Once Upon a Time …

The journey continues.

We’ve got a long way to go.

It is easy to forget how far we have come though. These people were never anything but corporate shills and puppets of big donors. Mainstream conservatism was always a worthless scam. We had a two party PMC system that essentially excluded everyone else from political representation.

Note: In the 1890s and 1900s, our ancestors overthrew their predecessors, the Bourbon Democrats.

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      • HW, here

        His commentary sounds identical to your recent articles on populism.
        It’s as if he is reading from one of your recent articles, same theme and points.
        Styx is pro-gun, pro-freedom has over 450k subscribers on youtube, over 100k on bitchute.
        He’s a Vermonter, living in Holland.

        • LMAO? What?

          The exact title is “Legacy Media Seeks to Rebrand Populism as Anticapitalistic… Couldn’t be More Wrong”

          I haven’t listened but I’m gonna bet he’s attempting to hijack and put his pro capitalist libertarian shit in. I was right. 1:03.

          A libertarian who suddenly becomes “populist?” I don’t buy it.

          • Aaaand there we go at 2:10 Goes on about Crony Capitalism is not “true capitalism.” (as if one doesn’t lead to the other as part of its evolution).

            Then calls it (wrongly) Corporatism (which he has no clue what Corporatism is). I’ve checked out. I’ve seen this before.

            And Corporatism is not a hard thing to get. Just read about it: https://www.amazon.com/Coming-Corporate-State-Alexander-Thomson/dp/1913176207/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=the+coming+of+the+corporate+state&qid=1618851053&s=books&sr=1-1

            “Alexander Raven Thomson outlines the (pre-WW2) British Union of Fascists economic proposals to “Democratise” Britain’s economic system. The Coming Corporate State sets out in clear and precise terms the economic infrastructure that would be put in place once the British Union of Fascists came to power. British Union would transfer ownership of all industrial and commercial organisations above a certain size to one of eighteen Corporations covering every aspect of business activity.

            “The Corporate State is a means of equating economic forces to the needs of the Nation. It is designed to end the chaos and disorder of the present economic system, and replace them by an organised economy. It is designed to break the hidden dictatorship of vested interests and alien financiers who exploit present conditions for their own benefit. These powers have driven Labour Governments out of office, they dictate the policies of National Governments, but they will never control a Corporate State.””


    The scale of nonwhite scab labor=CHINESE LEGAL IMMIGRANTS+‘THE US CHINESE BORN GENELINE…This is how the Corona Virus came to America…no other way..

    The Bush Family has intense hatred of the Native White Working Class…

    Jeb is married to a Jungle Midget who still doesn’t know how to use a toilet bowl…..

      • Denis Kearney and Samuel Gompers are who we need….They gave us the Chinese LEGAL IMMIGRANT EXCLUSION ACT….

        Then Jared Taylor came along and lectured America about how the Chinese were more intelligent than the THE HISTORIC NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN WORKING CLASS MAJORITY….

    • I will take GWB at his word when he says he wants more wogs in the country. He is so obtuse he probably does believe they are “good” people, certainly better than the regular White people he despises. He is oblivious to the 9/11 terrorists, their Boston Marathon friends and scores of other terrorists arrested over the years.

      GWB presided over the disaster of 9/11, advocated for the “Patriot Act” which eclipsed civil liberties, promoted more, not zero immigration including from Moslem countries, invaded Afghanistan, lied the country into the second Iraq War and finally presided over the worst financial calamity since 1929. He also promoted the “ownership society” which allowed unqualified minorities to take on huge mortgages they later defaulted on. The country came within a millionth of an inch of a financial meltdown because of this genius’s policies.

      Why should anyone listen to this idiot about anything? If he is so concerned about his precious immigrants why doesn’t this hypocrite allow thousands of them to settle, at least temporarily on his enormous ranch near Dallas? He has plenty of land and overcrowding is a serious problem on the border. Just think of the children George, you hypocrite. he could take thousands of “unaccompanied minors” i.e. future MS-13 gang members to live on his ranch, I’m sure it would be heaven.

      • “If he is so concerned about his precious immigrants why doesn’t this hypocrite allow thousands of them to settle, at least temporarily on his enormous ranch near Dallas? He has plenty of land and overcrowding is a serious problem on the border.”

