The White Genocide Debate

Is it Okay to be White?

Do we hate White people now?

Is it racist to hate White people?

Do we still live in a free country?

Who decides what is “mainstream”?

What exactly is “domestic extremism”?

Who decides what is “domestic extremism”?

Are we allowed to disagree with woke supremacy?

Why is it okay to be a “trans woman” but not okay to be White?

Are we allowed to defend White people? If not, why?

Why is it “mainstream” to hate and disparage White people?

Are groups which hate White people “hate groups”? If not, why?

Who coined the term “racism” and why did we become so obsessed with it?

Isn’t it a bit racist to say that only White people can be racist?

Where did all of the -isms and -phobias which are said to be morality come from?

Do the -isms and -phobias have anything to do with morality? How do we know this?

Should White people always defer to Jews and People of Color? If so, why?

Why are people scared of sharing their opinions in America? Should we punish them?

Is it bigotry to force your views onto other people and cancel them?

Can you be a “domestic extremist” if half the country agrees with you?

Are “journalists” fake news propagandists who work for oligarchs and corporations?

Do the SPLC and ADL hate White people? If so, why?

Why have we allowed the ADL and SPLC to become the Inquisition?

Are legacy media outlets still capable of defining the “mainstream” in the 21st century?

Are we allowed to talk about subjects which are politically incorrect? If not, why?

Should we get in trouble for talking about subjects which are politically incorrect?

Do White people have legitimate interests like other groups? If not, why?

Should White people stick together to advance their interests like other groups?

Should White people be allowed to admire their ancestors like other groups?

Is it racist for White people to take their own side against a Person of Color?

Is it racist to be proud of your White identity?

Do race and sex actually have a biological basis? If so, why is this being covered up?

Is it “anti-Semitic” to publicly disagree with Jews, criticize them and push back against their arguments?

Should we jettison equality in favor of racial equity?

Should we put natives or foreigners first?

Why do our cosmopolitan elites expect our loyalty and respect and to be considered legitimate when they value foreigners over their own citizens?

Do we value the Freeze Peach of White people?

Do White people have any rights which should be respected?

Do progressives have the divine right to force their views onto others? If so, why?

Is social justice really justice?

Is what we call “social justice” even social justice or is it something else?

Do we hate the founding stock of this country?

Do we want to be demographically replaced in our own country by endless waves of foreigners to enrich a bloated oligarchy which hates us and tramples on our rights?

Should we topple statues of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson and drag them in the dirt in order to achieve progress? If so, why?

The populists and nationalists are asking a lot of these questions. It is against the rules to ask most of these questions. You can get in a lot of trouble for asking these questions of our elites. Millions of people are still asking these questions anyway and the political establishment is ignoring them. They assume that screaming “racism” and declaring a topic out of bounds will always be a sufficient answer.

Note: Maybe we have reached the tipping point where so many people are asking these questions that the conversation can’t be repressed anymore by the political establishment.

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  1. Untypical article structure from you, yet, a very inspired one!

    Yes, the concise Socratic Method does brutally outline what is occurring, and, indeed, has been.

  2. “Do we want to be demographically replaced in our own country by endless waves of foreigners to enrich a bloated oligarchy which hates us and tramples on our rights?”

    When I drive on the weekends I scan the AM dial to find the local talk radio station. Getting harder and harder, back in the 90s it was nothing but right wing talk, heck, even the guy who played the security guard from Babylon 5 had his own right wing talk show. Now it seems they give us that Ramsey guy talking about money 24/7. How is this on weekdays all the time? Isn’t this a niche show for Saturday Morning like the Auto Show, The Home and Garden Hour, and The Computer Commando?

    Well I caught one that was still way too Conservative INC. where the host blabbed on about how “wrong” the overpopulation concerns were and how America is only 5% developed and needs “more people.” What, so lose more farmland and grow our food needs and no longer be a food exporter? Look at China, they HATE to buy ANYTHING from foreigners. They only buy outside China when facing no choice, so the AM farm show out of Effingham IL is nothing but reports on Brazilian and Argentinian Soybean and Corn crops and how a fleet of Chinese ships are on their way there to buy them up. So obviously China is in a pickle, overpopulated and can’t feed itself. Otherwise they would NEVER buy anything from outside. So this Conservatism INC. fool wants us to end up like China? Like the damn overpopulated planet “Gideon” on that 60s Star Trek episode? I prefer nice wide open spaces, no bee hive type cities like in the Orient. No NYCs.

    • I think the broadcaster you heard read that idiotic book A Billion More or whatever the title was whereby the author advocated for increasing America’s population to at least a billion via immigration.

      • Not just a billion more people, a billion more wogs. The Mississippi would look like the Ganges with dead bodies floating down it and Hindu temples lining it dedicated to that “god” (actually a demon) with all the arms sticking out. U.S. cities would be a cross between the joys of Port-Au-Prince Haiti and the many charms of Lagos, Nigeria.

        The favelas of Rio and the vast slums of Mexico City would be replicated coast to coast, with the same people, too. U.S. cities are already bad enough with their diversity but they could be made even worse.

