George W. Bush: We Need To Increase Legal Immigration and Pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform

I know it feels at times like we aren’t making any progress.

It is easy to get frustrated and depressed, to exaggerate the strength of our opposition and the imbeciles in Der Movement and to conclude that all is lost and that “there is no political solution.” As maddening as all of this can be, those of us who are in this for the long haul have persisted.

George W. Bush has a penned a new op-ed in The Washington Post which is a reminder of how radically our politics has actually changed over the last 15 years. It is easy to forget just how marginalized our views on everything from nationalism and populism to race, immigration, trade and foreign policy were a mere decade ago and how strong and impregnable Conservatism, Inc. appeared to be at the time.

Washington Post:

“Effective border management starts well beyond the border, so we must work with our neighbors to help them build freedom and opportunity so their citizens can thrive at home. We cannot rely on enforcement alone to prevent the untenable and so often heartbreaking scenes that come with large-scale migration.

We also need a modernized asylum system that provides humanitarian support and appropriate legal channels for refugees to pursue their cases in a timely manner. The rules for asylum should be reformed by Congress to guard against unmerited entry and reserve that vital status for its intended recipients.

Increased legal immigration, focused on employment and skills, is also a choice that both parties should be able to get behind. The United States is better off when talented people bring their ideas and aspirations here. We could also improve our temporary entry program, so that seasonal and other short-term jobs can more readily be filled by guest workers who help our economy, support their families and then return home.

As for the millions of undocumented men and women currently living in the United States, a grant of amnesty would be fundamentally unfair to those who came legally or are still waiting their turn to become citizens. But undocumented immigrants should be brought out of the shadows through a gradual process in which legal residency and citizenship must be earned, as for anyone else applying for the privilege. Requirements should include proof of work history, payment of a fine and back taxes, English proficiency and knowledge of U.S. history and civics, and a clean background check. We should never forget that the desire to live in the United States — a worldwide and as powerful an aspiration as ever — is an affirmation of our country and what we stand for. Over the years, our instincts have always tended toward fairness and generosity. The reward has been generations of grateful, hard-working, self-reliant, patriotic Americans who came here by choice. …”

This is what we were up against in the 2000s.

This is what True Conservatism used to sound like back like back in the day before The Weekly Standard died and became The Bulwark and the people who used to read National Review were still alive. Jonah Goldberg and David French used to be highly respected pundits at National Review about five years ago before taking their toys over to The Dispatch. The True Cons are a pale shadow of their former strength in 2016 and even paler shadow of how strong they were back in 2004.

This is a small sample of where we are now in 2021.

There is a whole branch of thought in Der Movement which holds as an article of faith that 1.) White people in this country will never wake up and 2.) that it is impossible to persuade them that we are right and 3.) that there is no political solution to our problems. What if White people actually were waking up and our beliefs were finally going mainstream and few people had realized this?

Note: There isn’t a snowball’s chance in hell that comprehensive immigration reform is going to pass in this Congress. It isn’t because the politicians have changed. It is because our politics has changed. Political reality has slowly and steadily moved in our direction and away from George W. Bush.

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  1. The George W Bush Whitehouse was a revolving door for homosexual male prostitutes who serviced High Ranking US Military Officers….one of these Male prostitutes…surname Guckert…..appeared as a regular guest on the Sean Hannity Show.

    George W Bush obviously has intense hatred of the Native White Working Class. But the retard White NYC firemen rallied around the homosexual George W Bush on 9/12 at Ground 0….

    9/11 was 100 percent preventable if there were 0 muslims in our America….but the creepy Fart Joke Bush Family imported them LEGALLY into America….so Muslim “Americans” could vote the Native Born White Christian American Working Class into a violently persecuted White Christian Racial Minority within the borders of America…..

    • The public’s reaction to the 9/11 attacks was the exact opposite of mine. Instead of embracing GW Bush and getting all patriotic I wanted him and his cronies arrested and put on trial for criminal incompetence/conspiracy. But then again the establishment media presented an extremely biased and manipulated version of events.

    • The rich, such as bushs’, see us as working cattle. They can’t see the real differences in races. They are too remote from reality.

  2. Fart Joke Gorge W Bush wants to import millions of Chinese…Hindus,,,,Sihks…..Koreans…..Pakistani Muslims…all nonwhite LEGAL IMMIGRANTS…..into America so as to racially and economically replace Native White Folks within the borers of America…

    • The raw truth…..

      The American economy is not sustainable without an ever increasing number of immigrants.
      The US economy is based on ever increasing demand for all goods and services.
      Immigrants are needed to create new demand, for houses , autos , appliances etc.

      Without the increasing influx, the economy collapses.

      We have a very flawed economic design.

      • Infinite growth that can’t pay for itself…so let’s have more infinite growth….But the Mega-droughts are comming to Texas…California…..Colorado…the American South….this will collapse Civilization in the US..

        But the much larger point:How is it in the interests of Native Born White Folks to have the Bush Fart Joke Family import HINDU LEGAL IMMIGRANTS INTO AMERICA?

      • Arrian: you’re absolutely correct, but it certainly is strange that not one “noted economist” has ever admitted that fact.

