Poll: Gun Policy Remains Deeply Divisive

Editor’s Note: Mark McCloskey is considering running for U.S. Senate in Missouri.

I’ve changed my mind.

I’m ready to give up my guns now.

After watching the corporate media incite all of those violent riots last summer and glorify Black Lives Matter and Antifa, I am also ready to agree with Ibram X. Kendi’s proposal to “Abolish the Police” and embrace mob rule. I was reassured by Joe Biden last night after he personally intervened in the Derek Chauvin trial and blamed it all on systematic racism. Clearly, we also need Merrick Garland invoking Reconstruction and that guy who posed in the ruins of Waco in charge of the ATF. The Second Amendment is one of those “Anglo-Saxon institutions” which has fallen out of fashion in our “new progressive era” like the Constitution which was written by “white supremacists.”

Pew Research Center:

I’m obviously joking.

I’ve always been quite fond of the Bill of Rights.

I’m a White Christian Southerner who lives in the middle of nowhere in rural Alabama. I’m surrounded by gun owners and gun enthusiasts and like it that way. Virtually everyone in my family feels more strongly about the issue than I do although I share their views on the subject.

Alabama was recently ranked as one of the worst states in the country. Please, do not move here. Stay put in Portland or San Francisco. We’re not very progressive around here. In fact, we are so racist and backward and opposed to your agenda that you would probably be better off letting us secede.

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    • If conservative Republicans weren’t literally retarded, they could have easily leveraged Covid-19 Coronavirus to quarantine all the libtards in the big cities and keep them from infecting the countryside. That is the kind of bold thinking we need.

  1. Funny how I probably fit the profile of an urban dwelling sophisticate who wants to see all legally owned firearms confiscated, especially those owned by HW’s “redneck” friends, relatives and neighbors. But the reality is I want all gun control laws abolished and all decent white people to be fully armed.

  2. America is armed to teeth yet we live under the Anti-White state religion of Political Correctness. So much for the argument that we need to be armed to protect our freedoms and way of life.

  3. “Republican support for gun control has declined since 2019”

    The more The Elite try to squeeze the last remaining drops of power out of The Working Class, particularly Whites, the more fervent a gun culture will become.

    Though those in power avow they want a thoroughly integrated, harmonious, and pacifick populace, the policies they pursue are the most potent fertilizer towards one that is thoroughly segregated, dissonant, and bellicose.

    Unfortunately, for all their degrees and pedigrees, The Elite do not have the intelligence or analytical ability to do anything more than bumble in a manner that, greedy in materialist and spiritual ways, is wreaking, and will wreak, dire circumstances on this country.

  4. A few days ago Fauci claimed that gun violence was a “public health issue”

    That is an incredibly frightening statement.

    The coming narrative will be; by holding on to your guns you are somehow causing inner city chimps and worthless mestizo criminals to slaughter one another.

    It’s all YOUR fault these people lack impulse control and low time preference.

  5. Ugh – that broad with her finger on the trigger – “using firearms” – yet another in a long list of “Things Women Should Not Be Allowed To Do”(see: Kim Porter)

  6. Alot of this “prove you’re not a racist” stuff is just plain cynical and abusive.

    It’s like telling you to prove you’re not attracted to midgets or something equally strange and unprovable. It’s an impossible lose lose kind of situation.

    Separation os the only solution for groups who no longer have trust or even basic goodwill towards each other.

    • @John…

      We always had multiculturalism down here, Dear John, and we had much less problems with it, before outsiders forcet their way on us.

      To be clear, this here country has not been a White ethnostate for damn near 400 years.

      That said, it, this multicultural country, can be managed better – a whole lot better.

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