        No doubt this is the fever dream of the oligarchs who own the U.S. Government. They would be living miles away in bucolic settings with their fellow scumbag plutocrats laughing at the diminishing White population suffering on the fringes. “Tis better to rule in Hell than to serve in Heaven” these misanthropes mistakenly believe.

        • I remember when George W. Bush wanted to increase the population of the US to at least 500 million.
          There’s 25 million people in Mexico City. There’s probably over 50 million illegals in the US right now. A LOT of Central America is up here.
          If you have a million or so put away, it would be a good idea to leave. It’s not going to get better.

      • Good point. A lot of people think they “hate” us, but it’s really only about power. They will systematically get rid of us, and we know it. We are just surrounded by too much technology, and hence, a lot of people “feel safe”, when they shouldn’t.

  3. There is no debate…WHITE GENOCIDE IS VERY REAL..

    Inflict race-replacing immigration policy upon the Han People in China…..and they would scream HAN GENOCIDE!!!!!


    WW2 was not worth it to save the Jews….

    • It’s been open season on whites for quite awhile, with the media not reporting crimes against whites by POC. Violent torture murders, rapes, vicious assaults and more. It’s all okay with the mainstream. So we are already there. They let joggers dress up in uniforms and carry rifles in the street. Yet, whites can’t even assemble peacefully as whites over a cup of coffee.

  4. Search for “riots today” on (((Google))) today and what do you get – stories on “White Supremacists” on Jan 6 and not the chimpouts in Minneapolis. “I don’t see much future for the Americans – theirs is a decayed country. And they have their racial problems and problem of social inequalities. Everything about the behavior of American society reveals that it is half-negrified and half-judaised. How can one expect a State like that to hold together?” – Adolf Hitler

  5. I couldn’t care less if asking these questions is politically incorrect. I’ll damn well ask them anyway.
    I won’t be silenced. Too much is at stake. If I’m labelled a silly, childish name, I’ll wear it as a badge of honour.
    Talk, talk……and talk. Make your views heard, and make them mainstream. We’re not axe murderers or pedoes. We’re nationalists, and shouldn’t have to apologize for it.
    If you make the SPLC or ADL ‘hate’ list………. you’ve made it in life! Celebrate!

  6. The passage of the 1965 Immigration Reform Act

    The passage of the 1965 nonwhite LEGAL IMMIGRANT INCREASE ACT





    NOV 3 2021..


    And the ENDGAME is chattel slavery….

  7. The US MILITARY occupation of the Middle East is WHITE GENOCIDE against the Native Born White American Working Class…

    The ADL allegiance only to ISRAEL..


    The White Men who will die as cannon fodder for Israel in the Middle East from here on in were wearing diapers and pull-ups on 9/11……..WHO ORDERED THIS!!


  8. The black Negro mob now rules the streets and our elected governments.

    This from Fox news:

    During a virtual workshop after the meeting, Council Member Kris Lawrence-Anderson said she voted to fire Boganey out of fear of potential reprisals from protestors if she did not, according to the newspaper.

    “He was doing a great job. I respect him dearly,” Lawrence-Anderson said. “I didn’t want repercussions at a personal level.”

    In short,

    A duly elected city council member voted to fire a long-time city manager, against her own conscience, because she is terrorized by the woke Negro mob and their BLM/Antifa allies, fearful of what they will do to her and her family.

    Is this really the nation you were born and raised in?

    Is the rule of law dead in America?

  9. The repression hasn’t reached a stage that its directly effecting enough people’s lives in a negative way to create a collective response (like an immune response of a society against an external threat).

    Part of the nature of Americans has always been a strong streak of individualism, which is why Libertarianism (which is gay) has been successful here and pretty much nowhere else. Its an ideology tailored to White idiosyncrasies.

    That individualism is a strength, but it comes with these weaknesses also, but it is what it is.

    Things as a result are going to have to get much worse I think.

  10. Many say the United States is no longer a serious nation. But it goes far beyond that The United states is no longer a nation. Instead it is an “Anti-Nation” that makes war both domestically and internationally on all manifestations of organic, which is to say ethnic, nationalism!

  11. “White” is a synonym for European caucasoid, and European caucasoids objectively exist. They are a genetically distinct sub-division of the larger caucasoid race. In a sense though, all categories are social constructs. One might say that the category of “fir tree” is a social construct, but that doesn’t mean the plants we know as fir trees don’t exist or that all trees are the same.

  12. None of this would have been possible if not for multiculturalism. We owe it all to diversity. It is our strength.

  13. “Are you a minority?”

    “Not yet.”

    It was much more than a decade ago, I’d guess, and maybe more like twenty years ago that a friend of mine told me he’d then-recently heard the above on Rush Limbaugh’s show. Something or other had made Limbaugh want to know whether the caller was white, so he, Limbaugh, said, “Are you a minority?” When the caller, who was white, replied, “Not yet,” Limbaugh chuckled, I think my friend told me.

    “So everybody knows what’s going on,” my friend said.

  14. @ if its still possible , to recapture thee goverment of this land and restore it’s stewardship, too thee southern intellectuals, where it rightfully belongs, it’s past time too stand up, if thats not possible, it’s time too disengage, most of us are in disconnect mode already.

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