BLM Minneapolis: Maybe White Folks Need To Feel Pain and Hurt

What do you call this?

Do you call this “racism”?

Do you call this a woke lynch mob?

Do you call this “domestic extremism”?

Do you call these people “insurrectionists”?

Do you call them people who watch CNN and MSNBC?

Do you censor these people on the internet, purge them from the U.S. military or weaponize the intelligence agencies against them to suppress their political viewpoint?

Note: The official policy of the U.S. Navy under Joe Biden is that Black Lives Matter is not an extremist organization, but you can get in trouble for talking about “politically partisan issues” on social media.

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  1. This kike – Ami Horowitz – is ginning up the jews’ pets – it’s like encouraging an impressionable young child to do something that they know they shouldn’t.

  2. The negroes are completely lacking in self awareness, more so than the densest White people I’ve ever met. Those 400 Lb. beasts and the rest of them talk casually about “civil war” as though it were some kind of a lark. Those people are absolutely dependent upon a society created and maintained by White people yet they talk casually about burning it down. They are full of destructive pride and aggression against the very people who make their lives possible. Without Whites the nogs are doomed and they don’t even know it.

    The only ones worse than the negroes are the Usual Suspects like the guy doing the interviews urging the dumb beasts on to violence. He is encouraging their hatreds. Hopefully he will get a taste of his own medicine one of these days and find out that hatred is very bad counselor. .

    • Many blacks are simply useful idiots being used by our Anti-White overlords to perpetrate White Genocide.

    • These people think tech will be progressively better in 100 years after whitey is gone. Lol.

  3. How about Neo-abolitionists (on steroids)? Nutty liberal space-cadet whites mixed with Marxist blacks who attack “slavery” which is a term that can be redefined at any given moment to match their current situation with their main means of applying “abolition” usually involving violence and intimidation as John Brown or Nat Turner would use.

    Confessions of Nat Turner:

    ‘Armed with a hatchet, and accompanied by (co-conspirator) Will, I entered my
    master’s chamber, it being dark, I could not give a death blow, the hatchet
    glanced from his head, he sprang from the bed and called his wife, it was his
    last word.

    ‘Will laid him dead, with a blow of his axe, and Mrs. Travis shared the same
    fate, as she lay in bed.

    ‘The murder of this family, five in number, was the work of a moment, not one
    of them awoke; there was a little infant sleeping in a cradle, that was
    forgotten, until we had left the house and gone some distance, when Henry and
    Will returned and killed it’.

  4. Do those blacks know they are being led to eternal damnation by that Christ killer? Do they know?

    • I think that Ari Horowitz’s interview was meant more for WHITE consumption than BLACK consumption. He’s a Kosher Nationalist who wants White Good Ole Boys to align with Zionism in the hopes that the Zionists will return the favor.

      We saw how well that worked with Donald Trump when his buddy, Satanyahu was the first foreign Prim Minister to congratulate Joe Biden for winning even though Trump still hadn’t finished contesting the election results.

      In ANY case, I DO think the desired Leftist goal IS Black extermination! Notice how there are NO Black victims of crime reported unless it’s done by Whites. If Blacks are killed by Blacks, it’s not reported, if Blacks are killed by “Latinx,” it’s not reported. Yeah, I know that George Zimmerman was the exception, but I think someone filed the story before getting a good look at him. If his name had been Jorge Ximenez, it would have been ignored.

      Most recently BLM and Antifa are baying for the blood of a White cop who was forced to shoot a black female teenager who was armed with a knife and about to gut another Black female teenager who would have surely died. Had the officer dragged his heels, one Black girl would have died and the other now be facing a long stretch in prison and, who knows, retaliation from her victim’s family. Derek Chauvin rushed to the scene after he was called to arrest George Floyd by a Black employee of a store that was owned by a Palestinian Muslim (member of a religion that was worse about enslaving Blacks than White Christians – so which religion have many of them converted to?) Had he just stopped somewhere to use the bathroom or dallied once the BOLO indicated that it was a large, drugged out Black male, Floyd would have overdosed and died, but not in police custody. Problem solved. No burned cities and no ghetto lottery payoff for the Floyd family. And Chauvin wouldn’t have even been in trouble for dereliction of duty. at work.

      What does THAT tell you about how much the Left REALLY values their little Black pets? Pets who love Louis Farrakhan and who are extremely sympathetic to Palestinians and are more likely to convert to Islam than remain Christian AND who want their slavery reparations, dammit! Who not only beat the snot out of the whole rainbow of gentiles, but also like to prey on Jews, especially those who are noticeably Jewish like the Orthodox with large families, all on welfare, who are pushing them out of their own neighborhoods and charge them with Antisemitism if they complain about it?

      So, White police officers need to really study the tea leaves and listen to their cues from the Left. They get that they need to beat down (or stand back while BLM/Antifa beats down) Whites who march to protest/demonstrate/support anything the Left doesn’t like, but they don’t get that the Left even more fervently wants them to stand down when “people of color” are killing each other.

