary of the 95 Theses, in 2017, the woke journalist brigade started beating those drums. The news cycle being as quick as it is, it was quickly dropped and forgotten.

    In Wittenberg itself, there is a constant campaign to get rid of the Judenrat carving.

  3. You don’t get into politics to make friends!

    Luther knew that the North German Princes and Electors were in revolt against the Vatican. So were the English, Dutch, Swiss and the Scandinavians who would support a Protestant Reformation & Renaissance in Northwestern Europe.

    The Vatican had been assassinating political leaders in far off places like Norway to assure that Vatican approved candidate made it to the throne. That’s a factor that no one except the Scandinavians remembers today.

    The mixed race greasers of Italy, Spain, and France were not going to run Europe anymore.

    If the English Protestants hadn’t kept their knee on the Irish Catholic neck, Ireland would have become a polyglot nation centuries ago.

    Look at ant-White leadership in the US today, it’s comprised of Italians, Hispanics, Catholic Irish, and their allies the Jews. Tell me Pelosi, Durbin, McCarthy, Schumer and all of the other Catholics and Jews are not anti-White.

    Brad, wasn’t it Irish Roman Catholic Tim Kaine and his Irish Catholic Safety Director that ordered the police not to enforce the law even though their was a permit.

    I see that fat ass Irish Roman Catholic woman President has resigned from the UVA. She was responsible for the riot too.

  4. Today’s Lutherans as well as Catholics are enthusiastic participants in turning White countries brown; all in the name of some “Christian” mumbo jumbo about “love”. If Luther was here today would he still believe that launching the Reformation was worth it?

  5. You know this is coming.

    Perhaps no one was more blunt and outspoken in regard to Jews than Martin Luther. Although most Lutherans today are woke extremists who have homosexual and transexuals as ministers in their churches, the founder of Lutheranism had no tolerance for either Jews or homosexuals.

    Very soon his writings will be banned and his statues torn down.


    On another matter Hunter….

    Did you see that a Brooklyn City Counsel member voted to fire the city manager because she was terrified of the black Negro mob that now rules our streets?

    This is what Fox News reported:

    The Brooklyn Center City Council voted to fire Boganey, a longtime city employee, during an emergency meeting, the Star Tribune reported. At the same meeting, the council voted to give the mayor command authority over the city’s police department.

    During a virtual workshop after the meeting, Council Member Kris Lawrence-Anderson said she voted to fire Boganey out of fear of potential reprisals from protestors if she did not, according to the newspaper.

    “He was doing a great job. I respect him dearly,” Lawrence-Anderson said. “I didn’t want repercussions at a personal level.”

  6. Luther’s entire attack was not just against the Papacy, as theatrical as that may sound today. It’s taken me almost forty years to realize that, while Luther had valid grievances against the Pope, his METHODOLOGY was utterly irredeemable, and is the DIRECT CAUSE of the fractured state of things today. Luther was a Nominalist, and it is this desire to destroy the older Christian Platonist underpinnings of Christendom (Both East and West), that let to the atomization and Biden, today. Nominalism is, in fact, “Wokeism” on steroids. ““The nominalist roots of Luther’s theology are undeniable.” 2014/01/post-tenebras-lux/

    I would advise you to start with this column, HW. Luther is NOT a paragon of theological virtue.

    “Nominalists offer a radical definition of reality: there are no universals, only particulars…If there are only particulars, then there is no “virtue,” “apples,” or “genders.” There are, instead, human conventions that tend to group objects or ideas into categories. Virtue exists only because we say it does: not because there is a universal abstraction of virtue. Apples only exist as a particular type of fruit because we as humans have categorized a group of particular fruits in a particular way. Maleness and femaleness, as well, exist only in human thought and language”-

    Alexander Dugin has made this ‘link and tie’ with Nominalism and the USA:

    ““…The church as the “mystical body of Christ” was destroyed and replaced by hobby clubs created by free consent from below. This created a large number of disputing Protestant sects. In Europe and in England itself, where nominalism had borne its most thorough fruit, the process was somewhat subdued, and the most rabid Protestants rushed to the New World and established their own society there. Later, after the struggle with the metropolis, the United States emerged.”

    • @Fr. John…

      Thank you for your comment, Father, and the links.

      Fascinating and informative reading!

    • @Fr. John+ thanks for your post sir I agree. Sadly HW will not agree as he is a muh Lutheran, and thinks Luther was great because of his courage and stance against the Jews. Sadly it is Luther who is originally to blame for starting the Protestant revolution that led to the enlightenment, and inevitably where we are today in clown world. The only viable option for the Christian today is Holy Orthodoxy though some choose Trad Catholicism.

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