        Exactly right. I am interested in crafting a third party that may seem radical to some. I call my philosophy “Political Purism”. Bush owns plenty of land, and land is a limited commodity. His property ought to be confiscated as compensation for his failures. His redemption comes by living in a rat infested apartment in Detroit and bringing that community together. I would force that on him if I were king.

  2. What’s going on with Boehner’s face? It looks as if he’s been under a sun lamp for a week.

      • I agree with you, but compared to the current crop of scumbags in Congress Boner seems like another Demosthenes. How is Vegas doing? Is it safe to return yet?

        • Check this out: Boner’s daughter married a pot head nig nog from Jamaica:


          Yikes! Maybe that is why that corrupt old bastard painted his face, so he would look like his son-in-law. At least he didn’t commit the mortal sin of racism when he married off his daughter to a colored guy. He can be one of those granddads in Walmart with a scowl on his face pushing around his wooly headed grandson in a shopping cart.

          • Fash The Nation did an in-depth look at Boehner, must be over two years back. They mentioned that about his daughter… Also the guy is filthy with treasonous self-aggrandizing double-dealing. Yet another literal p.o.s. whore of a politician.
            I thought the same thing, as you commented, about his face color.

  3. My ancestors were Bourbon Democrats lol

    An ambitious man immigrated from England, which led to marriages into prominent Southern families that spawned energetic minor elites: judges, state reps, mayors, etc. (That’s how the ladder was climbed in those days — marry the fuggo daughter of a respectable man, and repeat each generation.) But the twentieth century was as ruinous as a Faulkner novel. Photographs of General Lee and Mount Vernon remain mixed in the family photos; they were probably displayed in some office in the Solid South once upon a time.

  4. Every time I see this loser, I’m reminder that his daughter is a coal burner who married an alien-looking guy from Somalia or something. A fitting end for his worthless bloodline.

  5. Does Mr. Skin Cancer (Boehner) ever sleep anywhere else but a tanning bed?

    “They” (ZOG) must keep him in a tanning bed 24/7 and then roll him out to do interviews about the GOP “good old days” of tax cuts and deregulation.

  6. The NYC FIREMEN surrounded George W Bush on 9/11…..despite the fact that George W hated them with every fiber of his Bush being…

    If the Taliban was an existential threat to America….then why wasn’t there a military draft?….Why weren’t young White Men lined around the block outside the Army Recruiting Stations?

    The Muslims did 9/11..fuck all you 9/11 truthers..and they did it earlier back in Feb 1993….

    No Muslims in America no 9/11…was SEC NEGRO BALL worth it?…..

    If Bear Bryant was elected POTUS….full speed ahead with the H1B…L1B Visa Program…


  7. Was in Phoenix for a few weeks making money. Phoenix is ok. Summerlin on roids. Nice people in a nice city, I’m from the dangerous areas of Boston and Vegas.

    Nice to see people without any idea of the cities. I ran into a lady with arm tats and struck up a conversation about masks. She was in Phoenix, I told her if I didn’t have a mask on in Nevada I’d get confronted.

    And just now I was. She got into the mask police and got into it.

    In AZ, no masks. In NV. Have that mask or you will not be allowed to purchase. And if you make a problem, they will get Metro involved. And police confirmations can go bad.

    I know a woman from years ago. Her husband who she loved and it was bad. He was armed and and was confronted by low in cops.

    “Hands up” don’t move.

    He was getting commands from the cops and made a bad one. Wasted his arse, broad daylight in front of Costco.

    For nothing.

  8. As a man…George W Bush is a nose-picking Fart Joke….George’s favorite book…the only book he reads:250 FART JOKES…

    Russia is governed by a decent Orthodox Christian Man

    America is ruled by an turnip attached to a bed pan at night….before that:‘a lisping homosexual Kenyan….Lisping George W Bush….a serial rapist named Bill Clinton….a Hollywood Homosexual named Ronald Reagan…JFK who personally brought the Lisping Homosexual Kenyan’s Muslim Kenyan Father to America…..we came close with the old farting hairy lesbian Hillary Clinton….

    • America is like a jumbo jet going 500 miles an hour at 40,000 feet and there’s no one in the cockpit except for a colored stewardess.

  9. Not even Marjorie Taylor is standing by the “America First” caucus, at least not in its original form. I was right.

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