      So, if you know any one in policing, advise them that the best way to stay out of trouble with the Left is just let the minorities thin each other out. De-police as much as possible. And try to annoy the Whites as little as possible though you’ll still have to issue traffic tickets and parking citations. Just be glorified Meter Maids so you can get to retirement and collect a police pension without risking a stretch in prison for wearing a badge and a gun.

      I imagine that there will be a federalized police force that is so highly militarized that it will make Robo-cop seem corny. Those police will be made available to “protect” the poor, but they will have the same kind of latitude the ATF had with David Koresh and his followers at Waco and the FBI had with Randy Weaver’s family at Ruby Ridge. Not a single one of them were prosecuted for killing unarmed men, women and children. They were probably promoted.

      Last, the New Normal is going to leave a lot of openings for armed private security in the pay of Disingenuous “White” Liberals who also happen to be very wealthy and don’t want to personally give reparations to the oppressed “people of color”they claim to champion. An elderly security guard who used to provide that kind of security to such people told me that private security, trace collectors and bounty hunters are not bound by Snivel Rights laws. If someone is caught trespassing the trespasser is shot dead and the officials only supply the meat wagon to cart away the ventilated intruder. I imagine there will be a lot of openings for police officers and former military.

      The rest of us need to double down on securing our own lives and possessions. Don’t put all your money into stockpiles of guns and ammunition that could be confiscated by the gun grabbers. Now is also a good time into investigating and implementing hacks that will fortify your home by making burglaries and home invasions as hard as possible. Just be sure to look like you have very little to risk forced entry and that’s half the battle. Your life won’t be an attractive nuisance if you refrain from a bling lifestyle.

      Still can’t recommend moving out to older towns with little to no amenities and sound but older infrastructure slightly off the beaten path. They are just as close, to main cities, as many of the whiteopias the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Act is targeting, but much less expensive. Especially with remote work thanks to the Covid Pandemic, it’s still doable.

      Yes, this sounds remarkably passive to many who want to take action and DO something, however stupid, but there is a saying about just letting The Enemy make a mistake and The Enemy is making TOO MANY of them to interfere. Don’t save them from themselves. Please!

  5. Ami Horowitz is described as a “right-wing activist,” but he is a kosher nationalist. Since the Democrats reinstituted the Iran Deal and have a growing Muslim Caucus which also intersects with the powerful Black Caucus, the Zionist Jews are trying to appropriate White Nationalism so they can steer it into allying with them on MIGA the way they steered the Ukraine Right into signing onto their Anti-Russian animus.

    There is an ongoing battle between two Jewish camps. And the argument is whether Israel is really necessary to Jewish hegemony or not. You have knee-jerk Zionists like Satanyahu and Mark Levin and you have the more pragmatic cosmopolitan Jews who know they control everyone except the Palestinians who are a public relations nightmare to these Ultimate DINDUs thanks to the social media which was never available to their victims in the Soviet Union when it was under Jewish Bolshevik control. They see Israel as a liability because it keeps them from shutting down any gentile opposition with accusations of Anti-Semitism.

    Kosher Nationalist, Mark Levin of Life, Liberty and Levin HATES the New York Times (which is controlled by the Sulzberger Famly) with a purple passion and between prattling about conservatism and constitutional theory, he will find endless, creative ways to actually BLAME the NYT for the Holodomor in the Ukraine and the horrifying Bolshevik Revolution which killed sixty million Russians with the Holocaust Six Million. It looks like the Kosher Nationalists are accusing this family of also owning slaves in the past.

    In any case, I have been “monitoring the situation” on Levin’s program and he recently mentioned that the Biden Administration is trying to draft our daughters. IOW, force young women to register for the draft the way young men do, even though we have a volunteer military. Allegedly, some leftist group is pushing for women to be required to register for the draft because it keeps them from being candidates for promotions.

    I actually FAVOR this idea, because if the draft is reinstituted, the idea of women being used as involuntary cannon fodder as men historically have been will make this country so anti-war that there will be rioting in the street and warmongering politicians as lamp post ornaments. It would destroy the military-industrial complex.

    I remember that quite a few service women deliberately got pregnant when they received orders to go to Iraq. I might add that, since most of draft-age women would be of child-bearing age, I could see a huge White baby boom come out of this. No wonder Levin is so alarmed.

  6. Yet anothah dirty little shitkike inciting the low IQ, high testosterone, no self-control nigger apes to mass-murder Whitey. To do what physical coward jews like him don’t have the balls to attempt themselves.

    Soon the kikes’ plan is going to cause so much blood-soaked chaos that they themselves will no longer be able to be protected by their overburdened system whores.


    • Supposedly, the scheme as designed by the Jews goes—–White are forced to defend themselves and fight back and ultimately win. The Jews use guilt in the same way they used guilt against us with the holocaust lies to turn us away from Christ and Christianity. “You are not a Christian, how could a Christian kill?” Then and only then will the world be prepared for the long awaited Jew messiah, the Moshiach, the anti-Christ.

      If black find out and do not play along, the Jews whole stupid scheme goes to hell. Some blacks already know, Jason Whitlock.

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