Ezra Klein: Let’s Launch a Moonshot for Meatless Meat

I’m serious.

It is already bad enough that gas prices and food prices have shot up in recent months. Do you actually think Joe Biden is going to get away with taking away our guns and cheeseburgers?

New York Times:

“I’m a vegan, but I’m also a realist. There’s no chance humanity is going to give up meat, en masse, anytime soon. That said, we can’t just wish away the risks of industrial animal agriculture. If we don’t end this system, soon, terrible things will happen to us and to the planet. Terrible things are already happening.

So this is going to be a column about finding a way to work with humanity’s growing appetite for meat rather than against it. All we need to do is replace the animals, or at least a lot of them. Technologically, we’re closer to that than you might think. What we need is for government to put money and muscle behind the project — just as it’s doing for electric cars and weatherized homes and renewable energy — so that the future happens fast enough to save the present. This is the hole in the American Jobs Plan, and it wouldn’t take much money, just a bit of vision, to fill. …

About a quarter of global greenhouse gas emissions are traceable to the food supply chain. Animal agriculture accounts for about three-quarters of those emissions and nearly 90 percent of those in the average American diet. A 2020 study found that even if all fossil fuel emissions ceased today, the food system would still push warming more than 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels, which most scientists consider unsafe. “The 7.8 billion of us on this planet cannot have a steak every night,” Inger Andersen, executive director of the U.N. Environment Program, told me. “It doesn’t compute.”

It’s these next paragraphs where I fear I might lose you. …


Can confirm. You’ve already lost me.

Daily Mail:

“President Joe Biden‘s ambitious plan to slash greenhouse emissions by 50 to 52 percent over the next decade could prompt sweeping changes that could affect how Americans eat, drive and heat their homes. 

Cutting red meat consumption by 90% and animal products by 50%

Americans may have to cut their red meat consumption by a whopping 90 percent and cut their consumption of other animal based foods in half. 

Gradually making those changes by 2030 could see diet-related greenhouse gas emissions reduced by 50 percent, according to a study by Michigan University’s Center for Sustainable Systems.

To do that, it would require Americans to only consume about four pounds of red meat per year, or 0.18 ounces per day.   

It equates to consuming roughly one average sized burger per month. …”

Sadly, this isn’t good enough for Greta Thunberg.

We’re only being asked to basically give up meat eating, gas powered automobiles and pay higher prices for electricity and that is only on the consumer side. This could be a minor inconvenience.

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  1. Scientists have already created meat so this is nothing new. I don’t eat red meat for ethical reasons so I’m fine with it.
    What’s wrong with animal rights and welfare? Whites in the Western world lead the movement so shouldn’t you “people” be cheering this white as bread revolution? Oh, I forgot. You guys are neo-fascists so you’d be against anything that hints as being progressive. Your idol Hitler was a vegetarian, so shouldn’t you valets follow suit?

    Haley/DeSantis 2024
    Always support consumer choice and chains, not protectionism and local businesses which lead to higher prices and inferior domestic products.

    • So, you’re a Jewish Mulatta that brags about having a “European boyfriend.”

      I don’t understand, are you a white supremacist? Why do you reject Black men … and Jewish men? Sounds kind of racist to me. Try love, not hate.

    • @ mulatta wench, so you come into our world ininvited, throwing your hissy fit, because your redneck lover sobered up, took one look at you and kicked your ass out that trailer door, tried to hitch a ride, with no success , even thee joggers, took a pass on you, yep, you are pitiful.

    • ” You guys are neo-fascists so you’d be against anything that hints as being progressive. Your idol Hitler was a vegetarian, so shouldn’t you valets follow suit?”

      Renegade Tribune are our vegan Nazis. As you say, Hitler, the most based White man to ever live was a vegie. The Nazis were also the ones that invented environmentalism, and animal rights. Queer in the head leftists and joos hijacked Nazi environmentalism and animal rights, and turned it queer to genocide White people. So we are going to take environmentalism back, and make it Nazi again! Down with queer joos, and feeble minded liberals! Up with Nazism, vegies, and animal rights!

    • I’m glad you parents race mixed as all jews should because diversity is the jews strength. Hitler may have been a vegetarian but he didn’t push his lifestyle on the populace as your jew subversives and their shabazz goy are doing today.

    • In the medical case book for Hitler it appears he avoided meat later in life when his gall bladder started to be a problem. He couldn’t digest meat after 1937 or so. Before that he had a pretty normal diet. The vegetarianism was a matter of digestion not preference. After 40 men tend to cut down on fatty meats to avoid stomach upsets and gall stones. Children and young men should eat as much red meat as they can. Blacks should be prohibited from meat altogether. So should Jews.

    • “I don’t eat red meat for ethical reasons…” WHAT ethical reasons? You don’t follow the Torah, your race believes in Racial Supremacism, and kills Palestinians as cavalierly as the Bolsheviks killed the Aryan Russian Nobility, a hundred years ago? You permit Tel Aviv to be the “Gay Capitol of the World” and your own government is using the COVID quackcine to kill it’s own gullible.

