Poll: Immigration Is Rising In Salience and Weighing Down Joe Biden

We know the DC set love their precious polls.

In light of this insight, we have recently decided to start speaking to them in their own language. Basically, the public cares about the same things that we care about, so if you want to win the 2022 midterms you should listen to us. You can defeat those Democrats in 2022 by focusing on our interests. Better yet, the DC set should just let the “extremists” take over and replace Karl Rove and all the idiots up there. Rove is convinced that $1,400 stimulus checks are an unpopular policy.

FOX News:

“Amid the massive influx of migrants crossing the southern border, only 29% of Americans questioned in a Quinnipiac University national survey said they approve of the job Biden’s doing, with 55% giving the president a thumbs-down, and 15% not offering an opinion.

Nearly nine in 10 Republicans and nearly two-thirds of independents disapprove of Biden’s border performance, with Democrats approving by a 58%-21% margin. …

More than half of Hispanics (55%) surveyed said they disapprove, with 27% supportive of Biden’s handling of the border situation. …”


9 in 10 Republicans and 6 in 10 Indies agree with the “far right extremists” on the Angela Merkel-level border crisis that is unfolding under Joe Biden. Over half of the “Latinx” voters also dislike Joe Biden’s open borders policy. We’ve been pointing out for a while now that the “Latinx” and White working class divide is exaggerated and the two groups have similar issue preferences. Republicans are attracting more “Latinx” voters because they are attracting more White working class voters these days.

Joe Biden currently has a high approval rating, but that is entirely due to COVID and the way Republicans bungled their response. Biden is getting credit for Trump’s vaccine.

Pew Research Center:

“Currently, 59% approve of the way Biden is handling his job as president, while 39% disapprove. Biden’s job approval rating has increased modestly from 54% in March. Biden’s job approval is comparable to several of his predecessors – including Barack Obama and George H. W. Bush – and much higher than Donald Trump’s in April 2017. …”

The only big thing that Joe Biden has done was the COVID relief package, presiding over the vaccine rollout and asking people to wear masks and he continues to get credit for this:

Wealthy Republicans are out of touch with the country:

There is trouble brewing for Joe on the horizon though:

“The survey finds that, for the most part, the public’s views of major problems facing the U.S. are little changed from about a year ago. However, the share of Americans saying the coronavirus is a very big problem has declined 11 percentage points since last June (from 58% to 47%), while the share citing illegal immigration has increased 20 points (from 28% to 48%).

While views of most national problems are divided along partisan lines, including illegal immigration, increasing shares of both Republicans and Democrats rate illegal immigration as a very big problem. Nearly three-quarters of Republicans (72%) say illegal immigration is a major problem, up 29 points since last June. The share of Democrats who say this is a major problem is now 29%, compared with 15% nearly a year ago. …”

We’ve already seen that Republicans and Indies are done caring about COVID. COVID is receding as an issue. Immigration is surging back as an issue. This is bad news for Democrats.

This is an interesting demographic breakdown of top issues:

Republican voters do not really care about gun violence, COVID, racism, sexism, climate change or economic inequality. A highly significant number of Democrats, however, care A LOT about the crime issue. A third of Democrats are also concerned about illegal immigration.

Republicans would be stupid not to focus like a laser on crime and illegal immigration and how Democrats are attacking the police and dissolving the border. Joe is simultaneously presiding over the biggest crime wave and surge in illegal immigration in decades. Those are winning issues for Republicans.

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