Ezra Klein Voxsplains Cancel Culture

I don’t know.

I think a bright line was crossed when Big Tech cancelled the president of the United States and tens of thousands of his followers in January. I think that woke up millions of people.

New York Times:

“Boundaries on acceptable speech aren’t new, and they’re not narrower today than in the past. …

Wokeness has particular economic power right now because corporations, correctly, don’t want to be seen as racist and homophobic, but imagine how social media would have supercharged the censorious dynamics that dominated right after 9/11, when even french fries were suspected of disloyalty. …

The rest of corporate America — and that includes my own industry — needs to think seriously about how severe a punishment it is to fire people under public conditions. When termination is for private misdeeds or poor performance, it typically stays private. When it is for something the internet is outraged about, it can shatter someone’s economic prospects for years to come. It’s always hard, from the outside, to evaluate any individual case, but I’ve seen a lot of firings that probably should have been suspensions or scoldings. …”

Tyler Cowen, the libertarian economist who is the author of Big Business: A Love Letter to an American Anti-Hero, thinks that we are going to regret the Republican breakup with Big Business. We’re going to miss all of the plutocrats and the neocons when they are gone.

Bloomberg Quint:

“(Bloomberg Opinion) — As the author of a book-length love letter to big business, I have long viewed the Republican Party as more aligned with corporate America than are Democrats. That’s certainly the case from a rhetorical standpoint, and on policy as well: It was former President Donald Trump’s administration, after all, that pushed through a significant cut in the corporate income tax rate.

Yes, the real picture is much more complicated. Big business typically wants more high-skilled immigration, which Democrats tend to favor, and the Democratic Party at times has done more for free trade than have Republicans.

In any case, all that has changed. Many U.S. big businesses have sided with Democrats on some aspects of the culture wars, and leading members of the Republican Party have responded with vitriol. In the span of just a few years, they have gone from making apologies for big business to making threats against it. …”

Corporate America has sown and will reap the whirlwind.

The key assumption behind the economic power of wokeness is that corporations can wield their concentrated economic power to force social liberalism on the public and censor and micromanage our politics to advance the unpopular views of progressive activists WITHOUT blowing up the consensus on neoliberal economics on the Republican side. They essentially believe they can have their cake (the economic policy agenda which caters to their interests which they purchase with their donations to the GOP establishment) and eat it too (wielding power over state legislatures).

Note: Mitch McConnell did say that there would be severe consequences of continuing to go down this road. What did he mean by that?

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  1. “Ezra Klein thinks the boundaries of free speech really aren’t narrower than in the past ”

    It’s always this way when you are behind the gun instead of in front of it…

  2. The Jews. They fuck up everything in their sight and immediate area. Amazing how destructive they are.

    Really is. America on Jews…..

    Like a drug. Where is the pushback?

      • I did some charity work earlier today. One of my guys fell off a ladder, broke his back. Bad shit. He is fucked and can’t work. I went over and put some handle bars in his bathroom. So he twist around and take a shit a shower with stability.

        Deep in the hood. Nice guy, he has a women there from Tennessee there. Helping him the fuck out. Nice lady. My vulgar and hard ways were a bit of a shock.

        Don’t care, he is good now. Good guy.

        Was getting calls. He’s a friend. And if he gets in a bad one he can me.Has my number.

        The guy was laid up in our local hospital with surgeries. They went to his neck through his throat. Not fucking good.

        It’s life. Appreciate what you have and be cautious.

        We see these shootings all the time. And they are bad. I’m the nicest person until I’m not.

        It’s a mess. I’ve lost many friends.

    • I don’t think most people really know this. They have been propagandized into thinking any criticism of the jews is the most horrible moral thing anyone could do and akin to mass murder. Of course as things deteriorate to madness levels the public probably wants some explanation to explain this irrational national suicide. A demographic replacement of our elite and media ownership by an outside group that is paranoid of the majority and resents western culture is a very rational explanation for an otherwise seemingly insane shooting of our own foot. Just hearing some conservative jews talking about their rejection of liberalism and having all these straight up communist uncles and family members back in the 60s should make an ordinary American in flyover country perk up their ears. How many ordinary people have ever heard of any of their family members being communists? Especially in the mid 20th century. Still, most people don’t think for themselves and need it pointed out for them. After all Hollywood always shows uptight WASP’s cast as the elite and everyone knows “Winthorpe” played by Dan Akroyd is a typical representation of who runs Wall Street.

  3. Giving a “free speech” award to Susan Wojcicki is like giving a “parent of the year” award to a known pedophile.

    • Like Michael Jackson getting the “parent of the year” award or his “doctor”, Dr. Conrad Murray getting a Nobel Prize in medicine for his work in sleep therapy, something he actually was good at. Not so good at the waking up part though.

  4. Given the power that these people have it’s amazing they don’t exercise more control. I put it down to pure laziness on their part. They’d rather sit back and let algorithms take care of everything.

    • @Ricky…

      They have a long developed habit of outsourcing.

      Get someone else, or something else, to do your work, is the driving ethos, I do b’lieve.

  5. Ezra Klein looks like a typically annoying jew, so I’m not interested in what it has to say.

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