      • @Arrian

        “The US economy is based on ever increasing demand for all goods and services.”

        Very few people get this. It’s EXACTLY what they are doing. I’m a truck driver and no matter how many truck drivers they hire we always hear there is a shortage of truck drivers. There is a housing shortage, labor shortage, food shortage, etc., etc. This equals $opportunity$ in THE ELITES eyes.

        A debt based society always needs a better quarter next quarter. The only way to get that is open borders. Smaller businesses that don’t have thousands of stores across America to dragnet the money suffer. So this sick economy deprives us of real competition and better quality everything.

  3. George W. Bush should have resigned in disgrace on September 12, 2001, after presiding over the greatest national security failure in US history. But instead he promoted everyone involved in the “failure” then started two wars based on lies.

    For conservatives who hated Barack Obama, just remember than someone as radical as Obama could have never been elected dog catcher if it wasn’t for how much George W. Bush had discredited traditional American conservatism.

    Of course the Republicans doubled down and nominated John McCain, perhaps the only Republican even worse than Bush.

    Now Bush wants to destabilize America like he destabilized Iraq and start a racial and ethnic civil war.

    The Bush family bought a bunch of land in Brazil – maybe they should just shut up and move there.

    Also it’s been hilarious watching Democrats say “hey look even Bush hates Trump!” All of a sudden liberal Democrats LOVE George W. Bush and want even more wars for Israel. I would say it’s a matter of “strange bedfellows” but if you look at it it makes perfect sense.

    • @Banned…

      I agree with you that it is a ridiculous double standard to revile President Obama and not President Bush, as most of President Obama’s policies were merely continuation of Bush’s.

      I also agree with you that, in light of the fact that The Bushes seem to think themselves Latins, that they ought move to a Latin country, where they can lecture Latins about not having enough Anglos.


    • That’s the Alex Jones infowarrior point of view:”RACE-REPLACE WHITEY LEGALLY AND BY THE CONSTITUTION WHICH WE JERK OFF ON!!!”

    • @more of the same That’s the line that the “you’re ancestors immigrated here!” and the “nation of immigrants” folks peddle.
      They use it to justify massive invasions that are turning this country into a third world nation, and making the citizens pay for it.

      “Legal or illegal” has no status anymore. If they come here illegally, they get everything they want. They even can get on Social Security or Medicare, because our government made it easy for them to qualify for it.

  5. The majority of white Americans will never wake up, HW. They cannot be persuaded by your facts and pie charts. And there is no political solution. To argue otherwise demonstrates a profound lack of understanding about human nature. Most people will passively accept whatever system is in power, as long as their lives are not too uncomfortable.

  6. Ah, the George Bushes, all three of them, as dense as a pound of lead. What did Talleyrand say about such people; “They have learned nothing and forgotten nothing.”

  7. There is only ONE QUESTION to ever ask about immigration; legal, or illegal, small numbers, or large numbers.

    Are you (and your neighbors) better off economically, socially, and politically with immigration?

    Phoenix, Arizona is a case in point.

    I grew up there in the 1960s. It was safe, conservative, protestant, and 90% White.

    Is it now, today, safe, conservative, protestant, and White?

    The ONLY thing that changed in Phoenix from 1959 (the year I was born there) to 2021, is the racial and political make-up of the majority of people.

    George W. Bush says, “The United States is better off when talented people bring their ideas and aspirations here. ”

    Have you been to Phoenix lately?

    Does the city look like “talented people” are bringing good things to Phoenix?

    I think not.

    • @Martin Luther Kohl

      “talented people” is only a cover story, to sell the derelict concept. It just gives people “good feels”. The entire op-ed is just a sales pitch, to get this junker sold and off the lot.

  8. Just like Max Boot, George Bush Jr. is a perfect reverse barometer for me.

    Yes, every aspiration that comes out of his lips seems to be anathema to me.

  9. If I’m not mistaken his buddy Hannity called for the same thing a few years back. That’s Republican cucks for you. “Conservatism” is about being invaded legally.

    • Completely agree. It has included great content, but the “der” usage is cringe.

  10. @ george.w.bush, a perfect example of how christians get played, he comes out in thee campaign, after eight years of thee joint clinton presidency and an impending white house, with thee “love story couple al and tipper gore and says jesus made thee biggest impact on his life, so immediately evangelical america, collectively says and thinks, he is one of us, we can trust him, so they give him and his crowd, a blank check to do whatever, i will not question his salvation, thats between him and thee lord, but the word says” you know a tree by thee fruit it bears” and the rest is history they say.

  11. I’d love to see this retarded ziocon war criminal hauled before the International Criminal Court in chains for his invasion of Iraq.

    Bush jr is responsible for more Iraqi deaths than Saddam and his son’s combined.

    Bill Clinton and his jewess Secretary of State Madeleine Albright should be brought before the ICC in irons as well.

    MAGA ziocon Drumpf may as well join the other war criminals that murdered millions for israel.

  12. The difference between mainstream conservatism and populism is that the populist at least pretends to be against increases in legal immigration and amnesty while campaigning. In office they govern exactly the same.

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