Poll: Georgia Voters Back “Jim Crow On Steroids”

Don’t forget that Joe Biden and Stacey Abrams are the reason why the MLB All-Star Game was moved out of Atlanta to Denver. It was “Jim Eagle” and “Jim Crow on steroids” to pass a milquetoast election integrity law that limited drop boxes and required voter ID for absentee ballots.


“Georgia voters are split along party lines over the state’s new election law, with a divided majority supporting drop box limits, absentee ballot ID requirements and shorter deadlines to request absentee ballots, according to a University of Georgia poll released Wednesday. …

While 65% of those surveyed backed requiring a driver’s license number to verify absentee ballots, just 35% of Democrats supported the ID mandate. Meanwhile, 93% of Republicans endorsed the new ID provision, which replaces the previous method of checking voters by matching their signatures. Besides driver’s license numbers, the law also allows voters to provide a state ID number or other documentation.

previous poll commissioned by the AJC in January found 74% support for additional absentee ID requirements.

Voters showed similar rifts over a requirement that drop boxes only be allowed inside early voting sites, a restriction favored by 55% of those taking the poll. About 35% of those who identified themselves as Democrats and 47% of independents supported the drop box rule, compared with 74% of Republicans.

About 60% endorsed an earlier deadline to request absentee ballots, with a cutoff 11 days instead of four days before election day. Again, voters’ answers broke along party lines. …

Joe Biden, Major League Baseball and Corporate America decided to punish voters over nothing more than overblown media hysteria. Most people in Georgia saw through the lies of Joe Biden and the “journalists” though. This is what the state gets after voting for Joe Biden, Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff. The state was demonized by “journalists” and economically damaged by a cabal of corporate elites for defying them. These people think that they can come down here and boss everyone around.

Brooklyn scum, f*** off!

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  1. As a Southerner, for me the only way forward is one day, in person voting, with a state-provide photo identification, and a vote cast on a completely traceable paper ballot.

    No early voting, no voting after 7pm on voting night, no counting of votes after 10pm on voting night, and no Federal usurpation of our state elections.

    The states are sovereign, as guaranteed by the opening words of the 10th amendment.

    The only exception to any of this is applying, a minimum of a fortnight in advance for an absentee ballot, and only then using a photo identification and SSN, because of a bodily absence.

    Anything less than these measures will be an effective disenfranchisement of White Southerners, of that this past year has assured me.

    In person voting on paper ballots on election day.

    It was good for The Founding Fathers and it is measure today.

  2. I have to say that those calling the new voter laws as Jim Crow on steroids, have become so habituated to hyperbole, that they cannot see how ridiculous their statements are.

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