      And you will NEVER be an American, but always be a “Xenos.” Your creed killed Christ, and you DARE talk about MORALS?

      Shiksa ho.

      “Arise Peter, kill and eat.” That’s all the rationale I need to enjoy pork, lobster, chicken, and beef every day of my life.

    • JewishMALAY, welcome to the menagerie! It’s a cool coincidence that you’re a vegetarian or pescatarian with a white BF because my GF and I are both vegans and she’s part Jewish! I doubt I need to tell you, but don’t let these aging yokels get to you. Take this website for what it is – a source of different perspectives and entertainment, nothing more serious.

  2. We need to be more involved in fighting the austerity agenda. No veganism, synthetic meat, tiny houses or anti-car bullshit.

    • ” fighting the austerity agenda”

      You don’t want to sacrifice, for more refugee resettlement, section 8, affirmative action, diversity mapping, wars for isahell ?

  3. They already jacked up the prices of beef. So pork is the buy and if they raise pork prices I will eat a dozen eats a day for spite.

    • Go ahead, you’re just going to face rotational inflation.
      As one product rises, then another, then another.
      A long spiral of inflation moving from one product to the next.

  4. “It is already bad enough that gas prices and food prices have shot up in recent months.”

    Ahemm, months ago someone posted that you’d pay for that 1400$ stimulus check, several times over. You’ve yet to see the full consequences of that ‘free money’ bribe.

    1900 billion stimulus package, 450 billion in stimulus checks.
    Where did the other 1450 billion go ?

  5. “President Joe Biden‘s ambitious plan to slash greenhouse emissions by 50 to 52”

    With China building one giant coal fired plant a week.

    GO GREEN…. so you can breath the smog drifting across the Pacific.

  6. Still whatt will happen is the same thing that always happens. The wealthy and well connected will keep getting their nice prime rib, organic beef, pork and chicken. The rest of us will have to make do with franken food. No way. I live in a region where cattle are raised by thousands of small farms. Gonna have a burger and steak once in a while. and a fresh garden salad

    • Blacks and Jews should not be allowed to eat meats. Muslims should also be banned from this nutrition. That’s how to frame the issue.

  7. This is insane, the nerve of these elitists to come up with taking away hamburgers for chrissakes. This is on par with the misery of the Great Depression or Soviet bread lines. And the stupid brothers vote for these elitist blue city white liberals who are going to take their pork, fried chicken, and Cadillacs away. And reducing all of us to food lines from the once greatest marketplaces on the planet was all unnecessary and no product of a natural calamity but just ideological stupidity. A nation shooting itself in the foot.

    One thing I do think needs to get reformed though is the widespread excessive use of antibiotics in meat production. This is why we are getting so many drug resistant strains. Only a vet treating a sick animal should use antibiotics. Not throw it in all chicken feed.

  8. Look, Hunter, I’m sorry but I am going to go back to voting straight Republican up and down the ticket. I have had enough of this Democratic Party woke garbage. I can’t stomach anymore of this garbage. I know what the Republican party is and everything you’ve said about it over the years is 100% true, and you know what? It is still better than the Democratic party. THAT is how Evil the Democrats are. They are like radioactive waste.

    • @Anonymous…

      There is truth to what you say – The Republicans are bad, The Democrats are godawful.

      That said, the upside to having Democrats in power, at this point in history, is it constantly reminds those on The Right that they cannot have an peace in this nation, as it is currently organized.

      That’s a huge binny, and, for me, worth the acid reflux.

    • It doesn’t matter how many votes the Republicans get, massive Democrat fraud will carry the day. Having stolen a presidential election without so much as undergoing a serious investigation, they will be doing that without fail from now on.

  9. Joe Biden means…

    No Burgers. No fried Chicken. No Limits Niggah.

    Hawley/Carlson 2024

  10. Being a Southerner, in a union with those from the Northeast, is like being a husband who, every day he comes home from work, cannot be sure if his wife either moved the furniture, or, once again, threw some aspect, or two, of their household out…

  11. I resent the Right Wing. It’s liberalism from an earlier time period. There’s no notion of sacrifice and duty. It’s Liberalism and “muh freedom.” Even as the Earth dies. The Left is further along and better.

    These Liberals won’t enact these policies because they’re cowards. They know there will be riots. The society is too immersed in Liberalism. It will take someone with harder will and more authoritarian to do it.

    • Just a quick question — why didn’t the “Earth die” from massive herds of buffalo, and before that, herds of megafauna of every type all over the planet?

      I’m not just being a wiseacre about this. Why were 60 million or more bison, which are probably generally larger than cattle, not a problem, and 94 million cattle are? The biomass was probably similar, given the generally larger size of buffalo.

      Not to mention herds of mammoths, rhinos, camels, Bison latifrons, and all the other megafauna?

      It appears to me the biomass of cattle probably approximates the biomass of previous megafauna. Is there are a particular reason why they are climatically destructive, and the megafauna weren’t?

      This logical disconnect makes it appear to me the whole anti-meat thing is just a religious experience, flogging humanity for the “sin” of meat-eating. But perhaps there’s a logical explanation why one type of megafauna is different from another, beyond having “human sin” attached to it.

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